The Beatles

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The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were soon known as the foremost and most influential act of rock era. Rooted in skiffle, beat, and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented more.


It's funny how you guys are defending this band with such ferocity, claiming that there is no way they can be overrated. The fact that you feel so inclined to defend them in this way proves how overrated they are. Do you really think the most commercially successful band in the history of music needs to be defended? They don't. The success this band enjoyed eclipses the success of absolutely every other band to have ever existed. By defending them from their detractors as if they still deserve praise and credit (they've received enough of those), you are only making people hate them more. The Beatles are definitely overrated. Successful, influential and a major popular culture staple, but very, very overrated.

I like the Beatles, but I have to agree with this list. They are undoubtedly the most overrated band in history. What most annoys me is that people treat the four guys as if they were gods above the of mortals, who never wrote any bad music. The Beatles were also human and they also made some bad songs. I also don't agree with the idea that they are "the best band of history, of world and universe", because this question of "best" is very subjective. Each have their personal taste, and each has its particular band that considers the best of all, regardless of what the other person thinks. - Palmeiras

Isn't calling a band "overrated" also very subjective? So what's the point or meaning of any of this besides "i personally like/don't like" something? - Billyv

A very good band that made some really good music. However, most of their popularity comes from their charisma more than their relevance. They were also pretty average as musicians. Most of all, it is their arrogant fan base that ranks them as the number 1 most overrated band of all time. I mean just look at the comments. Their fans are always in denial and try to look in shock when someone criticizes The Beatles. It is as if you're obliged to think (wrongly) that The Beatles were the best band of all time. To be fair, I think that The Beatles only cared about fame. Their songs though good, were usually an easy listen. Had they been born in more contemporary years, they would have been the equivalent of One Direction. I mean just look at Paul McCartney singing with Kanye West and Rihanna. They just formed at a time when even pop music had to be good.

There legendary songwriting abilities, creativity and great singing voices made up for their above average handle on instruments. - NigaAcrossKFC

The Beatles: A fad that never went out of style. I don't see how writing such simple songs makes Paul McCartney and John Lennon musical geniuses. They're essentially the Jonas Brothers of their day, only they didn't have to pretend they could play their instruments and they actually did write their songs. They're not great, but they're not horrible either. Just terribly, terribly overrated.

I understand why Metallica is on here (too many idiots who listen to the black album forward and think Enter Sandman is the best song ever), but I don't understand why Led Zeppelin is on here. Stairway to Heaven may be overrated, but considering Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time, I'd say they're appropriately rated.

The Beatles aren't a terrible band and they do have some okay songs BUT they were created by the media which helped them to become very famous (without working their way up) and plus the hype and respect surrounding them even to this day and age is just way too much for me to take in. Their fan base is out of control and are insane over them. Plus most of the fans easily get butthurt if anyone ever says anything negative about The Beatles. You all need to man up, seriously! This doesn't apply to all Beatles fans but most of you need to learn to respect other people's opinions and need to realise that not everyone's going to like this band.

Also, people say that they influenced every band today which is so NOT true because the genres which are blues and rock n' roll basically influenced The Beatles. So if anything, most of the music would not be here today if it wasn't for those two genres mentioned above.

I can think of a lot of bands that in my opinion are so much ...more

Saying that The Beatles didn't work there way up and were created by the media indicates that you need a history lesson. They spent a good deal of time playing in dive clubs without recognition. Certainly the media helped propel them, but that's basically how most anyone becomes famous in their own time. - Billyv

Severely overrated. There were way more influential groups. They were a POP group. Not an influential rock group. Their music isn't even that good. I bet if a person who does not have any musical talent AT ALL wrote a song, and The Beatles took credit for writing it, and preformed it, I bet Beatles fans would call a masterpiece and write it down as one of the best songs of all time. - theone90990

I am amazed at the blanket hypnosis that causes so many people to make such fools of themselves, openly, publicly, and unfortunately all too often, by stating things like "The best musicians ever" or "We wouldn't have rock music without them".

If you are one of these crazies, then don't be too shocked now, but, they paid for session musicians to play on their albums, because, they couldn't.

Rock and Roll was invented... Now wait for it... BEFORE they were doing whatever Satanic ritual that they did to make so many people, of all ages, talk crap on a regular basis.

I'm only glad that for whatever I'm immune to it.

Not to call myself a "hater" because for the most part I ignore what I hate. But, I now find that hating this band feels so good. Their music sucks, plain and simple. When your longest song is 8 minutes of tape loops, you know your band sucks. And their second longest song is incredibly repetitive, repeating "Na" at least a hundred times.

