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1 Americans

Americans are absolutely the MOST patriotic. Not just talking about how most of my neighbors have a flag in in their yard and out holidays celebrating our countries. But, the people. Like Betsy Ross, Moina Michael, George Washington, those people stand for our country and show everyone how we don't give up. (except people on 600 pound life.) There's a reason why we have the freedom of speech!

Can’t argue with that, it is so true well except for the liberals they are fake patriots

Americans are definitely the most patriotic people.They are always willing to defend their freedoms. America has its flaws, and all Americans know that. But America's story is like no other. A rag-tag team of colonists were able to defeat the most powerful army of that time. Even after a Civil War, we were able to reunite. We came out of nowhere to become the leader of the free world. America is truly the greatest underdog story of all time. And that's what gives Americans such an immense love for their country.

I Believe Americans are the most patriotic people because we are willing to fight for our freedom and stay true to what we say. We have had to fight through our freedom once and might have to do it again very soon. When that time comes Americans will be ready for what ever happens.

2 Indians

India is the best.

Ah here we have the most arrogant countries on the top of the list. Indians aren't patriotic, they're dangerously nationalistic - superiority complex lingers in India

Indians are most patriotic to their country. Whenever I see any Indian,they always talk with proud about their country.

Indians are much more patriotic that Americans. Americans say, "God bless USA, we are the greatest" but that's it. They don't even know anything about their own country. (Most of them). Indians know the history of India and works to make India the greatest. Indians = True patriotism. Jai hind!

3 Native Americans

They show a lot of love and support to there land and there country they founded marijuana which I love

4 Canadians

I swear Canada is like a cult

Good patrioticness

I love Justin Bieber and I love Canada!

5 Koreans

Proud to be Korean! Let's hear it for our overwhelming Korean spirit and pride! Daehanminguk!

6 Pakistanis

Pakistanis are most patriotic

We love our country more than ourselves.

"Unity Faith and Decipline" are the words of our Qaid (Founder). His believe was that these three things can put Pakistan to the road to progress.. For us Pakistan is our identity, our pride, our home, our passion, our space to succeed and our duty is to make it better every passing day. We love our country Pakistan from the bottom of our hearts. I don't know if I m putting it right or not, but all I wanna say is that you have no idea what this country mean to every citizen of Pakistan.

We love our country more than anything else. For us, Pakistan is like home. Nobody can point a finger at our love for our country. We will prosper and the world will see.

7 Japanese

We had many wars and fights throughout our history, and yet we still stand proud in this whole world with many inventions in our pockets.

8 Chinese
9 Turks

If war breaks out you see all the strong and young people volunteer to give their lives for the most patriotic country

10 Hawaiians

The Contenders

11 Irish

Can believe were this far down the list would have thought we would be in the top 5 what a joke!

I love Ireland
I love Ireland

Ireland > Rest of the world

12 Israelis

We are proud of being one of the oldest civilizations and at the same time one of the most modern and prosperous countries in the world.

The Jewish people were always 1 nation no matter where or time even others saw this, we always helped each other and today we are the only Nation who rebuilded our ancient state and language after two thousand years!
Proud to be Israeli!

We fought many wars

I like israel

13 Australians

Definitely Proud to be Australian. Beaches, Weather, we got it all. "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi"

14 Germans

Germans are one of the least patriotic people in the world

15 Russians

Russians are renowned for their unyielding loyalty to their motherland, sacrificed millions of lives during the Second World War (Great Patriotic War) in order to preserve her, and have one of the greatest national anthems. Some may cynical toward their government, but will never tolerate a foreigner tarnishing the honor of Mother Russia.

The Russians are by no competition the most patriotic and devoted to their country people in the world. No other country in the world have ever been attacked so many times by so many idiotic meaningless wars as Russia, and no other people has ever fought so hard to protect their beloved country as the Russians. They have allways fighted to the last drop of blood no matter what the odds were, and they have never been defeeted and never will be because they will allways fight to the last man to peotect their country. The Russians are stronger, braver and harder fighting than any other people in the world has ever been and it has allways been like this. The Russians are peaceful caring loving people and never starts wars but they sure know how to end wars and the Russian bear will smash anybody that tries to attack them.

16 French

Proud to be from the most self-loathing, unpatriotic country in the world. But not for those reasons though!...

17 English

England as a country has one of the most fascinating histories in the world. 💖 - Wolftail

18 Iranians

Iran is the cradle of civilization. I love you
Long live Iran

Iranians are always bragging about their rich history

19 Mexicans
20 Polish

"Each threshold will be our fortress"

21 Bulgarians

Amazing people! The friendliest and the most hospitable people I have ever met! Top 5!

22 Filipinos

"Have been colonized by three countries (Spain, United States of America and Japan) and yet we are free and willing to fight for our country with any threat of violence and harassment from other nation who wants to step us, we don't have a powerful arm forces but it does not matter because during the colonization of the three countries before we still get the freedom of our country"

23 Albanians

Krenar qe jam Shqiptare. Proud to be ALbanian

Most beautiful country in the world 🇦🇱❤️

24 Ethiopians

We are the only people in this world which have never been defeated in war. The most proud people in earth.

Best people ever!

25 North Koreans

They hate kim jong un and that's pretty patriotic

26 Dutch

Most patriotic people

27 Bangladeshis

They should be on the top ten

28 Spaniards

Just listen to la copla

29 Norwegians
30 New Zealanders
31 Malaysians

We live with many races. we don't fight. we fight for our country

32 Lithuanians
33 Armenians

The most patriotic youth ever.

My final destination!

34 Portuguese

I think people have no idea how patriotic portuguese people are...I mean every portuguese immigrant wants to return to Portugal and we know we are not a rich country but we love how simple and kind we are

On the 78th place? An absurd! We are very, very patriots!

35 Lebanese

Please visit! Just check how it is and not how you think it is! Thanks

36 Austrians
37 Italians
38 Scots
39 Welsh
40 Northern Irish
41 Swedes

Proud to be Swedish!

42 Danes
43 Hungarians
44 Icelanders
45 Swiss
46 South Koreans
47 Brazilians

More than 3 millions people on the street protesting again the corrupted government can show how patriotic people are.
"óh patria amada, idolatrada, salve salve! "

48 Argentinians
49 Colombians
50 Emaraties
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