Top 10 Best Drama Actors from South Korea

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1 Kim Hyun-joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

I like Kim Hyun Joong because he always tries his best at everything he does, gives it his all and it shows! I love the sound of his voice when he sings. It's got that beautiful sound that makes you feel, kind of not the norm and I love it! He gives a great performance on stage, it's like magic! Like that voice of his.

I love his acting. I've watched his work for many years. He has worked so hard and I've enjoyed all of his work.

The last drama I saw him in, I was blown away! He was plain awesome! In Inspiring Generation, he showed us what a great actor he is! That was an award-winning performance!

2 Lee Min-ho Lee Min-ho is a South Korean actor and singer. He first gained widespread fame in Korea and parts of Asia with his role as Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers in 2009. The role won him a Best New Actor award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

How can somebody act so naturally? He is all of the characters he has played. Handsome, charismatic, with a lot of charm, sensual but tender. I do not know what I like the most about him. Probably his eyes, so intensive, expressive, beautiful. Or just the fact that he is. I love all of his characters and dramas, no exception. For this, he is quite unique.

I started watching Korean shows in the last six months. My girlfriend is from the Philippines and is the one who told me how good the Korean acting was. Being an American, I never viewed other nationality shows. So I checked it out, and she was so right. Through my viewing, I came across Lee Min-ho. He is not only good looking, but his singing ability and acting is superb! So yes, he is #1 in my books!

Jan Pritchard

3 Kim Soo-hyun

Having watched several dramas of Kim Soo Hyun such as Moon Embracing the Sun, Dream High, You Who Came from the Star, and Producers, as well as his movies Secretly Greatly, and The Thieves, I can say that he is versatile and can portray his role as if he is really that person. In every drama or movie he's in, you can feel the sincerity of the character. He's not just in one angle but he's the best in all the angles of his portrayal.

Not only that, Kim Soo Hyun is a very dignified, humble, and compassionate man who is willing to give all his best so that he can repay the people who support him well. He never forgets to thank his family and his fans. He is really a good example not only as an actor but also as a person.

I hope we could still see his marvelous acting skills and youthful face after he fulfills his enlisting in the military.

I admire Kim Soo Hyun a lot, and I hope many people would also see and appreciate his hard work. Kudos Kim Soo Hyun oppa!

4 Jang Keun-suk

JKS is a multi-talented entertainer who can act, sing, and dance very well. He is also a good MC and DJ too because his witty and funny comments plus his sexy deep voice always make the program more interesting. Not to mention he possesses a great body and handsome face. That's why he is selected for modeling, many magazine shootings, and lots of commercial presenters.

He is a versatile actor who can act from his inner. His eyes expression is the best no matter what role he plays. He is very professional in everything he does. His incredible talents and intelligence impressed me a lot. I wish people will look into his work deeply. To me… JKS is my most favorite and the best Korean actor.

5 Kim Bum

Kim Bum is VERY HANDSOME and SO HOT! When I showed the American girls, they think he is BEAUTIFUL! They said that among Asian guys, no one is better looking than him. Kim Bum is a good actor. He chooses difficult roles for his dramas and expresses different sides of his personality. Also, he is such a good singer with a nice, strong voice. I've seen him play piano, guitar, and saxophone. Overall, he is very talented and one of the most popular Korean actors.

The smile of Kim Bum just blows me away. He's the cutest South Korean actor. I loved him in Boys Before Flowers with Kim So Eun, they make a beautiful couple. I'm still waiting for their lead role movie. If I were 10 years younger, I would want to wake up to that smile every day! Wake up Kim So Eun!

6 Song Kang-ho

The actors in the top spots have a recurring voting reason of 'HE'S HOT' and 'HE'S HANDSOME' by these American fangirls who don't understand the film/acting industry and instead base their votes on someone's jawline.

Song Kang Ho is a real actor. He can copy real emotion and paint it as if he were a spectacular artist painting a canvas. He will always have my respect as an astoundingly talented actor, and not just someone praised for his good looks, but his talent also.

He's charming, and likeable, and his acting range is astonishing. He can play the comedic goofball or the principled cop with remarkable skill.

