The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Tons of reason why this is overrated:

1. The levels get too complicated. "IT'S A PUZZLE GAME! " For kids. These levels are bull, the worst being the Water Temple. It took me nearly 3 hours to beat that bull!

2. Uninspiring enemies and locations. Think: Purple fly traps. 4 legged spiders. "Death Mountain", and a tree with a face on it. Come on, Nintendo!

3. It gets boring. There's a seldom amount of action in it. I usually do one dungeon then play something like Sonic or Smash Bros..

4. Everyone says it's the best game ever. The best game ever, in my opinion, is Halo 3, or Sonic Generations. REMEMBER: That's my OPINION. And OoT being the best game ever is opinion as well.

In all honesty the Zelda series is really overrated I swear this series has a bigger fan base than Mario even though Mario is arguably the better series I mean seriously calling this game the greatest game of all time is quite a stretch no it's not a bad game however there really is no greatest game of all time because that is just an opinion. And this game isn't perfect either it too has flaws like bosses that don't have many attacks. You are free to like and enjoy this game if you want but you shouldn't call it the greatest game of all time.

I'm okay with other people's opinions and everything, but I don't know why people praise this game so much. I played a little bit, and I find it boring. Break grass, break grass, break grass, RUPEE! Break grass, avoid rolling stones, read sign, buy sword, cut grass, cut grass, RUPEE! I just don't get the hype. Pardon me if the game gets better after the incredibly boring first part, I just think it's overrated. Though I didn't like the original much, either, at least that one was addicting and fun to play. Again, just my opinion. No need to shout at me. Err, type at me with all caps.

The problem is some fanboys believe overrated means "bad". No, Ocarina of Time is a fantastic game. For the time, it was the most revolutionary game of all time. But a game can be fantastic. A game can be revolutionary. And it can still be overrated. Super Mario Bros, for example. It was one of, if not the first sidescrolling platformers ever made. Does that mean it's good? No. How Ocarina of Time is considered, not only the best Zelda game, when it's basically a 3D Link to the Past (with Time travel), not only the best N64 game (how many N64 games have they played? ), but the greatest video game ever made boggles my mind. Do me a favor: Next time you play Ocarina of Time: Take off your rose tinted glasses. Forget about that first time you played it and how amazing it was. Remove and ignore all the hype and then play the game. I did the first time I played in 2014 and didn't think it was that great. As I said, it's fantastic. But it's not the greatest thing ever made ever.

When it came out, yes, it was an enormous success and a huge step forward for video games. But since then, dozens upon dozens of games have improved upon it. Also, Navi is a pain in the rear end and Link's screaming every tell he falls off a platform or down a pit gets tiresome really quickly. The graphics don't hold up, either. Parts of the game look so ugly nowadays.

I hate this game. It's so annoying and boring. I respect your opinion if you say this is the best game ever made. But my fact is why would you then say that a remake of the game is worst than the original one. I saw so many times this game on the best games ever made list that now its just really pissing me off. Come on guys its 2016! There are far better games than this!

This should be first place.

Seriously, it's a fine game. Certainly not my favorite Zelda game, but it isn't too bad.

It's just INCREDIBLY overrated.

Majora's mask is better than it in almost every way. Better story, better gameplay, a ton of variety, stellar side quests, awesome bosses, and entertaining dungeons. Ocarina of Time is kind of the series' baby steps.

THE BEST VIDEO GAME EVER!... NOT! An awesome game but everyone blows how good it is out of proportion Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game. - alucard

This game is way too low! Sure it wasn't as overrated as Sonic Adventure 2 used to be extremely overrated, but since SA2 aged poorly, THIS GAME SHOULD BE #1! This game has way too many issues to be #1! Those that defend the game with "it was revolutionary back then," you are just proving my point! There are games with fewer flaws, but saying the game was revolutionary is actually defending the game with nostalgia!

The most overrated game in history! While it might have been groundbreaking for its time, there are dozens of games that surpass it nowadays - including at least four other TLOZ titles (The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild). It's a lot better than Majora's Mask but it's nowhere near the best game of all time in my opinion. - PlanetDeadwing

It's one of the best games of all time but I see it first on too many lists, super Mario bros should of been first because it saved the gaming industry,

My god this game is so overrated if you say you don't think it's the best game ever the fans just start yelling at you saying you're a retard for not thinking it's the best game ever seriously?

It is very overrated. I don't get why fangirls are so obsessed with this game. It wasn't even that good. I don't know what fans see in it. I certainly didn't see any genius in it when I played it. I'll even go far enough to say that it is a bad gam

I have similar thoughts to this as I do to Final Fantasy VII. IT'S AVERAGE! There are many other games in the franchise that surpass it in every aspect! So take off your nostalgia shades and listen to reason!

This game may be over-rated but A link to the past is way more over-rated. Plus you say this game is hard? Get a grip sis. All I am saying is that this game should either not be on this list or farther down because there are hundreds of games worse than this one.

I'm not saying this is a bad game. It's a very good game. I just hate how everyone on the internet says it's the best game ever even though the hate half of the things in it (navi, water temple, owl) It looks blurry, it doesn't hold up very well, it has nearly the same story as ALTTP, and when you compare it to more recent entries, it has bland temple design, uninteresting side quests, WAY too slow moving text, and no memorable characters.

As someone who wasn't forcefed Nintendo since I was born, but rather someone who wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I certainly think that this, along with Mario 64 and Goldeneye 64 are unbelievably overrated. But at least this game aged fairly well, unlike the other 2.

It's a very good game but I can understand why people think it's overrated. Still not the most overrated in series in my opinion - Gamer4life

I played it. It was okay. By far not the "Best game of all time" as so many people praise it to be. I don't even think it's the best game of its franchise. I had a lot more fun with wind waker. Should definitely be higher on the list. - ColdTurkey

People make it out to be way better than it is. It's a great game, but they make it out to be the best game of the universe.

It is too overrated. I'm not a fan of zelda but I've seen much better games than this, such as luigi's mansion dark moon, super mario 3d world, paper mario 64,donkey kong for the game boy, etc. This game is good but doesn't deserve all the praise it gets.

Why is this game at the bottom of the list? IT'S REALLY OVERRATED! - KennyRulz244444

The reason why this game is awesome is because of the amount of character and perfection put into it. If you're a real gamer, you should know that this has a perfect game build to it. The feeling of time travel, the seriousness of it the the other Zeldas fail to capture (except Majora's mask), and just the characters in general.

The fact that Wind Waker is higher than this game on an overrated list makes me feel like I'm dissociating and what I'm seeing is not real. - Rue