Best Movies of 2019

This is a list of the best movies released in the year of 2019. This year had a lot of blockbusters and highly anticipated movies released such as Avenger's: Endgame, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Toy Story 4, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, etc. So with that being said, VOTE!
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1 Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Endgame Product Image

Dull, cliched, unoriginal, bland, and recycled at the same time. The plot looked so ridiculous. I loved The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan more than Endgame. Nice try, Marvel and Disney. Even the Russo brothers couldn't get an Oscar trophy. RIP Hollywood.

The music is well composed. It included every single one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes that have ever existed within the Infinity Saga, and everyone gets their time to shine, be it a minor appearance or a major role. The moments are satisfying. The acting is great, especially from the original six. The action sequences are some of the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever had.

Frankly, it beats the title of best film of the year. No matter what your preference is, you can't deny that everything from the acting, the effects, script, ending, all of it was perfect. Characters remained as we knew them from previous films for the most part, comedy and drama balanced so well and yet maintaining climax at so many points, can't even begin to describe what else qualifies it to be amongst the best works of the film industry, both contemporary and all time. This one is going to be a classic a few years from now on and even if we do get an unexpected revive in new creative originals, it'll still stand out, a new milestone, from which new directors and new writers will draw inspiration from. The hard work of everyone who helped make this film will hopefully be appreciated in the future as well. Simply a masterpiece in its entirety, a perfect end to the Avengers' tetralogy, Stan Lee's legacy.

This is probably my favourite movie of all time. It's the epic conclusion of 11 years of epic movies. It uses our love of the characters we've grown up with. It's hilarious, more emotional than any other movie, it has high stakes, great special effects, the acting is perfect, the ending is satisfying and leaves you wondering. The plot is intense, the characters are cool, and best of all, it is proof that stan lee is the ultimate superhero, b/c this movie is his legacy and will show generations to come what this man achieved. When people say movies like "Ash is the purest white" is better, they're not considering how that's a movie that will be deposited and forgotten over time. This on the other hand, will be remembered for the symbol of hard work. They won their spot as 2nd highest grossing film w/ good reason, and this is my favourite movie I have ever seen.

2 Joker Joker Product Image

Ok, so this movie is very good in its own right, particularly Phoenix's brilliant performance. However, DC fans may not like it because it doesn't truly define the Joker as a villain, more as a mentally challenged man excluded from society who is drawn closer and closer to the edge until he mercilessly murders people. A fine movie with a different perspective, and Phoenix deserved his Oscar. Still not at par with Ledger's Joker though, I mean that was unbeatable

I loved Joaquin Phoenix in this movie. For the whole time I felt like this was an actually mentally unstable man I was watching and turned out to be a Hollywood phenomenon, despite the media backlash. Phoenix became my favorite Joker now, despite the inaccuracy to the comics.

This movie was marvelous. I was honestly worried that people wouldn't appreciate this film because of what it is. Normally, the general audience wants comic book films to be action-oriented. Joker is not that at all. It's strictly a drama thriller film with literally no action at all, and I was worried that people will just find the film too boring for a comic book movie. I'm glad that people appreciate good writing, as this movie has exactly that. Phoenix's acting as the Joker was dead-on. The way he laughed was so genuine that you sensed his pain and anguish. It wasn't like the laugh that people normally know the Joker for. This Joker laughed as he was slowly diving into insanity through sorrow. This film did such a great job at making you feel empathy for Joker and bringing you on his side even when he finally loses it. It also should provide a lesson to people: treat others with respect no matter what you may perceive. Murderers aren't just born that way. They had some kind of ...more

This movie was what I expected and even more! I feel like today's society is very closed and unaware of these topics that this movie brings up and it's a real eye-opener to the media. Not only did it mention how mentally ill people need help to stay maintained, but it also showed us how bad the mental health system is in the USA. Also, it had an easy to follow storyline so viewers could understand, but as I have watched it multiple times, I have found easter eggs within the movie that I didn't notice before like the picture of his mom signed by T.W (Thomas Wayne). Overall this movie was a complete success with great actors & actresses to take part in the movie.

3 Parasite Parasite Product Image

Holy crap, I was jaw broken and completely blown away after watching Parasite, and I can safely say that the praise was deserved surrounding the Cannes film festival and Letterboxd community. I don't want to explain much else about this movie since you have to see this movie completely blind, and you'll feel a lot more surprised as with what most people did.