How is a band that literally changed the face of music overrated? You guys think that's why they are so popular, because they're overrated? Ridiculous! They created revolutionary music with ancient instruments. Today you don't even need to play guitar to have guitar in a song, you use a computer. The Beatles influenced every piece of music to ever existence after the 1960s. So for the ignorant teenage punk that listens to My Chemical Romance or 5 Seconds Of Summer who added The Beatles and all the idiots that voted for them. You don't think My Chemical Romance got inspiration from the Beatles? Probably not because My Chemical Romance sucks, but to say that the Beatles is overrated is the most ignorant and stupid thing I've ever heard. I feel sorry you honestly, you can't comprehend the influence of the Beatles so you listen to trashy music. - HardRockSam

You all are nuts for even putting the Beatles on this list as well the ill in- formed opines that followed Lets forget all the the records they set and just knock the 60s out all together and come in to current events to give a full understanding of their impact When the Paris attacks and the demonstrations that occurred after murder of the black kid in Ferguson or Baltimore Well in Paris streets the people were singing Beatles songs post attack Than in the demonstrations on that black kids death a hip hop young man on a flat bed truck did a hip hop rap version of Come Together Very good one in fact This was true in the NYC streets after 9/11 Those people in their grief were not thinking of lists sales or records they just wanted to fell better and just google it you will find the videos That is impact and makes the hypothesis of this list with the Beatles on it meaningless Remove them and look at a song list and learn something Bill

The reasons people give for why The Beatles aren't overrated is that they completely transformed the nature of pop music or some other such excuse, but that is absolutely irrelevant when it comes to judging their musical contribution. Pop music always has been and always will be largely vapid and meaningless, with very few exceptions. It is a popularity contest, that's all. With regards to The Beatles' musical contribution, then, I personally find them extremely overrated as all of their songs that I have listened to are very dull and monotonous and leave me feeling cold.

Now this band deserves the top spot, no. 1... indeed listening to some of this band's songs make me laugh.. I don't know why a lot consider them as greats! What! They are not out of the box, they just keep on composing and composing and NOTHING makes sense, yeahh as long as they make albums... they are not unique, they keep on singing with voices which are not extraordinary and at times you'll hear them sing rock sings like a phlegm is about to come out from their throats, they sound so trying hard... It's really unbelievable, I just can't explain and I just don't know how to react, I'm sick and tired of this group named as one of the greats when they deserve nothing.. I hope they'd just live on their yellow submarine (a song of theirs which means nothing also) forever and make music no more..

They're not bad by any means, I think what happened is that their fans made them so unlikable because they're so uneducated about music and they never took the time to listen to other...maybe more experimental and original music like The Velvet Underground or Frank Zappa. It's a popularity contest in the end, not a triumphant for true innovation.

Way, way, way overrated, overplayed, overexposed spoiled brats in the right place, at the right time. Luckiest bastards on the planet! They rode to fame on Elvis's coat tails, after he and Buddy Holly, Little Richard, The Isley Bros. , etc. Had paved the way for Rock 'N' Roll to explode onto the main music scene.

They may have been the first boy band to hit it big, but those who came after them took it to another stratosphere... Like the greatest band ever to grace the Earth: QUEEN! They perfected everything that preceded them. Their vocals were MAGNIFICENT, beyond belief! FREDDIE MERCURY IS THE VOICE OF GOD! Roger Taylor's backing vocals and drumming were exquisite! Brian May's soaring guitar: out of this world! John Deacon: icing on the cake!
The B's couldn't hold a candle to these geniuses! Their live shows were laughable! Their writing: mediocre, at best! Their vocals: amateurish! Their repertoire: repetitive.

Their stuff was played ...more

Most overrated band ever. They aren't that great. It's all generic. They aren't that good singers and the backing instruments were mediocre. The songs were Okay I guess. But I have to bring up that I hate it when people admire a group that compared themselves walruses. Too overrated.

Um... The first commenter should read the 2nd & 3rd comments! Obviously he's the retarded one here! Even the 16yr old has enough sense & wisdom to see right through those simpletons, w/ minimal skill and God awful technical ability. These 'abilities, ' already acquired by the 16yr old! That says it all right there!
They're so overrated, it's sick! The others that 1st person mentioned, The R.S. , B.D. (except for his lyrics), L.Z. , and M. Are way overrated as well. None of them actually have a decent singer, screamers, yes, nice voices, No!
Agree totally w/ the 2nd comment: Queen is definitely the best band! Technically, superb! Lyrically, masterful, and instrumentally, exquisite! Vocally, unmatched and completely out of anyone's league!
Queen is the perfect band! Hands down!

