If I ever hear the words "Minecraft", "Creeper", "Mine", "Craft", or any other word closely related to Minecraft, I will likely freak out for a whole day! I will never support Minecraft.

There's this group of people calling themselves the "Minecraft Club". What would happen if you encountered them?

It is me, Danielbuildz, and I am gonna type a full truth essay about Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game, where you build, kill, farm, etc. It is a sandbox game (scrap), and I like it. But, sadly, things made it be so corrupted and poorly done.

The fanbase is the main case, of course, but this is all it has.

Kids that are immature and autistic aged 5-11 invaded it, and ruined it. Minecraft Education (a crap thing that isn't educatonal) attracted it. Teachers found out about it, and showed it off to the kids. This is sort of how it went... if not, they found crap. Kids, yes, can love it... but it will not be the best game ever. Kids mostly play this now, and care less about anything but Minecraft.

YouTube is soon gonna be called "MineTube" since there is too much Minecraft on it. Where to start on it? Parodies: Minecraft fans mocking popular songs and making it to Minecraft crap? RIP many, like "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Eye Of The Tiger." Honestly, the ...more

I play this a lot when I'm bored but yeah... It's just a sandbox game. People of all ages seem to flock to this because they think stacking blocks with different textures and making them look like stuff is so supreme. Its really basic, I don't know what they did to get so into it, but its definitely overrated. It's fun and all but not like daring or exciting or extreme. It's just a building game.

Really, if I had anything better to do in my spare time I'd do it. This is more of a "I don't have anything to do so I'm gonna log onto this" kind of game.

I used to love this game and I still am okay with it although I no longer play it, but Minecraft has to be the most overrated game EVER. Is it fun? Very much so, but for me, it got boring after about a year of playing. Does it rip off of Lego? Somewhat, Lego's have circles and Minecraft doesn't. Expensive to download? Definitely. It's 30 bucks to download the game. Anyways, everyone at my school says "HFIJASHNFBK Minecraft IS THE BEST GAME EVER AND IT'S SOOO PERFECT! " and it gets annoying. My brother has a very strong addiction to it, and he doesn't shut up and always says to me ". LOOK AT THIS! I MADE AN AWESOME REDSTONE CREATION! " I at one time did too, but Minecraft gets too boring too fast for me. Also, all the things you do is in a cycle! Make a world, survive if it's survival or build if it's creative, get bored, abandon the world, repeat. IT'S THE SAME DANG THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Now, Mojang gets bought by Microsoft for GUESS. HOW. MUCH. 2.5 million dollars. I think since ...more

This game is actually a great game. There are some things I like about the game but that was in the past. Before Minecraft started becoming more 'kid' friendly, I actually enjoyed the game. But time has passed now and there is nothing interesting anymore about this game. Think about it. With all the YouTube videos posted on the internet, you can say that 30% of these videos come from kids that aren't even past 18 year olds. Some videos are parodies which completely ruin the game for me. I've stopped playing the game now that people are now starting to build more and more and are focusing less on survival tactics. If this continues, Minecraft will begin to go away from survival and be more like a Sims game.

I honestly don't understand how this got so popular. I own the game on my laptop, but barely play it. I don't even understand how people make a profession out of it. I feel it's just boring, you can't do much. You get items to survive and fight monsters. It's pretty generic in my eyes. Then you fight the boss, which I've never actually done, so I can't say much. I've known people to complete this game in a few days. There aren't any side quests/missions either, so you're just back to square one after that. It lacks variation and has a terrible fanbase. There are still people in my class obsessing over it like twelve year olds' and singing parodies of songs. Makes me cringe.

Not bad, but still overrated. Just go to YouTube and you'll find a ridiculous amount of Minecraft videos

This is definitely one of the most overrated games of all time. Yes, I played it once and I got bored in about ten minutes (maybe if my cousin didn't fall asleep once our CO-OP game started up, then perhaps I would have liked it... Maybe) and I admit it has an interesting concept of building things... But goddammit... GODDAMMIT, I can't go anywhere online without hearing about it! This game is one of the many things that makes YouTube even more of a polluted mess than it already is! And this thing's getting a movie... A MOVIE! Yes, Angry Birds is getting a movie too, but at least that game has a ' story. "But Minecraft's getting a story mode now." Yeah, four damn years after it's release! You either have a story mode or not, you can't just throw in some script after it's made. But noo, Corporate Commander has to make it bigger somehow along with all 59,487 skins. Jesus...

Great game, I'm not going to lie; however, during daytime the worlds are really barren. I like to see more mobs ( does not have to be hostile ones). Yes you have lots of good things, but it's not perfect. People praise this game and make parodies of it. You know what I'm talking about if you know the YouTube channels "Skydoesminecraft" and "Captainsparklez". Guys, make parodies of other games besides Minecraft.

This honestly deserves #1, and although this game is still okay, it's not the best game in the world. Minecraft often feels lifeless at times and can get pretty boring, and if you let a kid under the ages of 11 play it, they likely wont stop doing one of the following: building, fighting, and surviving. Minecraft also has the extremely annoying habit of being on lists of the best games ever, and yet this game is not even close to being the 30th best game, it's only the most popular.

