Top 10 Best Bollywood Actresses

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1 Sanaya Irani Sanaya Irani is an Indian model-turned-actress. Her first major role was in the Indian youth show Miley Jab Hum Tum.

She is an amazing actress! She is so pretty! She is also an amazing dancer!

Best actress, amazing personality!

Sanaya, I like her very much!

2 Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif is an English actress who works in Hindi films. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics for her acting prowess, she has established herself in Bollywood and is one of India's highest-paid actresses.

Katrina is just one of the best actresses in Bollywood! Just watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ek Tha Tiger, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Namastey London, New York, and so on! And her upcoming hits will be great too!

Fitoor will be with Rekha, a Bollywood legend! Now, no one of this generation (Anushka, Priyanka) has ever worked with Rekha!

Katrina is the best actress of mine and in every role, she is perfect. She is hot, charming, smart, the most beautiful lady I have ever seen, and she is the number one actress in Bollywood. She is the queen of Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif is the best. She's hot, cute, and absolutely beautiful. She is also very talented and charming.

3 Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, model, singer, film producer, philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant.

She should be number one because, unlike Katrina Kaif (who honestly cannot act to save her life), her acting is simply brilliant. She can dance very well and is very beautiful too! I believe she's a complete package. She's very talented and can essay any role with ease. Want proof? Watch Fashion, Kaminey, Saat Khoon Maaf, Dostana, and of course, the upcoming film Barfee, where she plays a mentally challenged girl. She's undoubtedly the best actress in Bollywood!

I think Priyanka Chopra is in a good position on this list, but I'm voting anyway. She is a very talented, versatile, and simply stunning actress. One of the most mainstream gems of Bollywood.

Priyanka, your acting skills are mind-blowing.

4 Kajol Devgan

She has five Filmfare Best Actress awards and a lot of all-time blockbuster movies. Simplicity at first glance, but eventually, her beauty becomes filled with brilliance. She has the best personality and outlook on life. Just simply the best image on and off-screen. Kajol is my benchmark! She is the BEST!

Kajol is an awesome actress! She can do any role! I love how she doesn't focus too much on beauty.

She is the best. Her acting, beauty, and personality are top-notch. She deserves to be first.

5 Kareena Kapoor Khan

She must be number one. Please vote for her to become number one, as she deserves it. No one can beat her in sensational acting, beauty, and attitude. She's totally awesome. She's one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood.

Obviously the most gorgeous actress ever lived! I like her so much that I would kiss her ass if it were possible! She is the best of all actresses.

Kareena is obviously number 1! She is the hottest, slimmest, sexiest, and best actress ever!

6 Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone is an Indian film actress. She is one of the highest-paid Indian celebrities and is cited in the media as one of the nation's most popular and attractive personalities.

Deepika is the number one actress in India. Her acting is beyond imagination. She is brilliant, extremely beautiful, and a superstar. She rules Bollywood.

She is a gorgeous lady... I love her smile and eyes...

But if we talk about acting, then Vidya Balan deserves to be number one. She is awesome and has proven herself so many times with her great acting. She is Bollywood's natural and most deserving actress nowadays.

Deepika is not oversmart. She has done many movies since 2003. In acting, she can do everything. She can speak Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, etc. Deepika is much better than Katrina in acting.

7 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai is an Indian actress who was born on 1 November 1973 in Karnataka, India. She was the winner of Miss World 1994 pageant. She has done many successful Bollywood films such as Jeans, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Mohabbatein, Dhoom 2, Jodhaa Akbar, and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. She received numerous awards including 2 Filmfare Awards for her excellent performance.

The legendary actress! The topmost best actress of all time by the qualities of modern and classic actresses of Bollywood. The star of two decades.

She is always number 1.

8 Rani Mukerji Rani Mukerji is an Indian actress. Through her Bollywood career, she has become one of the most high-profile celebrities in India, winning several awards, including seven Filmfare Awards.

Rani is the best actress. Most of the others mentioned are little more than a pretty face. Rani has acting talent, as shown in KANK and Black. She is the best!

