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1 Scar from The Lion King Scar is the main antagonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. He was the second son of Ahadi and Uru — who were, at one time, King and Queen of the Pride Lands — the younger brother of Mufasa, and the uncle of Simba.

Born by the greatest company of animation, lived and died with the voice of the awesome Jeremy Irons.
Inspired by Hitler, history's most evil human.
Without magical powers, he destroyed almost an entire continent. No other Disney villain has done that before.
Even for a lion, Scar shown to have more human cruelty than any other villain.
He also made the most crying moment of Disney history, Mufasa's death.
He even sang the greatest villain song, about killing his own brother and his nephew. That's even more sick than Claude Frollo

I LOVE SCAR! There, I said it. Isn't it funny how I want to stab Simba while I love Scar? Definitely the best villain ever, second only to the Gremlins from Gremlins 1 and 2.

Smart, cunning, ruthless, selfish, and most of all prepared, Scar is one of the most iconic animated movie villains to date.

He killed his own brother to conquer his kingdom and attempted to kill his nephew more than once.

2 Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2

The movie in of itself is pleasing and aesthetically beautiful. He uses his feathers as an attack and defense. The eye touch on his feathers relating to peacocks usually having that kind of pattern on their tail feathers is a brilliant way of interpreting how he truly gets away with so much. Tricking those into looking into them and stunning them and yet also using it as an attack method. He seemed so bothered by the fact he could be defeated unlike other villains. He thought he was invincible yet KNEW he wasn't because someone was going to defeat him. He was honestly the best villain in the franchise. At least in my opinion.

Not only voiced by Gary Oldman, this guy is a classy bastard. That thing he does with the throwing knives in his tail is effing amazing to see. Plus, unlike Tai Lung, who was understandably pissed because of what Oogway and Shifu did to him, Shen was pretty much evil through and through, while still being an elaborate character who had his reasons to do what he did - crappy, selfish reasons, but still. He in fact does remind me a bit of Scar from The Lion King, maybe because of his class, his swag or his lust for power (the fact that he looks cool as hell doesn't hurt either); doesn't matter, he's still probably my favorite animated villain ever.

One of the only complaints I had about the first Kung Fu Panda movie is that the villain, Tai Lung, felt kinda weak. Not that he was bad, but I am SOOO glad DreamWorks stepped up their villain game for the second film. Lord Shen is just amazing. He is a leucistic peacock with an astounding character design, an incredibly fitting balletic fighting style, astonishingly cleverly and sharply written dialogue, a wonderful character arc, and, in case you're not impressed by all that, he's voiced with the ultimate cunning and charm by Gary Oldman, one of the greatest actors in every sense of the word. Lord Shen is probably my favorite magnificent bastard in any film ever (next to Heath Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight). This guy needs more recognition, not just in being an animated villain, not just being a Gary Oldman character (but he also needs recognition for that ASAP), but being a villain in film in general. We all see Jack Torrence, the Wicked Witch of the West, Hannibal Lecter and ...more

Lord Shen was a perfect and clever animated villain I ever seen and he's my 2nd animated villain along with scar. How come a albino peacock who can be a psychopath and skilled was just great, DreamWorks do a great job of making this villain. I like how he was voiced by Gary Goldman, it was just astounding and he does a fantastic job for voicing this character. I think I like him better as a villain than Tai Lung from the first film, even though KFP 2 was a great sequel and it's better than the original is my opinion.

3 Judge Claude Frollo from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

One of the most evil characters in the animation industry, judge frollo is brilliantly voice acted by Tony Jay and is one of the best Disney characters to date.

Frollo is probably one of the only disney villains as a child just because of how he acts and looks, and he'll still scare you because of how much of a monster he is for a disney villain. The fact that disney managed to market a murderous, genocidal, depraved, sexually repressed, hyperzealous dictator to kids is impressive and a testament to how great of a villain he is.

As a Christian frollo in my opinion is the most evil villain, for he does so many evil things in the name of the lord. And he dies by falling into hell! (I think, that's what they made it look like) with no powers, and the fact that he's an old man makes his evil more impressive. He lusts for, and gropes Esmeralda at one point, keeps Quasimodo prisoner for all his life, just because he's ugly, and burns innocent families house down for no reason, other than that he was slightly annoyed! Frollo is my all time favorite Disney villain, and he is no doubt the most evil

Where do I even begin with this guy? He kills an innocent woman, tries to drown her baby, locks him in a tower, lusts over women, plans to burn them alive, offers their freedom for bow chicka bow wow, and burns whole villages...all while claiming to be and I quote, "a righteous man" and "so much purer than the common vulgar weakling" DAMN!

4 Hades from Hercules

He's also one of the gods in mythology in Greece. But the Disney version looks so sofisticated compared to the original story of Greek gods and other adaptations besides Disney.

Cool, composed, and hilarious. I mean what else can I say?

This is the funniest guy ever!

I love this character.

5 Chernabog from Fantasia Chernabog is a Disney villain from the 1940s film Fantasia, and in his segment, "A Night on Bald Mountain".

Isn't he like the devil?

6 Lord Farquaad from Shrek Lord Farquaad is the main antagonist of the 2001 animated feature film, Shrek, as well as Shrek 4D. He is voiced by John Lithgow.

"Ya think he's compensating for something? " Yes, Shrek. Yes I do.

So drek for my shrek

Best bad guy ever!

7 Syndrome from The Incredibles Syndrome (born as Buddy Pine) is the primary antagonist in The Incredibles. He wanted to be super like the others, even though he had no powers. He was Mr. Incredible's #1 fan, and dubbed himself "Incrediboy," but he was rejected by Mr. Incredible. Angered after being refused, he developed an evil plan for revenge. Despite not having any super powers, he is extremely intelligent and creates state-of-the-art gadgets that he uses throughout the film.

