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1 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park Product Image

This is the only Linkin Park album that's worthy of being associated with what is supposedly (according to this website) one of the greatest alternative bands of all time. It's intelligent, it's forward-thinking, it's thought-out, this album is an absolute gem and too often I see it criticized for miniscule things like "why are the interludes their own tracks? " and "it's slower and has an electronic edge so it isn't good," completely missing the wonderful coherency and apocalyptic feel that is brought to the table through great songwriting and overall development and production of the album. You don't have to like it if it isn't your thing, but this album absolutely knocks it out of the park and deserves to be hailed as one of the defining greats of the 2010s.

This album is bad? Bitch please, first of all "Waiting for the end" one of the best songs they made. "Blackout" is just awesome so much energy. "Iridescent" phenomenal. "The catalyst" is a awesome song. "Burning in the skies" listened to it a thousand times. "The messenger" calm song with a lot of energy. A Thousand suns is a bad album? I THINK NOT.

This album is SO UNDERRATED. I used to hate it (except for it's singles) like most people do( no I'm not one of those some ignorant HT and Meteora fanboys, in fact MtM is my 2nd favorite) but then one day I was alone in my room, quite off due to some personal issues, so I decided to hear Iridescent and Waiting for the end as these two tracks are really comforting, but then I thought let's listen to the whole album from the beginning. That day I realized it's epicness. This album is an ALBUM. Not just a compilation of tracks. It's like a piece of art by LP as an INNOVATIVE ARTIST. I listened it as an album, starting from the first track and not skipping any of them( like those speeches and snippets) in this way I got the 'feel' of this album as if it's a long poem. THE LYRICS OF THIS ALBUM ARE FULL OF MANY EMOTIONS. I think the best lyrics are of Messenger, Iridescent, Waiting for the end, Catalyst and Robot Boy. The themes of- nuclear war, depression, alienation, existential crises( ...more

The hunting party was 100 times more underrated and one of the best albums of all time! But yeah this was extremely underrated as well

2 Between the Buttons - Rolling Stones Between the Buttons - Rolling Stones Product Image
3 Monster - R.E.M. Monster - R.E.M. Product Image
4 Presence - Led Zeppelin Presence - Led Zeppelin Product Image

Achilles Last Stand is what everyone calls amazing.
For Your Life - A great rocking song.
Royal Orleans - It’s good, but not great.
Nobody’s Fault But Mine - One of the best Led Zeppelin songs.
Candy Store Rock - An underrated 50s-style song.
Hots on for Nowhere - Not great, but better than Royal Orleans.
Tea for One - Superior to Since I’ve Been Loving You.

Of course the least overrated Led Zeppelin album would be on this list.

There is a separate list for underrated albums by famous bands

Obviusly presence

Achilles last stand 10/10

5 Animals - Pink Floyd Animals - Pink Floyd Product Image

This Pink Floyd album, along with Meddle, deserves just as much recognition as the Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and the Wall!

YES! All the songs are very deep and interesting,the riffs and keyboards are very well developed from Wish You Were Here,and there are some amazing solos (check out all the solos in dogs).

You think this is underrated? Check out Obscured by Clouds. Oh wait, you don't even know what it is.

Better than The Wall (only because the wall is technically a Roger waters album).

6 Nighthawks at the Diner - Tom Waits Nighthawks at the Diner - Tom Waits Product Image
7 Smiley Smile - The Beach Boys Smiley Smile - The Beach Boys Product Image
8 Brave - Jennifer Lopez Brave - Jennifer Lopez Product Image
9 Communiqué - Dire Straits Communiqué - Dire Straits Product Image

Love this album

Has some of mark knopfler's best guitar work - CygnusX99

10 Nightfall in Middle Earth - Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle Earth - Blind Guardian Product Image

Tolkien fans would love this album!

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11 Little More Personal - Lindsay Lohan Little More Personal - Lindsay Lohan Product Image
12 Mandrake - Edguy Mandrake - Edguy Product Image
13 Couldn't Stand the Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughan Couldn't Stand the Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughan Product Image
14 Wheel of Time - Sandra Wheel of Time - Sandra Product Image

Sandra always was a very unique and deep artist. 'The Wheel of Time' is one of the her greatest works to date - Irina2932

15 St. Anger - Metallica St. Anger - Metallica Product Image

Drum sound is bad. Do I care? NO.
Vocals are bad. No they're not!
No guitar solos. Nu metal is like that.
But I don't like nu metal! At least it's heavy unlike Load/Reload! Anyway, I thought you liked Slipknot...
See, if you listen to the album PROPERLY, then you'll find:
A guitar solo ish from Some kind of monster,
Kickass riff from Sweet amber,
St. Anger's awesome chorus,
And from all that, you'll probably like All within my hands, a criminally underrated song.
Not my favourite album from Metallica, but way better than Load/Reload!

The worst Metallica album to me, but still a good album, all people do is say this album is terrible, it's not better than MoP or RtL, but still a good album...

2nd worst Metallica album (reload)
But at there worst its still a good album

Thrash metal more like trash metal!

16 Horror Show - Iced Earth Horror Show - Iced Earth Product Image
17 Seven Seals - Primal Fear Seven Seals - Primal Fear Product Image
18 Alice in Hell - Annihilator Alice in Hell - Annihilator Product Image
19 Tu Veneno - Natalia Oreiro Tu Veneno - Natalia Oreiro Product Image
20 Fandango! - ZZ Top Fandango! - ZZ Top Product Image
21 The Final Cut - Pink Floyd The Final Cut - Pink Floyd Product Image
22 The Bridge - Billy Joel The Bridge - Billy Joel Product Image
23 The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Osbourne Product Image

So many great songs that never got play time, fool like you, secret loser, the ultimate sin, and never

My second favorite Ozzy album.

24 Deep Purple in Rock - Deep Purple Deep Purple in Rock - Deep Purple Product Image

I didn't know that this was underrated.

One of the best albums of all time.

25 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian Product Image
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