Best Movies of 2019

This is a list of the best movies released in the year of 2019. This year had a lot of blockbusters and highly anticipated movies released such as Avenger's: Endgame, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Toy Story 4, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, etc.

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Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Endgame Product Image

Frankly, it beats the title of best film of the year. No matter what your preference is, you can't deny that everything from the acting, the effects, script, ending, all of it was perfect. Characters remained as we knew them from previous films for the most part, comedy and drama balanced so well and yet maintaining climax at so many points, can't even begin to describe what else qualifies it to be amongst the best works of the film industry, both contemporary and all time. This one is going to be a classic a few years from now on and even if we do get an unexpected revive in new creative originals, it'll still stand out, a new milestone, from which new directors and new writers will draw inspiration from. The hard work of everyone who helped make this film will hopefully be appreciated in the future as well. Simply a masterpiece in its entirety, a perfect end to the Avengers' tetralogy, Stan Lee's legacy.

There is no way that Avengers: Endgame is the best movie of the year, and everyone is entitled to have an opinion. I must say that I like this movie. Its storytelling is nothing groundbreaking but very entertaining and satisfying. The acting was very good, and the visuals and action scenes were amazing. From what I can appreciate the most about this movie is the character workout.

Even though that I don't agree with you, I'm very glad that you enjoyed Avengers: Endgame.

I felt disappointed. The movie is good but it had many issues. Hulk and Thor were wasted in this movie. Thanos was lame compared to Infinity War. The movie was too long and boring at times. The final battle was disappointing and the forced women standoff felt kinda cringey. The whole time travel travel concept felt like poor plot device. And Captain America send off was lame. Only Iron man death scene was emotional and satisfying. Infinity War was amazing but Endgame was just alright. They could have done way better.

Was Endgame a good movie? Yes it was. Is it the best Marvel movie or 2019 movie? Honestly no it isn't. While there were some memorable scenes like the epic final battle, there were some serious plot holes. Like people disappeared for 5 years and they get brought back in the future like nothing happened when everyone else moved on. These plot holes are the reason I prefer Winter Soldier over this.

I mean it was really big. But unlike all other movies that marvel made, this one was more real. Superheroes are usually viewed as beings who are limitless. This movie had no mercy it killed off characters made them seem powerless. This movie had so much emotion and considering the time it took to make as well as the events leading up to this movie makes it not only the best movie of 2019 (along with The Irishman) but one of the greatest movies of all time.

Joker Joker Product Image

This movie was marvelous. I was honestly worried that people wouldn't appreciate this film because of what it is. Normally, the general audience wants comic book films to be action-oriented. Joker is not that at all. It's strictly a drama thriller film with literally no action at all, and I was worried that people will just find the film too boring for a comic book movie. I'm glad that people appreciate good writing, as this movie has exactly that. Phoenix's acting as the Joker was dead-on. The way he laughed was so genuine that you sensed his pain and anguish. It wasn't like the laugh that people normally know the Joker for. This Joker laughed as he was slowly diving into insanity through sorrow. This film did such a great job at making you feel empathy for Joker and bringing you on his side even when he finally loses it. It also should provide a lesson to people: treat others with respect no matter what you may perceive. Murderers aren't just born that way. They had some kind of ...more

I'm just as surprised as you but yes, this movie was indeed marvelous

As much as I adored Avengers: Endgame, from a film standpoint I'm edging towards this, Phoenix's performance was disturbing, eerie, dark, yet powerful, captivating, and Oscar-worthy by all means
The score was ominous-like all throughout and truly captured the gritty, creepy feeling
Some scenes were completely shocking, almost got you out your seat
De Niro was a convincing and good addition to the movie
It got better as it went on, by act II I would have already given it a 9/10
It's a perfect origin story, even if it is that of the man who inspired the Joker (traditional), and not the Clown of Gotham himself
It is a film that gets better with each view, I feel
Endgame is my #2
Joker my #1

OMG this movie was so amazing! I was getting sick of this usual superhero movies and their generic storylines. I was also very disappointed after seeing Endgame. But this movie was so different and so good. Finally a movie where the villain is the protagonist! It was so great to see the origin and the rise of Joker. And the cinematography and soundtrack is a masterpiece. Joaquin was outstanding and I am so happy he got his Oscar. He is my favourite Joker now. Thankyou very much Todd Phillips for making this movie!