Best movie of 2019, without a doubt. It received the Palme d'Or at the Cannes festival and it was ABSOLUTELY deserved. A mindblowing eerie story full of bitter social critique and human caricature, complete with the actors who embody their roles to the core and superb directing. You leave the cinema shaking.

I think this deserves the top 3. A neverending film filled with incredible acting, directing, and suspense.

One of the greatest foreign films ever created. One of the greatest thriller/horror movies too.

4 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4 Product Image

This movie was better than it had any right to be. I, alongside with pretty much everyone, had the same reaction when Toy Story 4 was announced. "Why?! Toy Story 3 ended so perfectly! Why would they want to ruin that?! "

Toy Story 3 was a perfect ending - for the toys relationship with Andy. There was still a lot more to tell in the story of Woody and the rest of the toys. Toy Story 4 gives a great conclusion to the story of one of the greatest protagonists in animation in Woody. This was a great ride with the same characters we grew up with and plenty of great and funny new characters. This movie is just heartwarming with so many feel-good moments. It's a mixture of comedy and drama that Pixar and the Toy Story franchise in particular has mastered over the years. This was just a great overall movie that hopefully concludes the greatest animated movie series ever. You can always count on Pixar to deliver with Toy Story.

This was an amazing movie! A wonderful conclusion to one of the greatest animated movie franchises ever. So original and the animation is stunningly impressive, especially compared to not just the other Toy Story movies, but also Incredibles 2, a pixar movie released just one year before. Lots of people think the series should've ended after 3, but if you ask me, that was just the beginning of the final adventure. This is the true conclusion and a sequel to this is highly unlikely. I think Toy Story 2 is still the best Toy Story movie but this is a close second.

Eh... it's okay I guess. It's a pretty average movie and nowhere as good as it's 3 other prequels. While it does promise an adventure packed journey, it's got some flaws as well. Some of it's major flaws are unrealistic scenes (GPS talk-over - RV break manipulation scene and some of the other family distraction scenes), " the emotional final goodbye" between woody and the other characters felt pretty cheesy and the ending was also pretty compromised and unsatisfactory.

This movie is an emotional roller coaster!
Dorky thinks he's trash, bopeep comes back, forky and woody get lost, woody leaves bonier and stays with bopeep. And Bonnie even starts KINDER-GARDEN! Everything happens in this movie. Gabby-Gabby & Woody even become friends, even though she stole his thing on his back! It's so emotional and I cried almost the whole thing!

5 Spider-Man: Far from Home Spider-Man: Far from Home Product Image

I find this movie much more fun than Endgame. Which I know that's a very unpopular opinion. This should be on the Top 3. Way better than Toy Story 4 (again, that is an unpopular I know). This is the Spider-Man movie I've always wanted as a kid. Mysterio is basically the reason why. He's my all time favorite Marvel Villain and it's about time for him to be in Live Action. Yes, he's a better villain than Carnage, hands down. I'm so upset that Sony stole Spidey away. Making another reboot could hurt Spider-Man (like no one wants another reboot), and Phase 4 would be boring without Spider-Man. Plus MCU is already done after Endgame. But overall great movie. This is my favorite Spider-Man movie today. I hope Mysterio will return (it's not really a surprise that he's still alive and he faked his death, we all know he will return for the Sinister Six).

This is by far my second favorite movie of the year. This is the Spider-Man movie I would've wanted 12 years ago. Mysterio is amazing. And he is a villain! I told you guys. And none of you believe me. Mysterio is the best Spider-Man Villain to come to Live Action. He's my all time favorite Marvel Villain (No offense to Josh Brolin's Thanos, but still). This is the movie I deserve. And will be my last MCU movie to exist. Mysterio is amazing. 9.5/10. Great film to watch.

It's enjoyable, but I have major issues with it, the grandest being there's no emotion. It's just joke after joke, just like every other MCU movie. However, the plot was decent for what it is, and Mysterio was quite an excellent antagonist. I'm not sure if I like it more than Homecoming though, which had many of the same qualities

Better than Endgame without question. It's all the action, humor, and great characters we've come to love from Marvel without overloading the T.V. screen with 30 superheroes fighting one cheesy villain. Far from Home is a great post endgame story, and the first credit scene was a phenomenal crowd pleaser!

6 Knives Out Knives Out Product Image

Knives Out is officially my favourite murder mystery. I started watching it because I wanted to see what all this hype revolving around it was about, and it has a stellar cast. I was immediately glued. It has just the right blend of humour to violence to mystery to detective thriller, and it had many different twists and turns along the way. a must see

The acting in this movie was amazing! There's no question about that. I'm super talented at predicting who the murderer is in mystery movies, but this one took me longer than usual. Chris Evans in a non-Captain America role seemed iffy at first, but it couldn't have been better. So good and a must-see!

This movie is actually really good. I came in with high expectations because people compared this movie to Clue. While it isn't as good as Clue, it is very good in it's own right. Great directing, great acting, great plot. Reminded me of Agatha Christie Books.

This movie has left me very engaged throughout the whole runtime. It's funny and clever with plenty of great twists and political satire. The direction, screenplay, and acting from everyone are great in this film.

7 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Product Image

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the first Tarantino movie that I have ever been able to see in theatres, and in my opinion, it's up amongst his very best projects. Compared to his other films, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is much more laidback, relaxed, and doesn't contain much tension or threat other than the fact that it takes place in 1969, and that Sharon Tate and the Manson Family are involved in the story. The film is essentially a love letter to 1960s Hollywood and there is such an undeniable atmosphere and chilled feeling that causes you to get lost inside the world that Tarantino has recreated. It's a little drawn out at points but the screenplay and direction are so sharp that it hardly makes a difference. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers one of his greatest performances ever in a career filled with great performances, Brad Pitt is his normal charming and charismatic self, and Margot Robbie (despite not being as a big of a part of the movie as you may think) gives a heartfelt ...more

One of the best movies tarrentino ever directed I believe it's better than end game should have been number one in ma opinion.

I saw this movie in a film festival. Possibly gonna win the best picture award for this year. It's THAT good.

A 9.7 on IMDb with over a thousand reviews. Can you imagine that?

The boys' chemistry came through "loud and clear". You could tell they liked each other and were having the time of their life.

8 Little Women Little Women Product Image

My favorite movie of 2019 other than avengers endgame, should've won best picture. Great Gerwig deserves better

I love Emma Watson, she's so cute!

9 Godzilla: King of the Monsters Godzilla: King of the Monsters Product Image

I might respect opinions who didn't really like this movie. But I can't to those who hated the franchise. The thing is I've waited this movie for years and I can't change opinions. So sorry to those who feel upset and triggered due to the fact I yelled at those who hate the film. I've been a Godzilla fan for so many years. I love this movie much more than Endgame for hundreds of reasons. The Kaiju Action was amazing (probably the best of this decade), the musics is perfection, the designs are great, the human stuff...take em or leave em, I enjoyed them personally. The effects are great. Critics just hate the franchise and trolled the fans which is way we demand Rotten Tomatoes to be shut down. We still need to adjust the fact that Godzilla is the most iconic monster who has the longest running franchise than any other movie icons. He made 35 movies today (or 36 when GvK comes out). But we must understand that Godzilla something we all need to give love and respect. The reason I yelled ...more

I saw this movie in cinemas. It's the John Wick 3 of monster movies (AND PG-13 movies). It's one of those movies that rather wants to give audience something to enjoy rather than tell a legit story. The story is basically a bunch of soldiers alongside Godzilla fighting against ALL the monsters you saw in the previous Godzilla movies. The story isn't the best but this is just meant for audience to watch a movie with non-stop battles that are so INCREDIBLE! It's like using Pacific Rim, John Wick 3, and Mad Max Fury Road and mash them into a monster movie. I'll give this an 8/10 and graded B+.

The movie was amazing. After seeing it so many times, it makes me feel great. Feels good to be a Godzilla fan. Love the action scenes, great character development, nice storyline, and the Kaijus are amazing. And the soundtrack is incredible! This is basically the best movie of 2019! I can't wait for Godzilla vs. Kong. And I hope we can see Mothra again in the future, and maybe a Godzilla 3. This is the movie where we say goodbye MCU, and hello MonsterVerse (DCEU will have to die). I really can't wait for more future installments of the MonsterVerse.
5 Stars out of 5

November 3rd 2019:
Happy birthday Godzilla. You will always be the TRUE King of the Monsters. Your movie is amazing and brilliant. You guys need to show respect to the one that has been THE LONGEST running legacy. Godzilla deserves love and respect, and so does this movie. So let's all hold our hands and give the love Godzilla deserves.