This list like almost all the lists on this website, its pretty much all trash votes up by the uneducated majority. Few of these bands are hardly the most overrated especially the top ten. There are so many much greater examples and it seems to me it's just as usual a big bashing list. The Beatles? They were one of the originals, defining, and iconic and legends for very good reasons. I guess I could freak out at some of this list and mention how I hate the hipsters and edgy angsty people who come to these lists with a grudge and arrogant tastes that they feel is unique and makes them a snowflake while it makes their opinions so much better than the 'mainstream' and I would complain about the irony of 'unique snowflakes' and how they pretty much all sound the same and are the same, but that would be pointless and a broad view and categorizing a group of people who some actually have meaningful points and opinions(although this is NOT near most people here) and I'm not saying my ...more

I highly doubt they were thinking deeply at all when they wrote some of the lyrics they wrote when they were on drugs. I Am the Walrus and Come Together make no sense at all. The reason people think they're so hard to figure out is because there is nothing to figure out. It's just randomness. They had some good songs, like Yesterday, Blackbird, and Let It Be, but for the most part, they are way overrated.

Yes, they were a huge phenomenon, but when you look at their discography, they made way too many short, simple songs. They often struggled to write songs longer than two and a half minutes. Nowadays, if you were to make an album where the track lengths are 2:09, 2:21, 2:15, etc. you would be deemed a lazy songwriter. In some ways, they were lazy, with many of their songs starting with a very quick intro, repeating the same words and lines over and over, and then ending abruptly. Then Genesis came into town, released the Trespass album, and immediately kicked their arses. The Beatles did interesting things, but could have accomplished so much more if they didn't focus so much on making poppy radio songs and ballads.

People, please. Let's face it- the Beatles are just a 1960s version of One Direction. I don't understand the hype for the Beatles; it's more of a mentality to like them than to actually like their music. Most of the people that say "I LOVE the Beatles" can only name "Yellow Submarine" (which is an absolutely horrible song). Overall, I have yet to hear one song by the Beatles I actually like.

I'm sorry in advance for all of those people that call themselves fans when they have listened to, at most, 5 songs of the Beatles. But these guys where actually very talented. It's not their fault that they have the (sometimes) poor fans they have. I think they revolutionized the music as we know it today in the sense that they introduced a lot of new concepts, although they may not have the strongest material. That change probably would have happened anyway eventually but hey, they did it first, right? So, yes, they may be overrated if we talk about the quality of their songs, after all, everyone's taste is different, but we cannot deny their influence in music culture, can we? And yes. I'm a fan ;). But hey, a real one, okay?

Good but overrated. Their body of work simply isn't that good, and is very inconsistent. It's either dated sounding psychedelia or heavily derivative of earlier musicians like Buddy Holly except bastardized into superficial pop. Their few good songs are sprinkled in at the end. Very influential. But still way overrated.

Now a truly great band is CCR. Bayou Country, Green River, Willy and the Poor Boys, and Cosmo's Factory in the span of a year and a half. Enough said.

The Beatles are the most overrated band.. We hear people saying that they started the whole ROCK and ROLL.. NOT TRUE AT ALL! That would be The Animals or The Who! The Beatles were OKAY! But are nothing special anymore. Stop living in the past and stop comparing them to the Ever so much better Radiohead!

Influential, yes. Overrated, yes. Good, yes. Popular, yes. But greatest band, no. They were not very good musicians and to be honest their lyrics really didn't have much depth most of the time. They were also very arrogant and full of themselves, or at least Lennin was. Truly great people don't need to be that cocky, just shows how insecure he really was. In todays age, the songs they made are equivalent to the likes of the Jonas Brothers, One Direction and the Britney Spears of the world. No one claims that those acts are the greatest of all time. Maybe for their time, they were doing something revolutionary but in the grand scheme of popular music they are good but not great, average at best.

I hate this band with an undying passion there is nothing great or even good about this band and I can almost guarantee that if this band came out in the 90s or the 2000s they would have maybe made 1 or 2 CDs then be forgotten. There is nothing new about there music or even original also if someone said to me that I could never again listen to the Beatles I'd say thanks and I say that as a fan of any type of good music rock metal blues country if its good I'll listen to it and I can say there is nothing and I do mean nothing great or even good about the damn Beatles also I've heard their music and never ever thought wow that's a good song or even a decent song also I think another reason people claim them to be so great is because they broke up in there prime so what if a troll like Yoko can break them up not only do they suck but they're stupid as well.

They are considered one of the greatest bands of all time... How? Most of their early stuff is simple love songs that One Direction or Justin Bieber could've performed. Anything that sounds like One Direction or Justin Bieber does not dessrve the level of praise that the Beatles' got.

Now, their newer stuff was much better, and I can get why people like them now. However, their first few albums were terrible.