Rani Mukerji is always the number 1 actress. She's the queen of Bollywood. I love her. She's awesome!

Rani is number one forever...

9 Madhuri Dixit Madhuri Dixit, also known by her married name Madhuri Dixit Nene, is an Indian actress who is known for her work in Hindi cinema.

Madhuri Dixit, the Legend, Best dancer of Bollywood, Best Actress Ever! She is not only versatile, but she is also the best in dancing. She knows how to react in different situations. She can be sensational, psychopathic, angry, romantic, sexy, elegant, evil.

Undoubtedly, Madhuri Dixit. There is only one actress who is near to Dixit's calibre, and she is Sri Devi. Kajol and others are far behind Dixit and Sri. It's reality. But Kangna and Vidya are more promising. They both have overshadowed Kajol and Rani and hope that they would be able to reach the position near to Dixit or at least to Sri Devi. Till now, Madhuri, then Sri, then Vidya and Kangna.

Madhuri Dixit is the best and ever-best Bollywood actress. No one can reach her level. No actress is able to show a dance like hers. So, without Madhuri, there is no existence of Bollywood.

10 Sonakshi Sinha

You are very beautiful.

You are a real beauty.

I am a big fan of her.

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11 Zeenat Aman Zeenat Aman is an Indian actress, former model and beauty queen who is best known for her work in Hindi films throughout the 1970s and 1980s.
12 Anushka Sharma

Not at least for films, as her real-life goal was to be a model, but for health. She is very slim and sexy, 5 feet 9 inches tall, a leggy, having flawless and healthy skin, beautiful bouncy hair, and a vibrant face. She deserves to be number one.

She is the cutest and the most bubbly actress in Bollywood!

She is cute and gorgeous.

13 Karisma Kapoor

Very nice actress but very underrated.

14 Sridevi Sridevi Kapoor was an Indian film actress who worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada films. She died in 2018.

Oh, come on. Sridevi is the real diva. People forget very quickly! I like Madhuri, but come on, people.

Sridevi, Bollywood's first female superstar.

Always remain number 1.

15 Genelia D'Souza

She is the most cute.

16 Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla is an Indian actress, model, film producer, and the winner of the 1984 Miss India beauty contest.
17 Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt is a British film actress and singer who works in Bollywood. Born into the Bhatt family, she is the daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan.

Best actress in Bollywood... she's got the cuteness... I'm sure she will have a bright future.

Dear Zindagi was a great movie!

Best actress is Alia.

18 Rekha

Rekha is the most beautiful and charming actress and one of the top heroines in the world. She looks like a goddess.

19 Nargis
20 Sharmila Tagore
21 Waheeda Rehman
22 Asin Asin Thottumkal, known mononymously as Asin, is a former Indian actress and trained Bharathanatyam dancer.

Asin is a very bright and good-looking actress. Her films are so popular till now. Keep it up, Asin, with more entertainment.

23 Jacqueline Fernandez Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan actress, model, and the winner of the 2006 Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant.

She is an absolute bombshell, making everyone weak in the knees. She's perfect, whether it's her face or her body. Every Bollywood director wants her in their films. She looks so sexy in Murder 2.

She is the cutest and the most beautiful Bollywood actress of all time. The Sri Lankan beauty has been most famous and successful since Kick. I think she should be the first one as she is pretty, hot, talented, and gorgeous.

She is the hottest and prettiest actress in Bollywood.

24 Hema Malini Hema Malini ("Hema Malini Chakravarty") (born 16 October 1948, Ammankudi (Orathanadu), Tamil Nadu, India) is an Indian actress, director, producer, dancer and politician.

What a killer smile Hema has! Her face is beautiful from all angles. She is a ravishing beauty who has no equal on earth.

She has lovely eyes and curves. Her sweet voice and tinkling laughter titillate men's hearts. Hema means gold, and gold never gets old.

25 Kajal Aggarwal Kajal Aggarwal is an Indian film actress and model. One of the most popular Indian celebrities, she has established a career in the Telugu and Tamil film industries and has been nominated for four Filmfare Awards South.
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