Keep in mind He is the Son of God and He IS God. He didn't come down from heaven in triumph or with fireworks or whatnot-- He came as a baby. A baby born in a manger; a feeding trough for barn animals, and was raised by a poor family. Not a wealthy family or by kings. He came down to save us stupid humans from destroying ourselves and so we could spend eternity with Him. He came because He loved us so much.
Then we had to go the extra mile and turn AGAINST Him. We legit turned our backs on the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE and beat Him, cursed Him, spat on Him, and crucified Him on the cross. And as the Son of God hung there broken, the Father turned His face away and let His only Son suffer and die by the hands of the ones HE HIMSELF created! Jesus created us, loved us (He easily could have just wiped us all out and started over with a new, way more perfect creation), and we hated Him. He had every right to be angry, and not save us, but He loved us. He loved us and He gave us a way to be ...more

Jesus left heaven to live a life of pain and suffering, then he died a torturous death so that people who hated him could go to heaven. During his life on earth, he healed countless people and raised some from the dead. He made cripples walk, blind men to see, and deaf to hear. Most importantly, Jesus came back to life after giving himself as the perfect sacrifice so that we could have eternal life without any pain or sadness. That's everyone, even those who scoff at his existence, mock him, and laugh at anyone who does believe in him.

Unlike many others Jesus did not have many desires, except that everyone achieves salvation. He loved everyone so much that he gave up his life for the betterment of everyone. Unlike many other people, Jesus did not raise one sword nor did he enact a sense of violence. Jesus' influence can be seen in many people like Gandhi, who even though was not a Christian, still followed Jesus' ideal of nonviolence.

Though every religion has had its violent adherents, the most profound influence for kindness, peace, treating men and women equally, and setting an overwhelming example to give of oneself, to love everyone, to forgive, to pray for one's enemies, and to do good without seeking a reward, is Jesus Christ, whose message today resonates with good people with a strength and relevance that defies all time.

Religion is one of the most widespread reasons for war, hate, and the division of humanity, and Jesus is an iconic religious figure. Wait, what am I saying again...?

The love of Jesus (peace be upon him) is unquestionable. He Loved Allah and taught mankind to forgive one another and love another for the sake of Allah. Jesus and Mohammed (peace be upon them both) are like brothers inviting the world to submit, surrender and obey Allah in sincerity to obtain peace. Because the ultimate truth is that To Allah we all belong and to Allah we shall all return.

Jesus commands that I am to love everyone; those who love me, those I do not know, and those who would do me harm. Jesus demonstrated the greatness of a small kindness, of the joy of servitude, and the bravery of compassion. His words direct me to more than peace in the world that I have no hope to control, but to the much deeper peace in my heart that guides me to Him.

Wars are started by man, not by Jesus. I think there are a lot of really good Christians today but I also think a lot of churches pick and choose the parts of the Bible they want their Parishioners to follow. I also wish more churches would concentrate on the words of Christ himself. A lot of churches seem to preach more about the books Paul wrote.

His two greatest commandments were about loving one another just as he had loved us and loving our God. If you look how he loved others you would realize it is impossible for us to love each other just as much as he loved us. Also even when Peter cut off a servant's ear he said "Put away your sword! For those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" and then he healed the servant's ear.

Jesus Christ is the greatest example of love and peace. He is regarded as a high figure by almost everyone regardless of religion. Jesus is so loving that He died for the sins of His enemies. Christians understand this love to be the love of God. May the Name of Jesus Christ be exalted forever!

He lived a life of peace and spoke the message of love for all people. He included all people and encouraged us to lift each other up not to live at the expense of others. He didn't judge people and encouraged people to live a good life. He tried to tech away from physical attacks or war and encouraged people to communicate to solve problems. Jesus is One.

He forgive and loved each one of us for our unique beauty. He is omnipotent and will always stand by us. He has his reason and purpose for everything. There can be Miracles when you believe and work hard. He loves you, yes you the person reading this

Jesus is a faithful person in the Christian faith. He did many things that people can not do like... The Miracle at Cana. I love him and he did one thing that no one else can do... died on the cross for us and saved our sins.

Yes, Jesus Christ is really intelligent and peaceful! Jesus is the maker and leader of the wide spread earth! He rules religion (Christianity), People and when people turn down on him he still blessed him/her even if they are Muslims! But if you don't believe in him then your in hell... If you believe in him then you go to Heaven! Heaven is beautiful, nice and everyone is young ~ Samuel Lewis

Jesus was a great peaceful man based on what was written about him. Yes he did almost certainly exist (the super powers you can question). Unfortunately, for 2000 years, his war mongering, materialistic, self obsessed cult of followers still haven't listened to anything he said! - SloppyFirsts

He is my best friend, my father, my God, my everything. He know me better than anyone else. He keep me strong, he help me through all ups and downs. He always there for me and never leave me like everyone do.

JESUS is GOD the SON who died for our sins so yes he is the most peaceful human being on the planet!

Jesus how I love you, you died for me. I admire how you never failed me even though I can't even remember how many times I failed you. I praise you! - lecraeisdabest

He DIED for your sins. Even if you aren't christian you must admit that he was dedicated to peace and love. So even if he lied (he didn't trust me) he told people to obey God's Love. That is the single most powerful thing you can imagine. He was a Peaceful Person. PERIOD.

I am Christian, but I also agree with the placement of the prophet Mohammed and Buddha, as they taught messages of peace, and regardless of religion, they were amazing people

I'm not even Christian and I can say Jesus has easily affected the world positively the absolute most, has brought together more lives than anybody else on this list ever came close.

He felt guilty for sins he did not commit. When others used violence, he used peace. Crucified and whipped many times, not once did he fight back. No this is not cowardly, this is a pure act of peace.

He is God when he lowered himself of glory, power and honor to the likeness of man and died for our sins nevertheless we despised him.

He is our lord. He is the only one who loves every one. There is no one better than him, there was no one better than him and no one will ever be better than him. Don't forget he is our God.

Mother Teresa is awesome and so is Jesus. I don't mean to come across rude or against your religion but Jesus is the best. He sacrificed himself for everyone. He died so we could live. How generous is that?!