This has got to be the most overrated movie of all time. It had just one fine but overrated performance- Joaquin Phoenix. However he felt nothing like Joker. Those who have read comics find this movie an insult to the Jokers character. DC fans always complain other DC movies of not being comically acurate yet they seem to have no problem with this movie. What a bunch of hypocrites. I am surprised how anyone compared this with Nicholson and Ledger. What's with all the stupid hype. The story wasn't about anything special and seemed quite simplistic. And they made Thomas Wayne the bad guy here? Really? I wanted to kill that stupid Arthur Fleck in the beginning. Oh man how could anyone consider this good movie? This movie was average at best.

Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4 Product Image

This movie was better than it had any right to be. I, alongside with pretty much everyone, had the same reaction when Toy Story 4 was announced. "Why?! Toy Story 3 ended so perfectly! Why would they want to ruin that?! "

Toy Story 3 was a perfect ending - for the toys relationship with Andy. There was still a lot more to tell in the story of Woody and the rest of the toys. Toy Story 4 gives a great conclusion to the story of one of the greatest protagonists in animation in Woody. This was a great ride with the same characters we grew up with and plenty of great and funny new characters. This movie is just heartwarming with so many feel-good moments. It's a mixture of comedy and drama that Pixar and the Toy Story franchise in particular has mastered over the years. This was just a great overall movie that hopefully concludes the greatest animated movie series ever. You can always count on Pixar to deliver with Toy Story.

This was a great movie. A wonderful conclusion to one of the greatest animated movie franchises ever. So original and the animation is stunningly impressive, especially compared to not just the other Toy Story movies, but also Incredibles 2, a pixar movie released just one year before. Lots of people think the series should've ended after 3, but if you ask me, that was just the beginning of the final adventure. This is the true conclusion and a sequel to this is highly unlikely. I think Toy Story 2 is still the best Toy Story movie but this is a close second.

It honestly had everything you want to see in movies packed into two hours. Sadness, romance, comedy, great animation, great plot, great new characters, and absolutely incredible entertainment

lol no this movie should be called "Toy Story 4: Kick Your Ballsack"

Spider-Man: Far from Home Spider-Man: Far from Home Product Image

It's pretty fun, but I have major issues with it, the grandest being there's no emotion. It's just joke after joke, just like every other MCU movie. However, the plot was decent for what it is, and Mysterio was quite an excellent antagonist. I'm not sure if I like it more than Homecoming though, which had many of the same qualities

Better than Avengers: Endgame. Avengers: Endgame is good, but in my opinion, it could have been much better.

There are so many plot holes in Spider-Man: Far From Tobey...I mean "Spider-Man: Far From Home", it's not even funny. It makes Spider-Man 3 look like a masterpiece, if you ask me. I get that you like the movie and won't get specific on how it was unimpressive, because it's just my opinion. (And I probably make a poor argument, anyway.) Glad you enjoyed it, though.

A very underrated movie with a lot of comedy, action and adventure.

Spiderman is too much like Iron Boy Jr making it worse. Mysterio is good but the jokes are flat out awful. High school kids make a memorial for the dead avengers and after that joke about the decimation/snap/blip (Whatever you wanna call it), All the other avengers that are alive are conveniently "busy" for this movie's events to happen.

Parasite Parasite Product Image

Underappreciated this should be at least top 3. In my opinion the top 3 should have Parasite, The Irishman, and Endgame

The fact that toy story 4 is ahead of parasite says a lot about this site

A masterpiece to be remembered for the rest of time, should definitely be #1. Best film of 2019

Holy crap, I was jaw broken and completely blown away after watching Parasite, and I can safely say that the praise was deserved surrounding the Cannes film festival and Letterboxd community. I don't want to explain much else about this movie since you have to see this movie completely blind, and you'll feel a lot more surprised as with what most people did.

