Best Movies of 2019

As 2018 comes to an end and already is 2019 in a few countries as this list is made, there will be a lot of movies released in 2019, animated and live-action mostly. This list showcases the best movies made in 2019

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1 Avengers: Endgame

I just watched it and it was a spectacular masterpiece. I loved every minute of it, from the amazing acting to the spellbinding visuals to the emotion to the fantastic comedic moments. It is definitely a fantastic ending for the Avengers movies and one of the best Marvel has to offer.
I have one question though: Where can Marvel go from there? - PhoenixAura81

We'll find out with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Hopefully something good. - codgtamk34

I just got back from the theater. I am not okay. I think I cried for most of the final act. This is a must-watch for every Marvel fan. - Atham

I've just watched it and yes. It's one of the greatest movies of 2019. Not to mention that it's really intense! - Peppapigsucks

This was easily my favorite MCU movie. It balances out all its characters and timelines, is extremely well acted, is hilarious and sad during appropriate times, and had by far one of the best endings of a Marvel movie. The only worry I have is what will Marvel do from here?

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2 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This upcoming movie, which I'm 100% sure will be the best of the lot, is a comedy, action and adventure movie. The animated movie with great previous films, should also teach us many important things.
The How To Train Your Dragon trilogy has been with me half of my life, and is now a part of me. So I'm really, really, REALLY excited to see what director Dean DeBlois, the cast and crew has got for us now. If no one has seen the other two awesome previous films, I recommend you watching it, and then watch How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World!
Oh, and good luck to all with watching The Hidden World! It sure will be an emotional one!

Seems promising - darthvadern

This has been an integral part of my childhood. I'm excited to see what they have done with the final installment for this epic trilogy, and I thank all of the wonderful people who have dedicated these past 10 years to forming mine, and a number of others lives.

I'm so excited to see the finale this franchise has in store for us! After following it for 10 years, it will be hard to say goodbye, but I'm glad that this amazing story will have the definitive ending it deserves

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3 Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Early reviews are positive. I am looking forward to this movie. - RadioHead03

This movie is gonna be amazing! - Peppapigsucks

The reviewers have been announced...THEY LOVED IT! THEY SAW IT EARLY AND SAID IT'S A MUST WATCH MOVIE OF THE YEAR! - asantalo

Yes, this might be good. - TriggerTrashKid

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4 Spider-Man: Far from Home

I hope there isn't a crappy dragged on romance between MJ and Peter, If there is it will probably ruin the movie for me.. - B1ueNew

Hey! It has Mysterio! - TriggerTrashKid

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and the 23rd installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall - darthvadern

Mysterio! - asantalo

5 Toy Story 4

Not needed. They should've just made Inside Out 2!

This is just a cash grab to sell more toys - Dvafan2

Toy Story 4 is a sequel to Toy Story 3 and the fourth installment in the Toy Story franchise overall - darthvadern

6 Star Wars: Episode IX

Please let this franchise die already!

I hope fans like the movie. - masoncarr2244

Looks better than Last Jedi. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Star Wars: Episode IX is the ninth installment in the Star Wars franchise and the third and last installment in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars overall - darthvadern

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7 Joker

This looks interesting. - codgtamk34

The trailer was awesome. - Tia-Harribel

Ha, joke. - TriggerTrashKid

8 Shazam!

This movie Is great its really funny and has a good story at the same time - Dvafan2

This movie was so good, Really surprised me. - B1ueNew

Shazam should of been number 1. It's the best movie of 2019.

Not bad, much better than Captain Marvel. - asantalo

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9 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Just saw it last night, it was pretty good. Easily the best video game adaptation to date. - codgtamk34

This is probably the first decent video game adaptation. - Tia-Harribel

Its funny and cute and make people look like they actually are real - Dvafan2

Get me the hell outta here. Haha some of you losers find that so offensive, I find it hilarious. Ryan Reynolds is great

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10 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

No just no. This movie Will be awful. Just a cash grab made for toys and merchandise. This list is just superhero and big blockbuster movies. But this movie seems pretty bad. The jokes and comedy in the trailers feel more forced than they were in the Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago movies! Every time Lego movies get worse by installment. I rare them like this, First Lego Movie was 8/10, Lego Batman 4/10, And Lego Ninjago 3/10. I'm expecting a 2 or 3/10 from this movie for me. - B1ueNew

Geez, lighten up a little, people. It's actually a really funny movie. Yes, the original is better, but this one is pretty danged close.
PS-This is actually my second favorite movie of the year-my favorite is Endgame but that's first already and this REALLY needs a boost.

Um, I thought this movie was pretty good. Not sure why people are giving it so much hate. It's not as good as the first film but it was still fun to watch and it had some great comedy. Chill tf out people - Mcgillacuddy

This movie sucked so hard. Yell at me whatever you want, but I'm giving this movie a 2.5/10 - asantalo

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? Terminator: Dark Fate

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11 Alita: Battle Angel

I saw this movie and it is so underrated. It was fantastic! It has everything I want in an anime live-action adaption and it's a James Cameron movie, so... he didn't let me down. The story may be unoriginal, but it's heartwarming. Robert Rodriguez had a fantastic direction with this movie. The score was also fantastic. The characters are so lovable and relatable, the CGI is fantastic and is accurate to the manga, and the biggest highlight of this movie is the action. The action scenes are so incredible and so badass. I forgot to mention that this is visually stunning. The plot is the weakest in the franchise because it may be unorignal, but the story is actually good. Overall, I'll give this a 9/10.