10 Shazam! Shazam! Product Image

As much as I ignore the DCEU (since it's one of the weakest Cinematic Universes that's still going on today), this is part of the only 2 I like for now on (alongside Wonder Woman). So that's good that DC is doing something right now. But I still think that the DCEU is dying at the same time. Snyder is a terrible Director, and most cast members are gone. Ben Affleck left, Henry Calvil is out, a bunch of cast members left. But other than that, this movie is pretty good.

Saw the first showing of this movie on opening day in Dolby Cinema. What did I think? Loved it! Zachary Levi's performance as Shazam is amazing! The messages were excellent, there was no "feminism," and the villain was great. Only problem is some bad CGI though. 8.5/10

Pretty good other than bad emotional moments such as Billy's mother and the fallout with Freddie and some of the jokes sucked. But it has some funny jokes and also wss very entraining.

Originally did DC write the comic/character as bumbling idiot/comedy or was Shazam a serious Super Hero along the lines of Super Man, Batman etc?

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? American Son
? Judy & Punch Judy & Punch Product Image
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11 Portrait of a Lady on Fire Portrait of a Lady on Fire Product Image
12 The Lighthouse The Lighthouse Product Image

This is the best film of year simply because it's the most original: on an aesthetic level and a substantial level. This is undoubtedly the best character dynamic I've ever witnessed; and on that note, two criminally under-appreciated performances (particularly Pattinson, who gives one of the greatest performances of the 2010s).

I love the performances of both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, as well with its 35mm black and white cinematography, sound design, and dialogue. This movie perfectly captures its dark atmosphere, and you'll leave out of the cinema feeling stirred.

Great film! Especially the acting!

Get this above Toy Story 4.

13 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Product Image

U guys don't get it. Palpatine survived using dark magic and vanished to that world when vader defeated him in episode 6. Remember in episode one where maul gets killed by obi wan. Yeah episode one was before the clone wars and in the clone wars, we still see maul. He survived thanks to Palpatine but then actually died in the clone wars and that's when Dooku came. But in episode 9 Palpatine, was mostly dead, he wanted Rey to join him so he could use her to make himself more powerful. Anyway best movie ever for 2019 but it was sad when Kyle ren died. I cried for half the movie.

There's a dividing conflict with The Last Jedi haters. Heaters can scream, bicker, and headbutt with all the rants about Star Wars Episode VIII. I may not always agree on what people say on their opinions on movies. Yes. It's only Star Wars and it's still about the battle between the dark side and the light side of the Force. TLJ was so 2017. 2 years later, Episode 9 is finally here.

Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker is not perfect. It didn't seem to work at all with the fact that people are running out of ideas. Sure there's diverse characters on the spotlight involved in the synopsis of conflict. The Jedi versus the Sith, light sabers, explosions, cgi effects, space battles, et cetera, et cetera. There's nothing left! It's the same thing all over and over again! The plot is so bad it felt like I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. I didn't like that sitcom at all. I don't like where this is all going with all the characters. We've seen this several times ...more

The Star Wars reception was a mess during the last decade. However, this movie is very interesting. Not because it was amazing, but because this movie had a lot of potential. I thought the last jedi was an amazing star wars movie, that is very underappreciated, and we could have had a very good movie thanks to what the last jedi let us.

Unfortunately, the rise of skywalker, is just a meh movie, and nothing more, which is quite a letdown. But the worst part of all that is that one of the reasons this movie was meh, is because people really hated the last jedi. The reason why the last jedi was great is because of its risk taking. However, those risks made people upset (like Luke's characterization for example). Therefore the producers probably decided that in order to please the fan, they should take the less risk possible. That's why we end up with something very meh instead. To be clear, this movie isn't awful. It's just meh. I will probably make a list that goes into more ...more

This movie is pretty much bad in short. However I did like it more than both the Force Awakens which was bland, and The Last Jedi which was a trainwreck. This movie did have a pretty epic final battle, but pretty much all of the details and story could've been way better because the way as it is now..., is just bare bones.

