Most Popular Types of Music in History

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81 Rhythm and Blues

I am middle age black. I grew up listening to R & B. When I hear some of the songs they bring back memories of the way things use to be.

82 Atmospheric Metal

The best of Enya with the best of Metallica.

83 Cajun
84 Zydeco
85 Latin Pop

Latin pop it is one of the most popular music heard even in USA and other parts of the WORLD!

86 Riddim

Riddim is the music people straight from Jamaica... Riddim is better than all the other genres like rock n roll country etc... What I'm trying to say is that Riddim is the only type of music where by I have had people express what they feel n it doesn't have a lot of noise like rock n house music so if your reading this comment kindly change to Riddim

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87 Bachata

It's latin, when you hear it, it makes you happy and makes you want to dance.

Bachata it should be one of the top and it is better than some of the top 10.

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88 Rockabilly

The primitive form of rock 'n' roll. Everything rock or punk starts here!

89 Goregrind V 1 Comment
90 New Wave V 1 Comment
91 Visual Kei
92 Dark Electro

The synths sounds really good sometimes, but most of the music contains dark vocals, sometimes overwhelmed like "Centhron" and "Agonoize" but still it's sounds cool to me.

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93 Electro House

An amazing sound for many an emotion. Electrohouse is wonderous. - PositronWildhawk

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