The result of a crushed childhood dream, Jason Lee's Syndrome rocked the big screen with his unique hairdo and even more unique superpowers.

Syndrome is a perfect combination of smart, funny, menacing, and nerdy just the best villain in an animated movie

Good villain. All I gotta say.

8 Lord Victor Quartermaine from Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

While Wallace and his silent companion Gromit ran a humane pest control business, Lord Quartermaine and his pitbull were a little more ruthless.

Lord Victor Quartermaine is truly the ultimate evil of the Wallace and Gromit cinematic universe.

A hunter with old fashioned tactics involving pest control with a small pitbull for a sidekick.

JERK! "If I can't have your money, I can still bag your bunny! " I still laugh at that part!

9 Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda

Not only is he based on my most favorite animal, he is also a villain whose overbearing pride prevented him from being good. His lust for more power clouded his mind, and was willing to kill even his own master and foster father to achieve his goal. He deserved more screen time then he had.

A very complex character that deserves to return in a sequel to the franchise. I feel like he can be a hero again despite of his past deeds. Still, I would love to see him return and learn more from this amazing character.

Compelling backstory, cool fight choreography, and overall just being overpowered makes him a great villain.

He look tuff and acts very evil.

10 Mrs. Tweedy from Chicken Run

She was sick and tired of making miniscule profits so she bought a pie machine to kill the chickens.

An insane villain voiced by Miranda Richardson of all people.

She's the brains behind the 2 Tweedys. Mr Tweedy is the lacky of the pair.

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11 Jafar from Aladdin Jafar is the main antagonist of Disney's 31st full length animated feature film Aladdin. Jafar is introduced as the sinister Royal Vizier to Agrabah's Sultan who desires power over Agrabah.

Ok really number 11 Jafar? No he should be number one! He's so hilarious and sarcastic and he is so cute in his robe with black and red on him aw he's so cute

A certain top 10. He has done anything he could to win. However he gave a blank in the law. It makes his failure completed.

LOSER! And he looks like he's a thousand years old!

12 Lotso from Toy Story 3 Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear ("Lotso" for short) is the main antagonist of Toy Story 3. He takes over Sunny Side Day Care and makes all the other toys work for him.

Forced his former best friends, chuckles and Big Baby, to serve him, had any toy who disobeyed him killed, and was a downright tyrant.

He might smell sweet but he's a rotten strawberry! I never thought I'd see the day I hated a teddy bear...

HEY! Where is Captain Chantel Dubois from Madagascar 3! She is one of the best villains!

13 President Business from The LEGO Movie

His hairpiece is just scary, and he doesn't care about anyone. In the first five minutes he's already made Vitruvius blind, and then he goes on to kill him!

Did you know that he became a good guy in the end?

He's the best villain ever!

14 Gaston from Beauty and the Beast Gaston is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast.

LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking... (A dangerous pastime) I know...but that wacky old coot is Belle's father and his sanity's only so-so...

15 Russ Cargill from The Simpsons Movie

This guy is mad with power and overall sadistic. He's smart he's funny, and really underrated. I mean the place is over polluted by homers pig crap silo, so quarantine the town if you must but don't trap the people, and when the place gets worse and worse, and soon Springfield gets driven into an apocalypse, so what does he do? He plans to blow it up with a nuclear bomb! And when Bart and homer save the town, he still wants them to die, by pointing a shotgun at them.. But his defeat was pretty pathetic by just getting a rock dropped on him by a toddler, but still not a bad villain for the Simpsons first movie.

He means well on the basis that it's the Environmental Protection Agency's job to contain life threatening situations against global warming. However Russ Cargill is a bit on the power hungry side.

A corrupt head of the Environmental Protection Agency who's power went to his head, only to fall for one of Bart's crank call names (the treasure of Ima Weiner) and a toddler named Maggie.

He's practically Donald Trump 10 years before Trump was even president.

16 Saddam Hussien from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Not many animated villains have been able to sexually abuse Satan of all people, yet Saddam Hussein has.

Saddam is more evil and crazy than Satan himself! Satan even stated that Saddam is insane!

He's really funny in this movie.

17 Sharptooth from The Land Before Time

This dinosaur is just evil. It kills the main character's mom, pretends to be dead, destroys Littlefoot's treestar (which his mom gave him), and almost kills Petrie. All because of accidentally losing an eye! Not to mention, aside from the carnotours from Dinosaur and the tyrannosaurus from Jurassic Park, Sharptooth is the only dinosaur to ever scare me. Also, he rips off flesh on camera! You know, for kids. Sharptooth has been terrifying the Earth for the last 65 million years.

He doesn't really get any character development, but he doesn't need to. You can say he's pure evil by his appearance. No movie (even Jurassic Park) ever managed to catch T-rex's bestial rageful nature so well.

Was scrolling through looking for the most interesting and twisted villain. See this and immediately remember my childhood trauma. How was this film for kids he's so scary

How is he not on the list? He rips of flesh on camera.

18 Mr. Waternoose from Monsters Inc.
19 Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2

A drop of desire, a pinch of passion, and just a hint of lust...

Much better than rumplestiltskin prince charming or lord #@$%&*! wad I mean farquad

20 Megamind from Megamind

Villain in the sense that Metro man was a superhero and for once the supervillain triumphed.

This guy gives me the creeps!

Voiced by Will Ferrell, the real villain was voiced by Jonah Hill

21 Ebenezer Scrooge from Disney's A Christmas Carol
22 The Coachman from Pinocchio

He's literally the first Disney villain to get away with everything as he's never punished for his actions.

23 Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas
24 Frieza from Dragon Ball Z
25 Ivan Ivanovitch from The Adventures of Tintin
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