14 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Product Image

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is the best movie I ever watched. Sorry to those fans who enjoyed Avengers: Endgame but this deserves more praise because of the work delivered by Keanu Reeves as well as Mark Dacascos. It's purely a violent blood bath which I definitely don't like of course and the story needed to be more adjusted and understandable since I've watch the sequel. Most of the stunts were real as well as Keanu Reeves being the typical badass and arming himself with the available weapons around him. After all, this movie puts more action and less melodramatic rubbish. I didn't want to have emotional attachment to any film and Endgame went too far with that because of the fanbase. All I wanted to do was to watch a movie and not get overly attached with it and this is what John Wick Chapter 3 does right.

John Wick is more than a movie, it's an Action Sensation. I love it more than Endgame because it's not about being emotionally attached to the characters. John Wick offered something more which was pure shocking violence in a way I enjoy it. I can't express how much this film meant this year because Keanu Reeves is still kicking with good movies like this. I can't wait to see what Chapter 4 has to Offer.

Definitely the best action movie of 2019, and maybe of the whole decade. That library scene was awesome, and the horse scene? Now that blew me away. I hope they make a fourth John Wick. Keanu Reeves is a god. 10/10

Pure action at its finest with an engaging story with memorable characters! Definitely the number one movie of the year and one of the best action movies of all time!

15 Ad Astra Ad Astra Product Image

A beautiful movie

16 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Product Image

Adorable! I loved the story and the only thing I think was a little weird was that (sorry if you didn't watch it) that the Pikachu was actually his dad, like who actually has that relationship with their dad?!

This is probably the best Video Game Adaptation to a Live Action film. Even though the Game Detective Pikachu was a bad game, the film is pretty good. It's no masterpiece, just rather a kids movie.

This movie was so funny and great. Ryan Reynolds was so funny like in deadpool movies. The movie is awesome. It's a must see if your a fan of pokemon.

Totally loved this, besides having a good story and excellent CGI, it brought back memories of me watching Pokemon for the first time.

17 Us Us Product Image

Jordan Peele just beat the sophomore slump. Us is much more of a pure horror film while Get Out was always more of a satirical thriller/dark comedy in my opinion. And while this movie still has plenty of funny moments and lines, it is much more disturbing than Peele's previous outing. Us is a movie that is brilliantly directed that explores the interesting but horrifying theme of ourselves being our own worst enemies. Each member of the cast gives a brilliant performance in their duel role (especially Lupita Nyong'o who needs to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars next year) as the film undergoes many twists and turns. I literally said "Oh. My God." and had my mouth wide open at the ending. Us is a movie that is interesting and entertaining on both a surface-level slasher film level and an intellectual filmmaking and thematic level. The movie just oozes ambition and can be interpreted in so many different ways. And while Get Out is the better movie in my opinion, Us is still a ...more

This movie got a LOT of hate from audiences, but I feel the only reason is because people didn't understand the ending or literally any of the symbolism that was all over this film. I don't think it was as good as Get Out but it was still great.

An African-American family is attacked by ghouls who are spitting images of each member of our wholesome family. Us is engaging, but not quite inventive.

Most overrated movie this year. Nothing at all made sense. However, good acting from Lupita Nyong'o and some genuinely scary moments made this a 6/10.

18 1917 1917 Product Image

Watching 1917 is such a stunning cinematic experience from start to finish. I love the camera work, performances, direction, score, realism, and emotion in this film. 1917 is one of the best war movies I've seen.

True spectacle! Saw this movie twice in theaters (once on an screen). Amazing cinematography by all-time god Roger Deakins, good story, likable characters (but development lacks). Highly recommend, see this on the biggest screen you can (preferably IMAX). 9/10

For me this was the best movie of 2019. Definitely something one should experience in a cinema hall.

A film masterpiece! Up in the ranks with Saving Private Ryan.

19 The Irishman The Irishman Product Image

It is a sad day in cinematic history when films such as Endgame (which is still a good movie, but not great) and Godzilla outrank masterpieces like the Irishman, Knives Out, Ford v Ferrari, and the Rise of Skywalker (a film which I watched a screening of on a friends computer that was obtained semi-legally).

