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Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.


Metallica is the greatest band of all time... They are creative, they have a message, they are original, talented, and they're overrated for being popular!?! Listen to the lyrics. Even in St. Anger (Which many people hate) Their message is still there. There is a duality this band has that no other band has... but I'm not surprised to see them on here because Nirvana is too... two awesome bands. The internet is dumb. You don't have to like them but they deserve the popularity as much as the music today that gets billions of views

This band is over-hyped by everyone, including rolling stone. No I don't call them the best metal band, in fact not even close. They were good, back when the drummer wasn't a crack head and could actually hold a decent beat. But I wouldn't even call them legendary in their old days. Their entire fan-base is just fake metal-heads who probably never heard the name Black Sabbath. This kind of hurts their credibility.

I like them a lot and I even like Enter Sandman a lot but they are simply NOT the best thrash metal band, the best metal band and certainly not the greatest band of all time. Master Of Puppets is really not a great album, yet I like St Anger a lot so I guess my musical taste is slightly strange. People need to listen to Ride The Lightning more. I mean, that album was great. There simply were better thrash bands though, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer among the finest of those. The idea of them being the best band is a load of nonsense. I think that spot should go to someone with CREATIVITY and I'm sorry, but this band just ain't very creative. That is in fact the reason they are overrated; tens of billions more people listen to them more than REALLY excellent bands such as Porcupine Tree, who are almost unheard of.

So are you saying that they are overrated because there are so many "better" bands out there? I see what you mean. - MusicalPony

I don't think people understand the meaning of the word "overrated", and think it just means "bad". It doesn't mean "bad", it means that it just gets too much credit. Metallica is a good example. Despite my hatred for most metal, I actually like Metallica. But whenever someone goes as far as to not acknowledge Metallica, I see TONS of fans who probably have anger issues coming in and coming up with the most hate-filled rants I've ever seen.

Over, Metallica is really really popular, but come on guys. Without Metallica, there would be no thrash, no black or death metal (which I could care less for). But seriously these guys are metal pioneers. Metallica is one of my favorite bands and they really came back in 2008 with Death Magnetic and returning to thrash. They're also making a new album this year (2015). They're pretty popular and well known, but not overrated.

I really do like metallica but they got too much hype at the black album era, which wasn't great btw. anyway after that they were making just bull. you can barely find any good songs among load, reload and st anger. Death magnetic was ok, it was similar to older albums. But guys I swear whenever I listen to Seattle's 1989 concert I feel shivers down my spine. that concert was brilliant

Overrated. There is some absolutely excellent work in their catalog. However, their fast hard riffs are generally under par for a band considered to be the so-called greatest thrash metal band ever. Megadeth and even Slayer have much better hard riffs.

I am going with a band most people seem to love but I never understood why. They've never had a particularly memorable song (I can remember one line of each at most), they're never catchy (which could occasionally be forgiven), they are pretty bland for thrash, and almost all of their covers are inferior to the original. I think I am one of two people who actually prefers Megadeath.

Whoever put Metallica "Overrated band" is an idiot. Metallica is awesome and the vocalist can put up a voice. All their songs are awesome. Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets, and nothing else matters are awesome. Screw all of the haters of Metallica. - kmyeakel

Metallica is good but I am sick of people thinking they are better than Zeppelin or Maiden or any of the real bands out there. Metallica is total garbage after Master of Puppets, any real fan knows that. - PlantIsGod

I think the Jonas Brothers don't deserve to be number 1 because this is a list about the most Overrated bands and most of people know the Jonas brothers are more of a boyband no one ever took them that seriously and they aren't that bad. Metallica is considered one of the greatest bands of all time but they are clearly overrated and only fanboys love them and piss their pens when someone doesn't agree that they aren't that great. First of their instrument skills suck and only their first 2 albums were good most of their work is trash specially lately. Never was a fan of them they annoy me to be honest

I love rock. I really do, but I've never been able to understand the hype for Metallica. They have a couple of good songs, but the music in general is nothing special and the vocals are not good at all. It just doesn't speak to me. And I never think it will.

I love Metallica. In fact, they're my all-time favorite band. But I do understand why they're called overrated. And if you ask me, there are solid points on that matter and that there are metal bands that deserve more attention. - CrimsonShark

They are my favorite band and I'll admit they do have the have a lot of fans compared to other Metal bands but the amount of hate they get evens it out ( in my humble opinion) Most people hate them because of every album after AJFA I like the Black Album and Death Magnetic gave us hope that they'll come back to their roots. - MrQuaz680

At least half the people who have voted Metallica as the most overrated band listen to 95.1 and don't listen to metal at all. Actually have somewhat of that taste before you call them overrated.

Listen to Master of Puppets, One, Battery, Enter Sandman and every other song by Metallica and I'll be sure that you'll take them off this list. They're metal GODS

METALLICA forever, James awesome voice and rhythm awesome riffs, kirk awesome solos, cliff, Jason, Ron, rob, all have a unique style and lars probably the best

I love these guys, that's why I didn't vote for them. But Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden are better. Also I prefer Megadeth

You gotta be stupid to vote for Metallica. Their first 5 albums are some of the greatest work ever made.

Were decent but blown outta proportion. They got worse and worse and you idiots just love the poor excuse for metal...I guess its all about the yeahs...

Megadeth is definitely a better metal band, they have more creative thrash metal songs than Metallica, who sold out and release monotonous metal songs

Ok... What a STUPID comment! Mettalica created Thrash metal! They are gods and they don't belong to be on this list along with the other good bands such as

The Beatles - Best band ever, and were just simply THE BEST!

Nirvana - Why the hell is this on here! Alternitive Kings!

Queen - Whoever voted for them is an idiot because they are plainly GODS!

Black Sabbath - These guys were one of the founders of hard rock/metal.

Pink Floyd - I mean Seriously? If you voted for them you have no taste in music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Aesome. Outstanding. Mind blowing. Just how?

The Rolling Stones - You get my point.

Music is so completely dead. I go to a boarding school, and most of the people there tell me that ONE DIRECTION is BETTER than Led Zeppelin, THE Beatles, METTALICA and pretty much anything! The only good band out there now is The Foo Fighters. WE NEED MORE MUSICAL TALENT!

If there are any good guitarists or drummers etc. ...more

Yes, they have good song, but not at all. They have a lot of musical garbages, too! In my opinion, iron maiden is more more more and more talented!

10 bands like Metallica only equal up to a millionth of either Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or Dio. - sweetbeef

I recently listened local radio station playing top 1000 rock songs in history... they were ranked by voting on radio station's website. top 1000 had 35 Metallica songs which I can somewhat understand but top 70 had 15 of them... 3 of them in top 10. That just made me realize how overrated they R. I do like some of their songs, but I have never really been fan.