Most Popular Semes and Ukes

On, you can take a test to see what kind of seme or uke you are. There are ten types. If you have taken the quiz, vote for what you got. If you haven't taken it, you can go to the website, take it, then vote for what seme or uke you are! So vote, please!

Before people vote, it's based on patterns in the fanlisting.

The Top Ten

1 Innocent Uke
2 Clueless Uke

Never thought to be someone clueless because I always observe everything to the extent that even the slightest things matter. Well, I guess every emotion is smuggled up when we feel in love. But still, it maybe right... I do get swept up easily though.

Ok only uke I got... and I really don't want to think of myself as THAT clueless 😢

3 Badass Uke
4 Chibi Seme

Lol ment uke result I never did get

I get this one a lot... Though I think that's because I'm more in the middle than straight seme or uke. Like really I could never lead (not a leader and... never woohoo'ed lol). But I don't think I could honestly stand someone bossing me around, or just be comfortable enough to just have me only open up my feelings because I'm 'uke' and my partners 'seme'. But you know... for some reason I never got a seme result so I guess that says something

5 Sadistic Seme

Maeno yomoaki can be best sadistic seme,perhaps

6 Flaming Uke
7 Romantic Seme
8 Don't F**k With Me Seme
9 Opportunist Seme
10 Dramatic Uke

The Contenders

11 Rapist Seme
12 Masochist Uke
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