How could Irishmen only be at #12? This should probably be top 5, with great music, great actors, and literally everything you would want a movie with old DeNiro and Pacino.

A masterpiece, one of Scorcese's best movies. In my opinion the best movie of 2019. This movie being ranked outside the top 10 is just wrong. This not being in the top 10 is like denying the Earth is round.

This is too good to be exclusively on Netflix.

20 Marriage Story Marriage Story Product Image

This should be number 1. Adam and Scarlett did SUCH A GOOD JOB! I am a picky movie watcher especially if it is reality stuff and I gotta say that, I cried. I cried like a maniac. I cried more than Nicole and Charlie combined! Good Job Noah Baumbach!

My sister's favorite. It was an interesting mixture of tragedy and comedy with two actors I enjoy so much together!

Heartbreaking, realistic portrayal of divorce buoyed by great acting from Adam Driver & Scarlett Johannson. Only reason score is low is because it drags a lot.

Nice to see Scarlett J in something other than Avengers.

21 The Farewell The Farewell Product Image
22 The Souvenir The Souvenir Product Image
23 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Product Image

This upcoming movie, which I'm 100% sure will be the best of the lot, is a comedy, action and adventure movie. The animated movie with great previous films, should also teach us many important things.
The How To Train Your Dragon trilogy has been with me half of my life, and is now a part of me. So I'm really, really, REALLY excited to see what director Dean DeBlois, the cast and crew has got for us now. If no one has seen the other two awesome previous films, I recommend you watching it, and then watch How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World!
Oh, and good luck to all with watching The Hidden World! It sure will be an emotional one!

This was..., ok. Not bad, but easily the weakest of the trilogy. My main issue is the awful pacing. One moment they're at the base, another they're already at Grimmel's lair, and it just doesn't make much sense. The Light Fury was a pretty unlikeable character as well, and the ending, while emotional and makes the franchise go full-circle, felt a little forced to be completely honest. And is it just me, or was I bored to sleep with the final fight?

The fans of How to Train Your Dragon have been waiting for this final movie installment since the announcement of the movie's release back in the September of 2014. Since then, it's release has been pushed to from June of 2016, to Two different dates in 2017, to May of 2018 and now finally it has a finalized release date in February of 2019. To help us pass the time, DreamWorks has released a How To Train Your Dragon television and a Netflix series, 2 graphic novels, and multiple shorts to keep their fans at bay during this waiting time, which has only further deepened our love for the characters, the story, and the fandom, while heightening our interest and support for the theatrical movies and the DreamWorks team itself. But we are ready. We have so many questions that remain unanswered. We are ready for the final chapter.

Needless to say, DreamWorks has kept us on our toes �" We have awaited this film patiently and with the uptmost anticipation and as fans, we are more ...more

This movie is gonna be the best of the franchise, even if it's hard to battle the second one, but it will be the best animation movie of 2019 for sure! It's gonna be sooo hard so sad to say good buy to our dear Hiccup and Toothless, but I know the end of the movie won't be a deception. It never was because of the talented actors (Jay Baruchel), our beloved Canadian director (Dean DeBlois), the producers and the music composer (John Powell) that work so hard during many years to make this franchise one of the most amazing and deeply touching that the cinema ever knows.

24 Uncut Gems Uncut Gems Product Image

A GOOD Adam Sandler movie?!?!?!? You better believe it. It's not just good, it's not just great, it's AMAZING! Kept me on edge for 2 hours+, and Adam Sandler's performance was...great. 9/10

Deserves to be higher, great film, it stressed the hell out of me though. Excellent cinematography, performances, and story. Loved it.

This needs to be in the top 10 at least. Adam Sandler is a god at this style.

Quintessential role for Adam Sandler. I'm not a fan until now.

25 Jumanji: The Next Level Jumanji: The Next Level Product Image

Hot hot hot! I want to marry Dwayne. I know that might be weird, but he is so cute and makes baldness look good. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The movie was amazing, and the humor intertwined with the two grandpas made me pee my pants!

Doesn't have the icing on the cake like Welcome to the Jungle but the Next Level is an equally good movie.

This is a very underrated movie I actually enjoyed this more than the 1st.

Most underrated film of 2019.

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