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61 I Am... - Nas

It went Platinum, It has some top songs, Hate Me Now Remix, Ghetto Prisoners, Nas Is Like, You Wont See Me Tonight, We Will Survive and NY State of Mind Pt II which is actually better the NY State of Mind Pt I. one of the Nas' true achievments - robertoantonioortuso

I am... is very underrated because of how good nas other early work was it never stood out and lots of nas fans felt like it was to commercial. But I would say its a near-classic easily.

Easily. Ghetto Prisoners and Hate me Now 2 of the most underrated hip-hop songs ever. The production is good and nas skill shines bright over the set of beats he's givin.
- ChrisHenry

The knock on I am is that its to commercial and not made for the real nas fans.Well you wont find a more diehard fan of nas than me and I think its pretty good. - Chris-1

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62 Purple - Stone Temple Pilots
63 Three - Sugababes
64 The Royal Scam - Steely Dan
65 Alice In Chains - Alice In Chains
66 Queen - Queen
67 Lionheart - Kate Bush
68 The Silver Cord - The Classic Crime
69 Between the Buttons - Rolling Stones
70 Temperature Rising - Tata Young
71 Wild Dances - Ruslana
72 Barenaked - Jennifer Love Hewitt
73 Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold

This album is very underrated. It has some of the best instruments I've heard. Second Heartbeat has a beautiful guitar solo at the end. Unholy Confessions, Chapter Four, Second Heartbeat, Clairvoyant Disease, and I won't see you tonight part 1 are some of the best A7X songs I've heard. - gelatinbeastworm

74 Impossible Princess - Kylie Minogue
75 Piano Man - Billy Joel
76 Images and Words - Dream Theater
77 The Price of Being a Rose Is Loneliness - D'erlanger

another dark album next to LAZZARO but underrated. available only at japanese websites like amazon. jp - ronluna

78 Queen II - Queen

The Queen albums are the only ones on this list that aren't completely awful.

79 The Life and Times of Scrooge - Tuomas Holopainen
80 Blue Tattoo - Vanilla Ninja
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