Top 10 Animated Movies that Bombed at the Box Office

Not all animated movies can be a huge success in financial business, so these box office bombs are not really helpful when it comes to just that. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today, I'll be telling you the Top 10 Animated Movies that Bombed at the Box Office. This list will cover films that are good or bad or in the middle. These films are also not ranked and are here for the purpose of being a box office bomb.
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The Top Ten
1 Delgo

Oof, Delgo. I got a story for you all. The film had a very tough road of development as it took a whopping 10 years to make, with 2 voice actors even dying before the film released. This was a new studio and it really had a hard time trying to get some funding. In 2008, the film was released and it was met with very negative reception. According to Wikipedia, it cost around 40 million to make, but didn't even make back a million dollars. I guess this will forever be known as the "Duke Nukem Forever" of animated movies. I think.

2 The Iron Giant

In 2000, there was a sci-fi animated classic unleashed onto the big screen known as The Iron Giant. Despite it's cult following and hugely popular reception, the film was actually a little bit of a box office bomb. This was because Warner Brothers animation was ready to shut down. With it's limited advertising, the film only made back around 30 million dollars and was around 20 million dollars short of it's budget. But hey, it gained quite a lot of positive reception at least.

3 Mars Needs Moms

Alright, let's see. A motion capture film that is made by Disney and also made a deal with another studio to do these types of films and would go on to make A Christmas Carol. Sounds good, but too bad the film looks as ugly as sin. And, other problems too. This film, had a budget of a very high 150 million dollars, and it only made back around 40 million. Bravo, Disney, bravo! You deserve a pat on the back for making this stinker!

4 Cats Don't Dance

Cats Don't Dance was a 1997 animated musical film released by Warner Brothers, which was originally created by Turner Feature Animation but it was bought out by WB. This film had a weird history behind even to the point where Michael Jackson was working on it. Due to Warner Brothers not wanting to lose attention for it's other films to this, they didn't really advertise the film, and it lost over 30 million dollars at the box office. It's a shame really, because it actually looked really good.

5 Eight Crazy Nights

Eight Crazy Nights is not a very popular film on this website... ok, a lot of people hate this film a lot. Even though I thought the film was meh and had potential, it was actually a box office bomb believe or not I guess. While I wouldn't really call this a box office bomb, it did still lose some money losing around 10-15 million dollars with a 34 million dollar budget. And this was animated by the same people who made The Iron Giant which was also a box office bomb too.

6 Strange Magic

This was very sad to see. Directed by the man himself George Lucas, which was the creator of Star Wars. And since Lucasfilm's first movie being bought by Disney, let's just say it didn't really make a good first impression. Heck, George Lucas was developing the project 15 YEARS before they begin production. And to see that they lost some where over 50 million dollars where lost was so sad. Even stranger, the trailer came out 2 MONTHS before it's release.

7 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil was a sequel to the (sort of) successful film Hoodwinked! With a budget of around 30 million dollars, it only made back around 16 million dollars of it's budget. The film received unfavorable reviews, and people on here did not like it at all. Despite adding in 3D, I guess the Weinstein Company couldn't find a way out of this one at all.

8 A Troll in Central Park

Aw yes, I first heard of this film on the worst animated movies of all time list on this site. The more you know I guess. A Troll in Central Park was actually worked on by Don Bluth. And I'll admit, the animation is very good. But everything else is not. It's bad. This is also widely considered to be Don Bluth's worst film. I actually couldn't find the what the budget was but it did lose a lot. Legend says that the main reason the film bombed was due to no promoting and having a limited release.

9 Titan A.E.

In 2000, an animated film titled Titan A.E. was released into theaters and made a loss at the Box Office. The film actually had a lot of potential and had some big people working on it, but the most notable thing about the production possibly, was that director was freaking Don Bluth. What a surprise! But when it released, it only received mixed reviews and didn't really do well with money. With a cost of 75-80 million dollars, it only made back around 37 million.

10 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

So... this is Legends of Oz! D-Dorothy's Return. How entertaining is that, aye fellas? *Sigh* Forget it. In 2006, a family started to raise money so they could make this, and they got a 70 million dollar budget. The years went on, and finally, in May 2014, the film was released, and was a complete bomb. The film only made back a total of around 20 million dollars.