Call of Duty


Okay I'll admit I'm terrible at online play but I'm a loner when it comes to gaming anyways which is why when the elder scrolls online was announced a small part of me died. I digress, the campaign is cookie cutter, copy and paste garbage, your AI teammates are just as good at helping you as monkeys are at running a banana stand. I enjoyed modern warfare 1 because it was a breath of fresh air from the World War series, it was something new. After that it got incredibly lazy... The storyline started following a pattern: Meet the new guy (you), New guy is a bada$$, new guy is needed for top secret mission and is given cool little gadgets to play with as if that's just a normal day for any spec ops personnel, Meet the bad guy, bad guy is illusive, hard to catch, and pretty sure was ripped off from a die hard movie, then there's a betrayal you can count on that. cliffhanger wannabe ending after a sad 2-3 hour gameplay and voila that is what Call of Duty feels like to me. I know people may ...more

Hey guys it Call of Duty. This year the improvements are... Um... Hey look GRAPHICS AND GUNS!

Seriously though Call of Duty has ceased to show me why this is the juggernaut of video games. I don't understand why good FPSs like Battlefield are beaten to this crap. Like seriously what would you rather buy. A 32v32 gun game where you can blow up skyscrapers in helicopters and cars or shoot people and try to get the most skills. There is absolutely no teamwork (when do you hear a cover me? Or group up? All you hear is ten year olds ranting about how bad you are) terrible maps (I know small might be good for people but their ridiculously small) most cliched American MAN campaign and very simple zombie game with hordes of zombies (it's map design is pretty good though, and comparing it to the main game, it would make sense why people like it). Yet it still earns a 9.4/10. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do reviewers not understand the concept of if you don't like something, say it? OF COURSE ...more

Some games are innovative and provide gripping story's that make you care about the characters, but this is not Call of duty. With basically the same game just little mix ups on the multiplayer/story, as well as zombies which is tacked on as an afterthought to try to appeal to a larger audience. The only reason this game is successful is because the "Bro" crowd as I call them vote with their wallets and only buy this and madden every year, it almost kind of saddens me because these people/games give other games a bad rap, especially in the whole are games art argument, but the fact of the matter is as long as this and madden stay popular games will never be considered art among the general public

After having to repeatedly watch the Ad for Uncharted on YouTube it reminded me of how sick I am of these Next Gen games. I miss the old days of gaming with games like sonic the hedgehog, super Mario, and super smash bros, now we're stuck in the stupid age of video games, why? Because they're all just stupid first person shooters now. I have no desire to buy an Xbox one, PlayStation 4 or any of the generic crappy games they have, this reason is why I've almost completely stopped playing video games. All next Gen games and consoles need to go die in a fire and we need to bring back the awesome old games

How is this not first. Halo is actually pretty good; more original guns, longer better story, MP that actually takes skill, firefight which requires team work unlike zombies and it has much better gameplay and map/level design. Now Call of Duty isn't bad, I actually prefer it's campaign over its MP, but it's all just horribly overrated. Again not a bad game, just really over rated and so over hyped, people get so excited for the next Call of Duty when nothing even changes, if you have one, you pretty much have them all.

The thing that I hate about this game is the design. Why can't we have a well made, UNIQUE game that challenges us? Five nights at Freddy's has been hated on as well, but that's because the horror is a particular style. SL was a really refreshing change for the series, but people still hate on it for not having the ability to move around, maybe you should actually play the game! This game is so much worse. Why can't they change up the series?! Honestly I haven't played it, but watching my friends play it looks so repetitive! And the games don't change. We need different maps, different, weapons, and different mechanics! And maybe just a touch of creativity? I understand if you like this game, and this is totally my opinion, feel free to like what you want, but this is my opinion.

I swear, I am SO tired of hearing my friends at school saying: Oh my god, Call of Duty is the best the best game ever. You ask people who like Call of Duty about Pokemon, etc. Saying: Oh mah god, Pokemon is a little kid game, I play grown up games! Just shut up about Call of Duty sometimes.

Dammit, shooting people with guns is NOT on par with commanding legendary beasts to battle so you can be the best at the art. Call of Duty is absolutely overrated.

Halo is overrated. But nothing as much as this. Activision WILL continue to make new games every year, changing as little as possible. As soon as fans realise that the games are just slightly re-hashed games of the year before with different maps, weapons and a very weak storyline, Activision will try to be more innovative - jamienicholls

I have not played through these games, but based solely on the "fan base" and the users of this games' multiplayer mode, I would never want to associate myself with it. If I wanted to be trolled by kids on a supposed power trip telling me how good my mom was last night, I'd go back to the playground.

