Top 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of All Time

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1 Ram gopal verma ki aag

This must be the biggest disasters after tsunami, you tried remaking a classic Hindi movie and turned into biggest joke of the Bollywood... On top of that you named it AAG!... Fu RGV

Absolutely no words to describe this movie.

I don't think anyone needs to explain why he voted this movie to be the worst Bollywood movie ever

2 Ra.One

This is the worst movie in the last few years. But, it had a star-cast, it had one of the three big Khans, and one Kapoor. The movie was a hit just because of it's star-cast. Shahrukh is an overrated actor, and according to me, he is nothing compared to the other Khans. I watched this movie at my friend's house, just for some time-pass, but I found out I shouldn't have watched it.

I didn't even watch this movie because I didn't want to lose my faith in superheroes... Shahrukh proved that he fits only in those romantic flicks in which he has to open his arms wide... For a superhero movie, it was the worst... Even worse than Thor... No story only copy paste from hollywood movies... And a terrible casting.

3 Bodyguard

Though it was a remake of tamil movie, it was not to that level. Salman's imotional acting was not 10% that of vijay's.

Typical Salman movie! If you watch this movie, then better book a room in hospital before watching this movie

Man, You call it a movie.. Naah! Insult.. Its like seies of missiles attack on audiences.

4 Tees Maar Khan

Hats off to Akshay and rest of the cast to make audience to think about themselves, whether they were out of their mind or they didn't understand what you were planning to show them in this horrible movie! Total waste of time and money.

This movie is the worst, much worse than ra. One or kurbaan. The story is hopelessly illogical and the acting by akshaye khanna is just too much to tolerate. If there ever was an award for the worst movie ever made, this film should win it.

This is kinda of movie when you need not to laugh because actors itself are laughing at their jokes and acting. whole movie, I was shocked and I was expecting some subtitle from directed like "please laugh on this scene, its too funny :@"

5 Chandni Chowk to China

I love the action of the movie... By akshay... And the look of deepika...

It was stupid at first, but towards the end it was better.

This movie name should be from movie to kill audience.

6 English Vinglish

"I think, this movie must be under the heading "Top 100 best movies in Bollywood"! You must not insult such a good movie by including it in this list. I request you to remove this movie from the list and rather add "ROY" to this list.

This overrated holier-than-thou glorified piece of trash is not worth to be even considered as a film. Emotional blackmail at its best. What's more, the last thing Sridevi does is acting.

How is it possible for a person to not like this movie?

7 Baghban

Are you nuts? How dare you post such a wonderful work in the list of worst movies ever made?

Good movie and true story about relatives and life!

Is this a joke... Its one of the best film ever...

8 Rang De Basanti

Why the hell rang de basanti and swades are in this list. These are of few khan movies that actually worth a watch.

What's wrong with you guys who voted for Rang de Basanti to be in the list of worst movies? Agar English aati nahi hai toh vote kyu karte ho? This is one of the best movies ever made in Bollywood

There are terrible Bollywood movies that exist.
"Rang De Basanti" isn't one of them.

9 Damadamm

Please Himesh, spare the movie lovers...We want to watch good movies, not like yours and ya please stop singing, you are the one who can sing from nose, so we all know. Do you want us to pledge Limca book of world records to write your name in the list of people who made people mad or psycho!

I think for watching this movie the theatre the cinema must have given money to the audience

10 Rascals

It's worse movie. I don't like it. A waste of money and time.

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11 7 Khoon Maaf

I tried to watch the full movie for like more than 10 times but failed.. It is just too boring... I can't understand how someone can spend crores of rupees to make such nonsense movie..

I donno what are actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif doing in this industry.

I don't believe this is a bad movie.. Come on look at pc's acting... Its phenomenal

12 Blue

I don't understand whether heroes acts on this movie in what basis. after watching this kinda movie, I told to myself heroes can do anything for money. does not matter whether its good story or bad.

13 Radio: Love On Air (Himesh Reshmiya)
14 Veer Zaara
15 Swades

Idiot... its one of he best movies ever made in Bollywood...

16 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
17 Main Hoon Na

Sweet movie until you get to the terrorist part showing things in a patriotic light for India while severely putting another faith or nationality down. Frankly I cannot support that kind of rubbish coming out of a diverse country and such a large industry. Its quite sad.

Childhood movie. I am a Pakistani and I loved this, the music, the actors, srk, it is emotional. But I didn't know they were portraying me, as a Pakistani, in a negative light.

Wow, how stupid, this is one of the best movies of 2004. If for nothing else, will always be remembered for its soundtrack.

18 Cocktail
19 Himmatwala

I have heart attack while watching the movie wastage of my money other people movie. I want my money back and don't try make like this movie again or people die watching your movie.

20 Raavan (Abhishek Bachchan)

Watch this, you will surely say srk's Ra-1 is masterpiece.

21 Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bloody bad movie, really worst.
Exclusively for those idiots who love ranbir kapoor.

Bloody fool don't have sense... Get educated...

First Half was good but there was no sense in second half... Boring

22 Joker
23 Humshakals

This movie is so unrealistic and so blaah!. The worst movie I have ever seen.

Why the hell is still sajid khan in film industry after this movie!

24 Race 3
25 Chennai Express

Waste of time and money. Didn't expect Shahrukh to get so desperated to pull off a good film. DISGUSTING

Sharukh shouldn't was a wrong choice for the role. He looked way older than ddeepika.

Kis kaminy ny is movie ko is bakwas list main add kiya! It's a biggest hit and great movie.

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