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181 Peter Buck

Buck's guitar on R.E.M. 's early IRS albums introduced the world to alternative rock, and inspired bands like Nirvana. Also Buck's guitar on Monster, especially What's The Frequency, Kennith? , is genius

182 Andy Timmons
183 Jack White Jack White

178? No way - Disturbedpotato

184 Ben Kasica

Because he's a Christian guitarist... He is most under-rated.

185 Dave Sabo
186 Andy James

Dude is out of this world! Deserves more recognition

187 Reverend Horton Heat
188 Mike Mushok
189 Skay Bellinson
190 John Lees

Some of the guitarists in this list are not at all underrated so should not be included, let alone be near the top. John Lees however must be pretty well unknown except amongst fans of BJH. He deserves recognition for the quality of his musical composition over nearly 50 years, as well as his spine-tingling guitar work on so many of BJH's masterpieces.

191 Akira Takasaki

This guy completely kick ass! Big influence on a young Paul Gilbert. In the early 80's there was nobody hotter than Akira.

192 Bobby Arlin

The Leaves, The Hook, The Robert Savage Group

193 Andy Summers

Most people can name Sting or Stewart Copeland from the Police but Andy Summers?
If you're learning Guitar his stuff is not an obvious choice until you come across Message in a Bottle and the intro riff - I've heard seasoned Guitarists complain about how hard this is but it sounds so simple and iconic.
Some lovely subtle licks in this and many other tracks which aren't heroic but yet are crucial to the overall sound of the Police.

194 Brian Robertson

A great guitarist, I just wish he would put out more music.

195 Ali Farka Touré

Blues owes itself to traditional African folk music, which is perfectly demonstrated by Toure. An absolute genius.

196 Glen Buxton

The whole ACG needs more recognition musically Alice too! But Glen had this dark distorted sound that was rare for the late 60's and 70's.

197 Tosin Abasi Tosin Abasi
198 Steve Hunter
199 Dick Wagner
200 Jimmy McCulloch

He is AWESOME at guitar, but NOBODY knows he exists.

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