Knives Out Knives Out Product Image

The acting in this movie was amazing! There's no question about that. I'm super talented at predicting who the murderer is in mystery movies, but this one took me longer than usual. Chris Evans in a non-Captain America role seemed iffy at first, but it couldn't have been better. So good and a must-see!

This movie is actually really good. I came in with high expectations because people compared this movie to Clue. While it isn't as good as Clue, it is very good in it's own right. Great directing, great acting, great plot. Reminded me of Agatha Christie Books.

This was my favorite movie of this list. It had suprizes but didn't seem like it was trying to make the viewers seem dumb for not catching on until later.

The whodunit "Knives Out" is an A-list-turned-slay-list party starring Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis. It's fun to watch super-serious actors get to misbehave.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Product Image

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the first Tarantino movie that I have ever been able to see in theatres, and in my opinion, it's up amongst his very best projects. Compared to his other films, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is much more laidback, relaxed, and doesn't contain much tension or threat other than the fact that it takes place in 1969, and that Sharon Tate and the Manson Family are involved in the story. The film is essentially a love letter to 1960s Hollywood and there is such an undeniable atmosphere and chilled feeling that causes you to get lost inside the world that Tarantino has recreated. It's a little drawn out at points but the screenplay and direction are so sharp that it hardly makes a difference. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers one of his greatest performances ever in a career filled with great performances, Brad Pitt is his normal charming and charismatic self, and Margot Robbie (despite not being as a big of a part of the movie as you may think) gives a heartfelt ...more

The boys' chemistry came through "loud and clear". You could tell they liked each other and were having the time of their life.

One of the only few good movies of 2019 sadly was ranked lower than the more overrated titles.

The most underrated best movie of 2019 this movie should be higher top 5

The Lighthouse The Lighthouse Product Image

This is the best film of year simply because it's the most original: on an aesthetic level and a substantial level. This is undoubtedly the best character dynamic I've ever witnessed; and on that note, two criminally under-appreciated performances (particularly Pattinson, who gives one of the greatest performances of the 2010s).

I love the performances of both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, as well with its 35mm black and white cinematography, sound design, and dialogue. This movie perfectly captures its dark atmosphere, and you'll leave out of the cinema feeling stirred.

This movie was INSANE! Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson were Oscar-worthy.

I RECOMMEND EVERYONE OF YOU SCROLLING DOEN THE LIST TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. It is an extremely underrared movie played by extremely underrated actor Robert Pattinson. It is not a popular movie but much better horror movie than It Chapter 2.

Shazam! Shazam! Product Image

This is below an Adam Sandler movie. Let that sink in. This movie is the best of the "DC Universe" movies and easily deserves the top five.

Saw the first showing of this movie on opening day in Dolby Cinema. What did I think? Loved it! Zachary Levi's performance as Shazam is amazing! The messages were excellent, there was no "feminism," and the villain was great. Only problem is some bad CGI though. 8.5/10

Originally did DC write the comic/character as bumbling idiot/comedy or was Shazam a serious Super Hero along the lines of Super Man, Batman etc?

Pretty good other than bad emotional moments such as Billy's mother and the fallout with Freddie and some of the jokes sucked. But it has some funny jokes and also wss very entraining.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Product Image

There's a dividing conflict with The Last Jedi haters. Heaters can scream, bicker, and headbutt with all the rants about Star Wars Episode VIII. I may not always agree on what people say on their opinions on movies. Yes. It's only Star Wars and it's still about the battle between the dark side and the light side of the Force. TLJ was so 2017. 2 years later, Episode 9 is finally here.

Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker is not perfect. It didn't seem to work at all with the fact that people are running out of ideas. Sure there's diverse characters on the spotlight involved in the synopsis of conflict. The Jedi versus the Sith, light sabers, explosions, cgi effects, space battles, et cetera, et cetera. There's nothing left! It's the same thing all over and over again! The plot is so bad it felt like I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. I didn't like that sitcom at all. I don't like where this is all going with all the characters. We've seen this several times ...more

Mickey Mouse and Rotten Tomatoes sucks. Oh and by the way, Execute Order 86

The Star Wars reception was a mess during the last decade. However, this movie is very interesting. Not because it was amazing, but because this movie had a lot of potential. I thought the last jedi was an amazing star wars movie, that is very underappreciated, and we could have had a very good movie thanks to what the last jedi let us.

Unfortunately, the rise of skywalker, is just a meh movie, and nothing more, which is quite a letdown. But the worst part of all that is that one of the reasons this movie was meh, is because people really hated the last jedi. The reason why the last jedi was great is because of its risk taking. However, those risks made people upset (like Luke's characterization for example). Therefore the producers probably decided that in order to please the fan, they should take the less risk possible. That's why we end up with something very meh instead. To be clear, this movie isn't awful. It's just meh. I will probably make a list that goes into more ...more

Episodes 1-3: Near perfect.
Episodes 4-8: Great.
Episode 9: Worst Star Wars film ever. Period.

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? Midway Midway Product Image

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1917 1917 Product Image

For me this was the best movie of 2019. Definitely something one should experience in a cinema hall.

Watching 1917 is such a stunning cinematic experience from start to finish. I love the camera work, performances, direction, score, realism, and emotion in this film. 1917 is one of the best war movies I've seen.

True spectacle! Saw this movie twice in theaters (once on an screen). Amazing cinematography by all-time god Roger Deakins, good story, likable characters (but development lacks). Highly recommend, see this on the biggest screen you can (preferably IMAX). 9/10

I Think, This is a masterpiece... Far better than Knives Out or Toy Story 4... The Cinematography, Acting, Locations everything is just perfect 👏

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Product Image

I LOVED this movie. The Pokemon looked a bit weird, but I didn't mind that.

Totally loved this, besides having a good story and excellent CGI, it brought back memories of me watching Pokemon for the first time.

Adorable! I loved the story and the only thing I think was a little weird was that (sorry if you didn't watch it) that the Pikachu was actually his dad, like who actually has that relationship with their dad?!

I hate hearing the annoying Ryan Reynolds voice come out of Pikachu's mouth. Ruining and making my childhood disturbing.

The Irishman

A masterpiece, one of Scorcese's best movies. In my opinion the best movie of 2019. This movie being ranked outside the top 10 is just wrong. This not being in the top 10 is like denying the Earth is round.

It is a sad day in cinematic history when films such as Endgame (which is still a good movie, but not great) and Godzilla outrank masterpieces like the Irishman, Knives Out, Ford v Ferrari, and the Rise of Skywalker (a film which I watched a screening of on a friends computer that was obtained semi-legally).

Why are you calling those other films masterpieces when you said that Endgame and Godzilla: King of the Monsters are better?

This is the deepest best directed and acted movie of the year and in the end scorsese goes to new places such as death and the afterlife (its not preachy)

This is too good to be exclusively on Netflix.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Product Image

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is the best movie I ever watched. Sorry to those fans who enjoyed Avengers: Endgame but this deserves more praise because of the work delivered by Keanu Reeves as well as Mark Dacascos. It's purely a violent blood bath which I definitely don't like of course and the story needed to be more adjusted and understandable since I've watch the sequel. Most of the stunts were real as well as Keanu Reeves being the typical badass and arming himself with the available weapons around him. After all, this movie puts more action and less melodramatic rubbish. I didn't want to have emotional attachment to any film and Endgame went too far with that because of the fanbase. All I wanted to do was to watch a movie and not get overly attached with it and this is what John Wick Chapter 3 does right.

John Wick is more than a movie, it's an Action Sensation. I love it more than Endgame because it's not about being emotionally attached to the characters. John Wick offered something more which was pure shocking violence in a way I enjoy it. I can't express how much this film meant this year because Keanu Reeves is still kicking with good movies like this. I can't wait to see what Chapter 4 has to Offer.

