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Ville Hermanni Valo is a Finnish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead vocalist and main songwriter of the Finnish gothic rock band HIM.


Ville writes the romantic songs that he sings and they make you feel as if you have found the love you've been looking for all your life. His voice is like a warm caress and he knows his way around a heart. All you have to do is close your eyes and he does the rest. You feel as if you are wrapped in his arms and safe forevermore. His songs make you yearn for his touch and leave you trembling with desire...

Romantic, intelligent, one of the best poets of post-modern times. Owner of the most beautiful lyrics and voice. I bleive that when you hear Ville singing is like being flying, the way he plays with his voice as if it was an instrument. Dedicated, delicate and such a delight for one's ears. There should be no doubt that he is the number one. The King of kings. Live long and prosper Mr. Ville H. Valo!

Ville is a modern romantic in a dark, brooding way. His songs just ooze of melancholy love. His baritone voice and a heart that he seems to wear on his sleeve, makes legions of women melt. And I'm quite sure some men who secretly know that if it weren't for their macho front, these words are some of the most beautiful poetry that has graced rock music. If rock n roll had a heart, Ville Valo would be the heart personified.

I think he is the best singer there ever was let alone the most romantic. But everything he does is very romantic especially the way he sings and what he sings about. I could comment on it forever, I think if you haven't heard his voice, you haven't lived.

No doubt, Ville is the most romantic singer, in the sense in which I feel the romanticism, of all the times. Nobody as him can express better all this magic that makes a detour to the love, all this complegidad of feelings, of this dark and so attractive form for my.

Passionate lyrics, seductive voice, every song is about love. Almost any can get you in the mood ;) There is vulnerability in his songs which ring true and make you fall deeper in love with him because he is human, just like you and I

I like his voice and the band, has a very interesting song, and how they are performed. It is very original and not repetitive. It is an extremely interesting and charming. And his tattoos that show quite a character Berries are a work of art

Ville should be the winner in this top ten, no doubt. He sounds so romantic and so sexy... you can feel what he sings, he can make you feel happy, or sad, or whatever he wants, he sould the the first!

Ville Valo is the most romantic man/singer on earth. He belongs at #1. His beautiful romantic self written tracks have saved my life more than once and comforted me through a divorce and domestic violence that almost killed me, I just love HIM!

Ville Valo and his voice... together they are the love and the pain... Is beautiful. Nobody like him. And when I'm alone and I hear his songs, I think... Nothing is lost, now, life is bad but tomorrow, I could find my "Ville"

This man lives, breathes, sings, and BLEEDS love. No one deserves this spot more than he does.

Ville has to win. He just has to. He's the best songwriter I know. Come on, beautiful songs that come from the heart. Besides, all those songs come from experience. The way he sings makes you feel the love or pain he is feeling. Ville, you got this.

Ville has very deep voice so that makes me relax when I listen to him. he writes lyrics for his songs and they are so good, some kind of gothic, romantic and poetic thing. so he's the best for all times))))))

No one can do the things V can do with his voice. I think he could sing the ABC song and make it sound romantic. Also hearing him with just an acoustic guitar has calmed me through many a crisis filled time.

I agree. Ville Valo is love personified. His lyrics are incredible and his voice is just pure romance. It is like the ultimate voice of a man with emotions. Nothing beats his singing, true from the heart.

He doesn't take romance lightly. He hasn't had a host of one night stands (he has said so). He seemed to suffer greatly after his breakup with Jonna. His lyrics are all about love and loss. He's handsome, he has a gorgeous accent, he's charming. All those elements equal romantic singer in my humble opinion.

His songs are just simple romantic in any way. what he's been through in life makes his songs have more emotion and live in them. His sexy deep romantic voice is just amazing with those poetic lyrics

He writes love in every aspect, carnal desire and the intimacy of sharing souls but yet can write everything so poetically that anyone can relate.

is incredible and tender and good singer, love metal is a good creation by him :) I love it and love ville he is a genius of music :). I love the finish band HIM and all himsters all around the world

You want to talk romantic? Then lets talk about Ville Valo, the most underrated talented amazing singer of this century!

Ville's thoughts of love and feelings are written into his songs and are heard whenever he sings, he sings from the heart with such emotion that you can't help but sing along and loose yourself

Ville Valo. I could listen to him all day. He writes lyrics that are very powerful and thought provoking. He's incredibly attractive and intriguing. And romantic in the poetic sense. He is probably romantic in more ways than he'd acknowledge.

He does not only have the most amazing vocal ranges ever, but he also contributed in creating a new genre altogether called 'love metal'. Ville is definitely the best.

Ville is the inspiration of our hearts, the king of our sighs, his voice is supernatural, his voice is the perfect company, and the feeling in every song he sang is just perfect!

Ville = Love! xD His lyrics and melodies are really romantic (dark romance). He basically spreads the word of Love in the world with his music (lyrics. what more can I say?... :p