But that's the fanbasee, not the game itself, DERP, and also, what are you? Some kind of critic yourself? You're just going around saying multiplayer gets a 3/10 which is really ignorant, and the story in black ops 2"3" seperated itself from other Call of Duty installments, it was unique and fresh, something your dumbass wouldn't understand if it hit you right in the face, I only play it just for FUN, like a lot of other people do as well, don't assume that every single person on Call of Duty is 7, besides little kids play ganes up to mortal kombat, so don't act like your opinion is almighty and great.

I don't understand this game. Yes, GAME. Because it's basically only one game, remade and remade to sickness. New storyline? Better weapons? Better graphics? I call bull. It's the same concept, same gameplay, same everything, and if it wasn't for the little kids who think that if they play a mature, gory game they're grown up... this game would be extremely forgettable.

I didn't vote this because I hate the concept. I'm a pixel gun player. I voted this because part of their community is just people who play it just because they say simple flaws about other games and ignore the flaws about Call of Duty. Not that this doesn't happen with fans of other games but with this game it's more common than usual. Also, I didn't really see anything better to vote for

If you like FPS like Halo, then get Battlefield. Not this piece of hack-infested little-kid played overrated game. You know THOSE type of kids? Who wear snap backs, ride scooters and use Yo Mama jokes at every criticism? 60% chance they play Call of Duty. The game isn't THAT BAD, it's boring, the campaign's easy to think of and the story line is a mess, but a little entertaining. The fans are easily the worst part, like Justin Bieber's music. You don't want your fanbase to be compared to beliebers, do you developers?

There is no change in this game ever. Its just more guns and more shooting. The storyline never actually has a sequel, it is just the same characters doing something completely random compared to how the last game had ended. - Killef

Same thing every year. That's Call of Duty. Activision know how to milk a franchise dry and the novelty wore off the moment the first game was released. Any redeeming factors? Well, I guess the multiplayer is decent, but even that has you being mocked and sworn at by 4 year olds. And to think they are the future of our species?

This should easily be number 1, all I hear is "Call of Duty this Call of Duty that" are the so called "fans" that inbred that they can't tell it's a copy and paste of the previous game last year? Most overrated game ever, top 10 worst games ever.

I honestly don't find the Call of Duty games bad, although I don't play the campaigns, but I don't like the fanbase. The people on there are all either like the game, but don't obsess over it( AKA the non young kids) or they have a shrine dedicated to Call of Duty and sacrifice people the don't like even a tiny part of any of the games.

Military first person shooters are generic and people won't quiet down about them. Back in freshman year, a couple of boys would not stop talking about Black Ops 1. Most of these people won't even bother to play something else. You're not hardcore gamers, you are hardcore Call of Duty fans.

Oh, wait, which one are we talking about? Doesn't matter, it's always the same game! This unoriginal franchise is Activision's cash cow, and they charge $60 bucks for a crappy game that's literally a DLC for the last game! Not to mention NOBODY plays the actual story, they just jump straight to online play just because they're seven and they want to troll people. Ugh.

The only thing that's ever remotely fun about Call of Duty is zombies, it's the only part I ever want to play. Your friend and you can have a good time killing zombies and not have to wait forever for everyone to set up a class. Not to mention they've gone in depth with zombies story then they could ever dream to go with the actual story.

A very overrated series. And DON'T even get me started on the 7 year olds that know swearwords they shouldn't know (and that are extremely obnoxious). Go and play the very first Halo game; then tell Call of Duty is better than Halo. - Videogamefan5471

My entire school post a picture of the latest Call of Duty game every year and talks about it so much. But it's probably just the online multiplayer. I've noticed that its only the big shots, cool guys, and dummies. I'm more of a Grand Theft Auto fan and so is everyone else, but no, it's Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Call of Duty. If online gaming didn't exist,the most popular games would be the most dreadful games. GET RID OF Call of Duty!

"Overrated" and "bad" don't always mean the same thing... Unless you're talking about Call of Duty. The first generation of the series was decent, but at some point, probably when the publishers realized its selling power, it
Became one of the most bland, cut and dry, repetitive series in all of gaming. Don't let the sales numbers and legions of hardcore fans fool you, this is nothing special, just appeals to the low attention span who only want to shoot things and blow things up.

Ah geez. Just kill this franchise already! It's the same old thing. Make a load out, shoot people in the face, and run around. Rinse and repeat until you win - cdxtreme