Top 10 Best B Movies of All Time

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1 The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead series, starring Bruce Campbell (an undisputed B-movie master) as Ash, the one-handed chainsaw and shotgun-welding hero has become synonymous with the phrase "cult classic". As the heroic Ash battles the wretched "Deadites", he must simultaneously rescue damsels in distress and deliver some of the most famous lines in B-movie history.

2 Army of Darkness

"What would you do if you got sucked back in time by the Book of the Dead and had to fight your evil doppelganger? Our protagonist Ash decides to fight!"

3 Space Truckers

It's only logical that if mankind advances enough to have trucks in outerspace that we'll also have gobs of freaky robot assassins to put on those trucks.

Words fail me. It's just so far out there but fun to watch at the same time.

4 Hard Ticket to Hawaii

This movie's got it all: babes, beaches, and bazookas. It's about cops (or something or other) layin' down the law in beautiful Hawaii. It's like if Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family were really beautiful and they didn't just arrest people but blew them up. This ain't no hula, this is a Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

Beautiful women, scenery, guns...explosions, rabid, cancer-ridden snakes, etc. There is simply no better "get drunk and watch" movie ever made, which means there is also no better ANY OTHER TYPE OF movie ever made.

5 C.H.U.D.

This film was originally panned by critics, but went on to receive the award for Best Fantasy Film at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film. During the course of searching for several missing persons, it is discovered that a race of mutated humans is living under the streets of the city (naturally, as the result of a huge government conspiracy involving nuclear radiation). The unfortunate, flesh-eating beings are known as "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers", or C.H.U.D., for short. This gory horror-fest has topped the list of greatest pulp films for over two decades.

6 Cannibal Holocaust

One of the most controversial and shocking horror films of all time, Cannibal Holocaust boasts its status of being "banned in over 50 countries. " This Italian made film follows a documentary crew as they adventure deep into the depths of an unknown rainforest, only to meet their gruesome doom by the hands of indigenous tribe members. This film was so graphic and so disturbing that director Ruggero Deodato had to prove to a Milanese courtroom that his actors were still alive.

7 Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

Featuring Jane Fonda as the title character, this futuristic (the year 40,000 if you can suspend your disbelief) film follows the adventures of increasingly-more-scantily-clad heroine Barbarella as she endeavors to rescue the inventor of the Positronic Ray in order to save the Earth from Untold Destruction. Laden with blatant sexual innuendo and a truly ridiculous sci-fi storyline, this film is a requirement for any true connoisseur of cult classics.

Mainly " good movie " for Jane Fonda's sexy outfits.

8 Plan 9 From Outer Space

This remarkable piece of film magic was directed by Ed Wood, one of the most legendary (and notorious) B-movie directors of all time. It is also credited as the final film of the world renowned Bela Lugosi, although the footage including Lugosi was filmed three years prior as part of another project. The plot follows a race of extraterrestrials as they attempt to halt the construction of a Doomsday device on Earth that will have the power to destroy the universe. Largely panned upon its release, the film was highlighted as B-movie royalty once more by serving as the centerpiece of the 1994 film "Ed Wood", a comedic biopic of the famous cross-dressing director.

9 Krull
10 The Abominable Dr. Phibes
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11 Blacula
12 Flash Gordon

Football fights, green blood, Queen, and Max von Sydow. Need I say more?

13 Dead Alive
14 Pink Flamingos
15 Killer Klowns from Outer Space
16 Murder a la Mod

The dark side of Brian dePalma's vision. This is a really deranged movie and is a must for every fan of psycho-horror movies.

A underrated and not very known Brian dePalma movie.From 1967.
Like Brian dePalma once said about that movie "It was a sophisticated thriller patterned after Psycho".

17 Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman
18 Tank Girl

A underrated movie. Love Naomi Watts as jet-girl in this movie.

19 Blue Sunshine

Movie about LSD madness. It's so bad that it's actually good. Don't take it too serious though.

20 She Devils On Wheels

Biker movie of the sixties about a gang of females. Look for the decapitation scene towards the end of the movie.

21 Danger: Diabolik

Italian sixties cult b-movie based on the comic books. This movie is actually good and the typical psychedelic images are awesome to watch.

22 Kitten With a Whip

If you ask me, the best Ann-Margret movie ever.

23 Psycho Beach Party

Movie with Amy Adams, unknown at that time. It's a parody of sixties beach movies. Something like Gidget meets haloween.

24 She Killed In Ecstasy

Cult b-movie from Jess Franco with the beautiful actress Soledad Miranda. Also known for her other great b-movie " Vampyros Lesbos ".

25 Sharknado 2: The Second One
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