Most Outrageous Radio Hosts

These are ones that are known for the outrageous on the airwaves.

The Top Ten

1 Jarvis Cocker
2 Howard Stern
3 Stone & Digital Dave

They pull no punches. They don't kiss up to celebrities that they have on. They respect their listeners to who call in. I sometimes stay in my car a bit longer before work because of some of the features they have.

They are entertaining and one of the few radio hosts who still speak their minds on politics, sports and entertainment. They play just enough music too!

These two are great entertainers. Howard Stern and the others always rip them off.

Real good show when I can find them. Some big name station should put them on let us hear some good radio. Hope to hear them and find them real soon.
PJ Smith

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4 Don Imus
5 Opie and Anthony
6 Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh

Say anything for a buck. The best media whore of them all. It is sad that anyone, even the media, would even ask if he is the de facto head of the Republican Party. He is an embarrassment and would be the perfect propaganda leader and could easily sit next to Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels. Only difference is that Goebbels deeply believed in what he was doing. Limbaugh openly admits that it's all about ratings. Is there a difference? - mgenet

Guarantee those stating he's outrageous and says anything are people who never listen to the show! When your up against liberalism, facts and truth are no longer enough as lies and misrepresentation are treated as absolute facts by the media. If Obama Care on its own has not proved this to you on its own yet, nothing ever will.

7 Bubba the Love Sponge
8 Jim Rome

I like his show. But it does not seem like he connects with listeners. There are few callers to his show.

9 Mancow
10 Lex and Terry

The Contenders

11 Walton and Johnson
12 Bob and Tom
13 The T Man
14 Mike Enriquez
15 Flo and Eddie
16 Greg Kretschmar
17 Tim Shaw

Banned from every radio show he has ever been to, and has been fined more than anyone in UK Radio history...

18 Michael Savage

unbelievable, the things he says

19 Laura Ingraham

She's nothing more than an overgrown child!

20 Jian Ghomeshi
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