And now for a list of game that I have played that are much better than Minecraft:
10:Cortex command
9:Clash royale
8:No more heroes
7:Call of Duty
5:Creativerse (Related to Minecraft, but has lots more content)
3:ANY Pokemon game
2:Super Mario Maker

I don't really mind the game itself, but the fanbase is the reason I feel like I want to smash something. All they talk about is how Minecraft is the reason of human existence.

They make hour long YouTube videos explaining how Notch must get his own religion and why Roblox was created by time travelling demons. And trust me if you as much as say ONE bad comment, the ragers will bring you down like a piƱata

No matter where you go on YouTube, you can't escape it. There are so many Minecraft parody of songs that it feels like it's mandatory for song online to have a parody in Minecraft. Not only are there a butt load of channels dedicated to this game, but most of them are getting filthy rich from it.

That's not even the worst community. There is a group of users who get a little "Private" in things. That's right, Minecraft porn. Make way furries and MLP fan fiction, there's a new erotica in town that's going to drown you in a river. Now ask me, WHO WOULD GO OUT AND ...more

Minecraft has just received too much love and ALL OF MY FRIENDS play and like it. I say Terraria, because that's far less repetitive and stays interesting, I give it a 9.8 out of 10, but NO. They just fanboy and envy and say Terraria sucks. It's addictive and I play it I don't know maybe 30 minutes a year and I play Terraria at least 80 hours a year. Terraria is just much better, yet Minecraft wins all of our arguements and that's not fair because it's not even that good!

Ugh. All I hear today on the forums in "Minecraft is the best game in the worldz! " I played it once, got bored after 30 minutes, and deleted the game. Well, that's $30 dollars wasted right there. This game isn't the best and will never be the best game out there.

Darn truth. This game is so overrated. Reasons why it sucks...

01. The kids ages 4 - 12 play this game. I am okay with it... but they just took it over. They don't take opinions... just theirs. what!
02. Its videos plague YouTube. 90% of YouTube is Minecraft videos, and it makes the game boring now.
03. Minecraft Education. They incorporate it, but you don't learn anything from it. It is a joke. This attracts kids. Math? Pah it. History? what?! Physics? Barely any.
04. It is everywhere.

I know everyone is gonna play a game, but they sometimes ruin games and Minecraft became a turd from it.

All people say at school is, I love Minecraft! They sing Minecraft song parodies on the bus, and it's all people talk about. So overrated! It's fun but it gets old fast.

Okay, Minecraft is overrated as hell. Search up "songs" and you're bound to find some Minecraft songs crap. I mean, all you do in this game is build, build, and build...

Don't worry, I don't hate Minecraft, I'm just sick of seeing this thing everywhere.

One of the most common things I hear from Minecraft's Fanbases is "Roblox sucks! It totally copied the best game ever! Notch aka Earth's Jesus will send greifers to destroy it! ". These people obviously don't know 3 things..

1: Roblox came out in 2006 while Minecraft was released in 2011.

2: You don't even need to build a thing in Roblox if you want and you could just use the maker machine. For example, if you want to add a pool to your place, type it into the maker machine and you get +30 selections.

3. Minecraft is just about building and rarely has games. Roblox is ALL ABOUT GAMES!

Okay this is a kids game, anyone with a brain should know that. Sure my eyes begin to melt after looking at nothing but pixelated blocks for about a minute. The creatures are the most boring aspect of the game. Building anything is also completely boring as all you have is blocks. I wish they would add other shapes, every shape, because than this game would actually give me more of a creative mindset, and last time I checked, I mean that the point.

I don't hate mindcraft but its really overrated were I go to school its uh like religion there no joke heck I hear some people say its the best the video game and some people want Smosh games to do it

Once again, children ruined a decent game. And those stupid YouTube channels that make millions off playing it and screaming their asses off. - naFrovivuS

People own ultra-super fast PCs...and play Minecraft. Also, Minecraft videos on YouTube are BILLIONS of them. I understand those videos that teach some new players how to play the game normally. But those "comedy" videos of people who play it for fun... were those supposed to be funny and entertaining? Just play the game with your friends and have fun with them, there's no need to show them to the whole world. And these videos don't have just 1000 views or 100 000. Most of the surpass 1 million views (*cough* SkyDoesMinecraf*cough*. I just...can't understand.

All you do is smash blocks, kill creatures, build things, and run around that's Minecraft

Sure minecraft is creative, but there's no reason at all why it should be so popular. It gets boring really quickly, and there are a lot of better cheaper knockoffs on Xbox Arcade

This game is so stupid and overrated. Id rather play ET on the Atari then this "game". Yes I am dead serious!

My top 10 list of overrated tablet games:
1. Minecraft
2. Flappy Bird
3. Five Nights at Freddy's 1,2,3 and 4
4. Call of Duty
5. Angry Birds
6. Clash of Clans
7. Temple Run 1 and 2
8. Boom Beach
9. Subway Surfers
10. Hay Day
Now don't you guys get offended who are fans of these games. Overrated only means good games which are rated or said to be awesome beyond their limits. Or in other words having too much fans or too much praises way beyond what they deserve.