Super Mario Galaxy


...I don't know how anyone can find this game overrated. This game is absolute magic - hell just listening to the soundtrack brings me tears of joy. Whereas The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time IS dated nowadays and gets way too much praise - far more than it deserves - this game DOES deserve the praise it gets because doesn't look a day old and is far more fun to play than OOT's overlong dungeon slogs. - PlanetDeadwing

To the fans defending this game, just because y'all don't think that it's overrated, don't mean that it isn't. Kardashian fans don't think that the kardashians are overrated. That don't mean that they aren't. People that aren't blind fanboys nor blind fangirls would know that they are overrated. It's called common sense.

Phenominal game that deserves most of its praise.

I prefer Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but Galaxy 1 is still a titan of a game. Get this off the list.

First off, it introduces easily the most overrated and boring peach recolor everyone seems to want to fap to (Rosalina. Sorry fanboys that love her, but I get "Little Prince" vibes just by reading her backstory, it's not that promising). Second, it's usage of powerups isn't exactly implemented well. Most powerups are only exclusive to certain levels, and after a while some levels get more and more stale as you progress. It's like the Skyward Sword of Mario games because it's easy. Nintendo games are supposed to be for Everyone, not just for little kids and babies. I'm not saying there needs to be blood and gore, but there needs to be a challenge. Something that make you rage in between and make you feel like you have to grind more or try like over 9000 times. The music is great, but everything else just seems a little downplayed when you think about it.

Oh cool, every new character has to be some sort of copy of another in your eyes. Ignorance in it's strongest form. - LemonComputer

Only extreme Sonic fanboys that draw creepy Sonic fan art and do creepy stuff to Sonic stuff would vote this. Sonic's much more overrated then this, just accept it. - LemonComputer

I have one question.
If it's the most overrated Mario game, then how come it's not on anybody's #1 spot for their favorite Mario game?

Why is this here? It's the best Mario Game ever. - Vic21102

Since when did a person have to be a sonic fanboy to think this game is overrated? There are many people that aren't sonic fans that think this game is overrated.

Nope. Not overrated at all. Deserves all the praise it gets. - Iggy

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best video games of all time. It deserves it's praise and attention. - olliv

Why is Mario Galaxy on this list? I love this game

That isn't right. super Mario is flipping awesome

I haven't finished the game and have never played it in a long time, and guessing from what people say I should play it - Nayan2003

But I love this game! It's one of the few Mario games I have! - LemonComputer

Also galaxy 1 is a lot better then galaxy 2

Take it off the list it deserves ALL THE PRAISE it gets it deserves 97 out of 100

It's my favourite game, not overrated as long as candy crush saga exists.

People who judge this game are Sonic fans that are jealous because Sega would have no hope of making a game which is nearly as good as this one. - LemonComputer

This is my favorite Mario game ever. Please don't say its overrated

It has Rosalina and so I don't like it.

It's awful. The controls are really terrible the gyroscope controls.

Super Mario 64 is overrated, and so is this game.

Mario in general is overrated. If Nintendo had secured the rights to Popeye, the dumb plumber would just be known as Jumpman from Donkey Kong.

The mario franchise in general is overrated. To many of its fans, those are the only platformers they like. Talk about being biased. Anyway, super mario galaxy is the most overrated platformer. Only an obsessed mario fanboy would disagree with that.

WHAT its not overrated It Deserves And Works or The Attentoin And LOve it got