Surprised this is so low, it is a fantastic movie. I honestly think the series is getting better with each movie.

It is a tragedy that this awesome movie is below the worst Star Wars movie to date.

Us Us Product Image

An African-American family is attacked by ghouls who are spitting images of each member of our wholesome family. Us is engaging, but not quite inventive.

One of the few horror movies that scared me after the credits

Most overrated movie this year. Nothing at all made sense. However, good acting from Lupita Nyong'o and some genuinely scary moments made this a 6/10.

This movie got a LOT of hate from audiences, but I feel the only reason is because people didn't understand the ending or literally any of the symbolism that was all over this film. I don't think it was as good as Get Out but it was still great.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Godzilla: King of the Monsters Product Image

I just watched this on a plane, and it's amazing. Also, Millie Bobbie Brown was in it!

This movie was epic. The critics are dumb. They hate this because it isn't the next godfather and citizen Kane. It's Godzilla its very great to watch Godzilla and monsters fight and the movie easily has great cgi probably a one of the best of the decade,

I wouldn't compare this movie to the Godfather nor Citizen Kane. They're 3 different things. But as much as I love the hell out of this movie. I honestly compare this to The Dark Knight for several reasons.

This was absolutely cool and I should ignore what the critics just said.

Least at place th4 in be sound it epic so it's movie this love I just

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Product Image

I cried after the movie ended for longer than I did with Avengers: Endgame. A truly perfect conclusion to this epic trilogy. It would be a shame to add a sequel to this movie. Maybe a reboot? Honestly, this is an amazing movie. Here's to Dreamworks bringing us more fantastic trilogies like this one. EDIT: They are making a short with Toothless's kids and Hiccup's kids. While it is continuing the series, it's just a short, so fingers-crossed it doesn't ruin the franchise.

This movie so so suspenseful and raps up the How to Train Your Dragon movie series in such an amazingly awesome way. I watched the movie three times in theaters because it was so good. I cried for so long at the end though. It was one of the best movies I had ever seen and I can't wait to watch it again!

I actually had a dream like this where Toothless meets a female white night fury. I also really wanted to know what the light fury's name was.

Great film. This is underrated and that is final. Home is Overrated, not this. This film is better than DreamWorks Home and Illumination's The Grinch. This film is a masterpiece.

Ford v Ferrari Ford v Ferrari Product Image

I'm not sure why this is number 11 as of now. This should be in top 3. And whats up with comic book movies being above a real life hero story. And The Rise of Skywalker above this. Seriously, Star Wars nerds just stop voting for all the stupid movies of star wars universe. They all suck now.

One of my favorite movies of the year and this film shows what great cinema suppose to be. Both Christian Bale and Matt Damon bring justice to a great script, and some of the relationships are quite touching. I will mention that the racing sequences are excellent.

It's good,it's amazing.It should be in top. 3.
But why the Avengers is the 1th?It's even not a film.

Excellent movie! Great performances by Christian Bale and Matt Damon, a story you could relate to, and amazing racing scenes made this a 9/10 for me.

Captain Marvel Captain Marvel Product Image

It's a decent movie and nothing else, the characters are somewhat fleshed out, and the world is decently built, but it is nowhere near the level of any Avengers or Guardians movie. I would say it's on par with an Antman movie.

This movie surprised me. I was expecting a super feministic cheesy movie, but it was actually pretty good! Black Widow is probably going to be the feministic cheesy movie.

This movie wasn't THAT bad. It may not be one of the best MCU films, but it still had good action, moments of humor, and a solid storyline that all good Marvel films have.The only really major flaw is Captain Marvel being a Mary Sue and going through hardly any character development whatsoever. Sure, it does lack a bit of what the other movies have, but people need to stop treating it like it's the worst Marvel movie ever made.

