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241 Minecraft: Story Mode V 1 Comment
242 Shrek (Xbox)

People Give This Game A Pass, Only Because It's SHREK, Give Me A Break, This Game Has terrible Controls and Graphics, Htoutlaws2012 Would Agree With Me On This - VideoGamefan5

243 NHL 17

There is no point in video games besed on real-time sports teams. I also suck with them, so yeah...

244 Parappa the Rapper

Lammy was way better than this, enough said
Hell, even Parappa 2 made a lot of improvements over it - xandermartin98

245 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
246 Guitar Hero World Tour
247 Mega Man 2

Great game, most played megaman games and the soundtracks are great

Okay I will admit this game is good...but kinda overrated. I like the game don't get me wrong but compare it to Mega Man 3. MM2 feels so easy and buggy and it was kinda overloved. Maybe Mega Man 7 needs more love ya know. - Chaotixhero

Two words: METAL. BLADES. - xandermartin98

People only like this one because it is the only one they have beaten. enough' said.

248 Final Fantasy XII
249 Mario Kart 7

Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 & Mario Kart: Super Circuit are much better than Mario Kart 7.

Best one of Mario kart games

Mario kart 8 is far superior than this.

250 Mario Super Sluggers

Like at Mario superstar baseball

V 1 Comment
251 Final Fantasy II

The worst of all FF games, I still don't know how square had the guts to release it

252 God of War 2
253 God of War: Ascension
254 Ninja Gaiden Black
255 Pokemon X V 1 Comment
256 Pokemon Stadium

Not very good but still better than revolution.

257 Mega Man X
258 Battlefield 4
259 Pikmin 2
260 Punch-Out!! (NES)
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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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