What I am disappointed about is the fact that the critics gave this a low score and I don't get why. It's even lower than Ghost in the Shell. Anyway, just ignore the critics. I had the same feeling towards this with other movies like The Greatest Showman, Venom, Glass, etc. Alita ...more

Very great movie would recommend it to anyone who likes good characters and stories - Dvafan2

Alita should be 1

This film is really good. - girlcool

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12 It: Chapter Two

*dies of fear* - TriggerTrashKid

I can't wait to see this!

IT is beatiful...

13 Captain Marvel

The protagonist is extremely irritating. Garbage Mary Sue who doesn't face any real challenge and archives anything with ease. - Tia-Harribel

Take this out of the top 10 only 37% of people like this movie - Dvafan2

Worse than Catwoman and Superman 4. Captain Marvel sucks big time!

Don't know what to say but this is currently my favorite movie of 2019 so far. 10/10 - Neonco31

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14 Batman: Hush
15 Us

This movie got a LOT of hate from audiences, but I feel the only reason is because people didn't understand the ending or literally any of the symbolism that was all over this film. I don't think it was as good as Get Out but it was still great. - Mcgillacuddy

Jordan Peele just beat the sophomore slump. Us is much more of a pure horror film while Get Out was always more of a satirical thriller/dark comedy in my opinion. And while this movie still has plenty of funny moments and lines, it is much more disturbing than Peele's previous outing. Us is a movie that is brilliantly directed that explores the interesting but horrifying theme of ourselves being our own worst enemies. Each member of the cast gives a brilliant performance in their duel role (especially Lupita Nyong'o who needs to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars next year) as the film undergoes many twists and turns. I literally said "Oh. My God." and had my mouth wide open at the ending. Us is a movie that is interesting and entertaining on both a surface-level slasher film level and an intellectual filmmaking and thematic level. The movie just oozes ambition and can be interpreted in so many different ways. And while Get Out is the better movie in my opinion, Us is still a ...more - phillysports

16 The Lion King

Why is everyone hating this? - TriggerTrashKid

I want to see this - 23windomt

It looks good. - CharismaticKat

This will suck. It's a cashgrab. - asantalo

17 Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie

This is gonna suck! I just know it - Peppapigsucks

The Shaun the Sheep Movie was one of the funniest films from Aardman. I trust that they can handle this because Shaun the Sheep didn't only have a great movie, but even the T.V. show was hilarious. - Mcgillacuddy

I never knew Shaun The Sheep was getting a sequel! Cool!
- TheDuttyGyal

Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon is a sequel to the Shaun the Sheep Movie, and the 8th Aardman movie overall - darthvadern

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18 Dark Phoenix

Please be good, and not be crap like apocalypse. - RadioHead03

Trash. - RadioHead03

Why do I think this will be bad like The Last Stand? - TriggerTrashKid

Accidentally voted - Trollsfan536

19 Men in Black: International

Don't know what this'll be like. I'm hopeful though. - PositronWildhawk

God knows... - TriggerTrashKid

20 Frozen 2

Looks terrible another movie I will be skipping - Dvafan2

Looks like the caps girl is back - ElSherlock

This actually looks really good. - RadioHead03

NO - SadEpicBadical

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21 Fighting with My Family
22 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
23 A Dog’s Way Home

Just watched it. This needs to be at least in the top ten! it's really sweet and adorable. It is, in my opinion, the best film of 2019! either this or that upcoming avengers movie - Peppapigsucks

Cute movie. - RadioHead03

24 The Kid Who Would Be King

Pretty good - iliekpiez

Horrible! - TriggerTrashKid

Great kid adventure movie. I didn’t expect it to be good, but I was pretty surprised. - RadioHead03

25 Happy Death Day 2U
26 Pet Sematary

This movie was really good! I really recommend it. - SadEpicBadical

27 Glass
28 The Professor and the Madman
29 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
30 Climax
31 Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
32 Missing Link

This movie was terrible no wonder why this flopped - Dvafan2

Laika, a studio that made stop-motion masterpieces (Coraline, ParaNorman, Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings) is up for a fifth movie!
I saw the trailer, and it seems Laika's stop-motion tech has enhanced once again. The story and characters are already looking interesting, flawed, and unique, with their own backstory,
Laika always value a deep, original and moving story, so why shouldn't this one be great?

33 The Hummingbird Project
34 Five Feet Apart

I absoultely loved this movie so much, I cried so much, I was an emotional mess. The movie was incredibly heartbreaking, touching but beautiful at the same time. - ivylee

35 Artemis Fowl

Looks as bad as A Wrinkle in Time. - Tia-Harribel

36 Sonic the Hedgehog

Gotta go fast, gotta go fast

This is a real stinker - asantalo

I hope it will turn out good - darthvadern

Dat poster - Drawbox

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37 Gemini Man
38 Captive State
39 The Goldfinch
40 Chaos Walking
41 Ad Astra
42 The New Mutants

Trash - TriggerTrashKid

43 Aladdin
44 Dora the Explorer

I hope it'll be good - myusernameisthis

45 Playmobil: The Movie
46 Descendants 3
47 Dumbo
48 Escape Room
49 Hellboy
50 Rocketman

To the nasty naysayers, this film is receiving great reviews and asantalo, saying that no one will see it at all is so misguided. And iliekpiez, it's not going to suck. Haven't your mothers told you that if you can't saying anything nice about something/someone, don't say anything at all!

Going to suck. - iliekpiez

This movie will definitely bomb! It comes out the same day Godzilla comes out. So no one will see it at all. So Paramount should delay it immediately or else it’ll lose its audience. But either way the movie does look dumb. And Godzilla looks to be perfect. - asantalo

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