She crashed through huge space ships twice! She busted through Thanos's roof and got her hands around his neck in less than ten seconds, and had Thanks in the final right until he used the power stone and saves THOUSANDS of planets! SHE IS AAWESOME!

She is still extremely badass in her movie. I would say though that the reason why Captain Marvel is great is not because she is badass. It's because of other things

Marriage Story Marriage Story Product Image

Heartbreaking, realistic portrayal of divorce buoyed by great acting from Adam Driver & Scarlett Johannson. Only reason score is low is because it drags a lot.

Marriage story will help people to know how marriage is good in one life. to married make you to be responsible and caring.

This movie is great, should be higher.

This movie is cute, sad, and beautiful at same time. make me cry

Frozen 2 Frozen 2 Product Image

My appreciation and defense of the original Frozen film has been well-documented on this website. How I initially was a bitter and angry teenager who hated the movie without ever seeing it, and that I was basing my hatred solely on the obnoxious hype that surrounded it. Then I watched the movie for the first time in early 2016, fell in love with it, and now it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Well, six years after the original film was released and we finally have Frozen II - one of the most hyped sequels of all time. And despite not receiving the overwhelming critical praise that the original received, I believe that this movie is just as good as the original. I'll admit that the plot can be pretty convoluted and unfocused at times, but that hardly matters to me because these characters continue to be so damn lovable. Elsa and Anna are two of the greatest characters in the history of animation in my opinion with their contrasting personalities and heartwarming sisterly bond, ...more

This should be WAY higher as it does exactly what a movie sequel should do: expand upon the original. This movie answers so many plot-holes the original didn't do, such as where Elsa's ice powers came from, the origin of the intro song, why Elsa's parents went out on a ship, etc. The original feels more complete after watching this movie. I really liked the plot as well with the forest setting and the inuit tribe playing an important role. It might actually be better than the original but the first movie still holds some nostalgia for me.

Though it may not be as great as the first movie. This was overall a solid sequel and with that in mind, it's a movie that offers a lot. The animation has dramatically improved if you've seen the movie. There is so much attention to detail with the scenes and the background. The computer animation is merely noticeable such as Water, Vegetation, etc. This is the best animation movie I've seen followed by Toy Story 4.

This movie is WAY better than the first. A great story and a good plot. The songs will get stuck in your heart! I really loved the remake of into the unknown. It is on Disney + too now!

Rocketman Rocketman Product Image

I've seen a good majority of the movies on this list and I will tell you that rocket man is easily the best.

I bet you people with your negative posts haven't even seen this movie because this movie is really, really good.

BEST MOVIE of 2019 so far. I absolutely LOVED it.

It doesn't suck. It's fantastic!

Jojo Rabbit Jojo Rabbit Product Image

61. How is Angry Birds 2 in front of this! Angry Birds 2 was probably the worst movie I had seen in my life! Jojo Rabbit was stunning. It definitely deserved its Best Adapted Screenplay win at the Oscars. It made me laugh, it made me cry. It had the Beatles in it. It was just overall an incredible film.

Just Beautiful

How is Jojo Rabbit so low? If it’s cause you’re scared to like a film where Hitler is a joke, I’m Jewish and I absolutely love this film. It’s heartfelt, funny, emotional and will stick in your head for a long time after watching. Fully deserved all of its award season nominations and a must see

Jumanji: The Next Level Jumanji: The Next Level Product Image

Hot hot hot! I want to marry Dwayne. I know that might be weird, but he is so cute and makes baldness look good. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The movie was amazing, and the humor intertwined with the two grandpas made me pee my pants!

Doesn't have the icing on the cake like Welcome to the Jungle but the Next Level is an equally good movie.

This is a very underrated movie I actually enjoyed this more than the 1st.

This movie is great but the first one is still better

Little Women Little Women Product Image

You think people really voted for this movie it has bearly any comments the mainstream media and critics rigged to make sure this is at 10

My favorite movie of 2019 other than avengers endgame, should’ve won best picture. Great Gerwig deserves better

I love Emma Watson, she's so cute!

Deserves a bit more tbh

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