Avengers: Endgame Trailer Review

MegaSoulhero Earlier this year, Marvel came out with the highly anticipated movie, Avengers: Infinity War. The movie left off on a really big cliffhanger. Thanos managed to win in the end and most of the characters got destroyed. With the sequel coming out next year, people kept on asking for a trailer because I’m guessing people thought they wouldn’t release one if no one asked? Anyway, the trailer has finally been released and I’m gonna check it out.

One viewing later

WHAT!? THIS IS THE TRAILER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GOING CRAZY OVER!? This looks like absolute garbage! The effects are horrible! The acting is laughably atrocious! How did a major studio come out with something like this!? That teenage girl does not fit well! This looks like a TV movie! I don’t know what they were thinking....


This isn’t the right trailer. I accidentally watched the live action Kim Possible trailer. Well, I’m looking forward to tearing that movie apart eventually. But for right now, let me watch the trailer that I meant to watch.

Another viewing later

Alright! That’s much better! This actually looks really good! This is a perfect example of a great trailer. All it is is just showing us the remaining heroes after the events of Infinity War and they’re dealing with the loss of their friends. It’s done very well. The performances from the actors in this trailer alone are amazing. We actually believe that these characters are saddened by what happened to the others. We see Tony Stark on a space ship with Nebula and he’s sending a message to Pepper Potts which sounds like a final goodbye. We also see Steve Rogers cry at one point. That legit got me depressed. I can totally tell he’s thinking about Bucky. The two of them were the best MCU couple. By the way, I just realized. Steve didn’t have a beard in the first two Avengers movies but had one in Infinity War. They won the first two movie but lost in Infinity War. He doesn’t have one in this movie and they’re supposedly gonna win in this movie. I’m pretty sure the beard is bad luck. Also, we get a glimpse of Hawkeye, who didn’t appear in Infinity War. Although, he apparently isn’t Hawkeye anymore. He has become Ronin. I don’t read comics so I don’t know anything about Ronin, but why does his name sound so similar to Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy?

There’s also this one part where it seems like they’re going through a list of the people who got decimated. They even show Shuri. I thought she was confirmed to be alive. I mean, given that they also lied about the name of the movie, this isn’t surprising. By the way, this trailer is the first time we see what the movie is called. I knew they were gonna save the title reveal for the trailer. However, the Russo Brothers stayed a while ago that the title of Avengers 4 wasn’t said in Infinity War. But the title is “Endgame” and Doctor Strange clearly said “Endgame” in the movie. Whatever, it’s a great title in my opinion. Even though it’s also the name of a Taylor Swift song. The last thing they show in the trailer is Paul Rudd with his van asking to be let into the Avengers facility. It’s great to see Scott, but I also wonder how he got out of the quantum realm. Well, we will find out in Avengers: Endgame. Which I am definitely seeing because this trailer is so awesome!

As a huge Marvel fan, I am very excited for this movie! I love that this trailer doesn’t show us too much. It shows us just enough to gets us hyped. It doesn’t give anything away. Not even any of the action. The don’t even really show Thanos. We see a little bit of him, but only his arm. And his armor is put on a scarecrow. It just makes us want to see more. I feel like I’m not even gonna watch any more footage from this movie until I see it in theaters. I want to be surprised. It’s gonna be so great.


It was pretty good to be honest. But sadly, it wasn’t as amazing or emotional as the first Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer. That one had a lot of emotion and had so much epicness. - asantalo

Interesting trailer review. - visitor

The trailers had me in tears, no way I was gonna survive the movie - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior