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Shawn Corey Carter, known by his stage name JAY-Z, is an American rapper, entrepreneur and investor. He is best known for his album Reasonable Doubt.


The most overrated piece of total garbage ever next person who says he's the greatest ever in front of me I'm about to fight I swear not only has he never had a good bar in his life every single song that's good he's ever released was not good because of him it was either the feature on the song or the beat think about it big pimpin was all about the beat and pimp c's verse lost ones was produced by dr dre he's honestly the most garbage rapper ever here's the truth the greatest ever was 2pac its simply fact best flow and best lyrics no else even comes close plus every 2pac verse ever was great not the beat or song all together but what pac says the second is biggie smalls his flow was damn good but honestly people like big more than pac because his voice was cooler he wasn't a better rapper thogu still I bump big every day now after that its just preference but anyone who says that jay z is a the greatest is retarded we didn't even see half as many years from pac or big and got way ...more

Ugh! His voice is so annoying! I wish he would've kept his promise and retired. Him and Lil Wayne should retire for good and stop ruining songs with their annoying voices and dumb lyrics. He is a major sellout too, and steals lyrics. Him and his trashy wife are both highly overrated! Screw the both of them! I don't support Illuminati sellouts! - DaWyteNight

He interviews great, and seems like a really intelligent person, but musically, he is boring compared to the greats of the past. He may be better than most of his contemporaries, although Eminem leaves him in the dust. Still, he has none of the excitement of the rapper from the golden age of the 80s and early 90s. SInce everybody falls all over themselves to say what a great rapper he is, (including a bunch of white people who never listen to him), there is no question whatsoever that he is, by far, the most overrated.

All this talk about stealing lyrics? How about stealing entire songs, which is what a lot of rap is in the first place. Hey I have an idea, lets take a song from the past that is already a proven winner on the charts and take the hook that made it great and play it in the background while I rap stupid lyrics to it! The hook is the hardest part to write. Most of these people have very little true musical talent. Jay Z epitomizes this.

Jay-Z has two good albums: 'Reasonable Doubt,' and 'The Blueprint.' 'The Black Album' is also quite a good album. His old stuff is actually very good, but now his music sucks. He got destroyed by Nas, and yet he claims that he is better than Nas, Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G, and 2Pac. Compared to them, he is on a very low level. Even Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint are slightly overrated, and for those people that say he is good because he is rich, you know nothing about rap. He is pretty overrated.

He basically robbed Big L and Biggie of their style and flow, and rode off that until he "retired" in 2003. Now he just sits around and acts like hot s. He also got totally killed by Nas in their beef and no one seems to remember it except people who have a basic knowledge of rap that wasn't made last year.

He doesn't lock into the beat, and just mutters over the top. Only good verses on "Watch What You Say to Me" and some others... Mostly uses interesting rhyme patterns, but lacks finesse. Seriously

I know Lil Wayne sucks but the most OVERRATED? Hmm... this guy doesn't sing he doesn't rap I don't know what he does. He's better at the business degree than any of what this is. He takes songs and SAYS not raps words and they usually don't make sense. If there was one good song he rap to and the ONLY good song by him was Empire State of Mind. Anything before or after was just constipation or speech.

No great songs really, steals lyrics etc.

THE most over rated. Not only overrated but Jay-Z's music straight up SUCKS. I don't get why he's gotten so much attention. I cannot listen to any of his song. Straight up corny and whack!

Jay-Z raps so slow and his lyrics are so unintelligent that it takes zero skill to do what he does.

If you're going to make your own songs at least come up with the lyrics yourself. Seriously, he stole 2 lines out of a nirvana song, melody and all. Yet he's one of the best selling artists in the world...

He barely beats Lil Wayne. At least Lil Wayne tries to be original and hey he doesn't do to bad if you take the fact that he is a mentally disabled into consideration. Jay is bland, boring, simplistic, corny, and the definition of terrible rap with his "money, hoes, pimping, and car banter".

I'm sorry but Jay z is straight trash. I never really liked anything from him and I really don't know why he gets so much respect for trash. I would rather pour battery acid in my ears!

I never liked any songs this guy had besides Renegade, and Eminem destroyed him in that. He called Eminem overrated and is so cocky, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, and Nas destroy this.

Maybe it's an east coast thing, but I have no idea how his name and "greatest rapper" ever got spoken in the same sentence.

Jay-Z isn't even good. There's so many better rappers like Biggie, Pac, Eminem, Eazy, and Dre. Then there's Jay-z who's the "Best rapper". Uh no no no

Jay Z is way too high up, he is easily a top 5 rapper of all time, if not top 10 off all time. His albums Reasonable Doubt, The Black Album and The Blue Print are classics.

I can't comprehend how people put him in top 10 rappers lists. He's arguably the best business man of the bunch, but there's no way his rhymes, flow or anything that has to do with actual music put him in a top 10.

He has illuminati written all over him!

The most overrated rapper of all time. He steals lyrics from Biggie Smalls, he's also very arrogant. People think he's the GOAT but he's no where near Pac, Eminem, Rakim, Nas I can go on and on

He may be one of the most successful rappers, but he most definitely is overrated

His version of Young Forever with Mr. Hudson was terrific... Until he started rapping. Hudson has a great voice for the meaning behind the song, and then Jay comes in and just ruins it. Whenever I listen to that song, I listen until Jay does his first "Uhh" then I move to the next song. It would be great if he were not involved in it at all.

Everyone knows why he is "respected." He's been screwing Beyonce for the past decade, and since people like her, they decide he's great at everything. He can't rap to save his life and had he never f--ked her, NO ONE would be thinking about him today. I've actually seen girls try to pretend he's "handsome"... ALL because Beyonce picked him.

He is not that overrated, I mean his songs are pretty good, but not as good as others