Most Popular Non-Japanese Languages Used In Animes / Mangas

We all know that Animes and Mangas are invented in Japan, but sometimes, the so called "Mangakas" use other languages to express their interest in other cultures. There are many languages used, series like "Ghost in the Shell" with an english name or "Kämpfer" or "Elfen Lied" with german names show us, that Animes are also influenced by other countries.

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1 German

German is so much more often used than any other languages in the world, even more than English.
I have watched Chrno Crusade, there are two persons from germany, using german spells almost everytime, thats absolutely crazy.
English is only used, because it is the world language, but German beats English in this discipline without any worries.

I think, mangakas are obsessed with the german language!

Forget English, learn German, it is the most useful language in the future and so the future of Anime will still be influenced greatly by German.

Germany has a huge anime audience! It also has a huge population, so that compared to other countries, a lot people would be watching anime in German.

Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece
Even the popular ones have it in them.

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2 English

He ha, in almost every anime I've watched there is a bunch of engrish used.

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3 Spanish

Spanish is such aa awesome language itself and in mangas this cawesomeness is taken to the whole new level. And even incorrect, Spanish phrases add much to the action - saaarsdej

4 Italian

I have seen some Italian versions of amines and it's just awesome.

5 French
6 Russian
7 Korean
8 Chinese

They don't have Chinese in manga really

9 Turkish
10 Hindi

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11 Portuguese
12 Dutch
13 Indonesian
14 Arabic
15 Swedish
16 Polish
17 Danish
18 Dutch
19 Tagalog
20 Norwegian
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