7 Bae Doona
8 Lee Joon-gi

Lee Joon-gi is so much more than just a pretty face. He is what is known as a triple threat in the entertainment world. He can act, dance, and sing! He pours himself into each role he takes on. He is one of a very few actors who is actually invested in his craft. He chooses challenging roles and commits completely to them. His comic timing is excellent and his ability to make you feel his characters' internal conflict and pain is second to none. His smile brings joy and his tears convey deep wells of sorrow.

What I admire about him is the way he treats his fans. He knows that without them he will not be in that stage of being a famous Korean actor. He is so down to earth and at the same time, he has a baby face, his smile and killer looks will definitely knock you down and he's really very good in his craft, whether in acting, dancing and singing. I wonder what else he can offer for his fans.

9 Ha Ji-won

My favorite actress ever is Ha Ji-won! Every single one of her dramas and movies were so awesome, especially Empress Ki. She has done pretty much all genres possible: Medical, Action, Historical, Romantic Comedy, Thriller, and Horror. She does every single genre with perfection and plays roles with a lot of passion and effort.

My favourite Korean actor is Joo Jin-mo because he is not on this list so after him my favourite Korean actress is Ha Ji-won because I saw the Korean historical TV series "Empress Ki". I became a big fan of Joo Jin-mo and Ha Ji-won and other cast.

10 Go Ah-sung
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11 T.O.P

I like T.O.P in Iris as he acted as a hunter who wanted to kill all Iris characters. He should be number 1. His evil eyes, his skills give him some badass power.

T.O.P. is an excellent actor, rapper, and singer. A art collector. Doing Sotheby's on October 3rd. Extremely handsome…

T.O.P… You're the best actor with your evil eyes.

12 So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub has some serious acting chops. He is very subtle but deadly effective. He is one of those actors that pays enough attention to details - from the way the characters talk right down to the way they walk. Every character he has played to date has distinctive characteristics that define and separate them. This only shows that he can be quite versatile.

Couple that with his good looks and charisma - you have a beautiful package of an actor in Ji Sub. He is one of South Korea's most precious leading actors the country should be proud to have.

13 Kim So-eun
14 Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi is the reason why I care about Korean culture in the first place. If I hadn't discovered him that fateful day I randomly browsed TV channels and came across him in 1n2d, I'd probably have lost interest in anything Hallyu. I did watch him in Shining Inheritance before that, which is also the first drama to make me go absolutely crazy for it. It's how I recognized him. He has many talents that lead me to explore things related to acting, singing, and variety shows. His smile is as bright as a hundred suns!

Lee Seung-gi's acting is very good. Every time there's a hug scene and he is the male lead, I really want to be the female lead. I can feel his love and warmth. He's also very handsome and a smile killer. He's cute and a calm person. I love many actors but he's on my list of favorite actors. He is also very smart and very talented. I envy Im Yoona from Girls' Generation who is dating him right now. I am so jealous of her! Well, I hope all the best for you, Lee Seung-gi! I love you!

15 Kwon Sang-woo

He could act even with only his facial reaction. A very good actor who has been neglected so far…

Kwon Sang-woo's acting is very natural, cool, and his style is very comfortable. Stairway to Heaven, Sad Love Story, Into the Sun, Cinderella Man… It's my favorite drama.

16 Choi Ji-woo
17 Song Il-kook

I started watching Korean films in 2009 with Jumong and since then, I've loved to watch any film that featured Oppa! He's a great actor! Loads of love to you, sir!

18 Byun Hee-bong
19 Park Yoo-chun

I loved him in Rooftop Prince, it was really great. He acts with emotion and it shows. Among all Korean actors, he is my most favorite actor. He has this cute childish but sometimes mature and wise aura about him. I just go crazy… Aww! I liked Sungkyukwan Scandal but in Rooftop Prince, his acting was way better. I Miss You was kind of over the board crying for me, that I found myself laughing (I know right?! It's weird) while watching serious scenes. Anyways, the conclusion is he is the best drama actor out there and I'll look forward to his future works. Saranghae Yoochun oppa!

20 Yoo Ah-in

I've seen most of his dramas and his acting skills are really amazing. He portrays his characters well, regardless of whatever role he takes. Unlike most of the other famous actors with good looks and their charming, sweet, and rich guy roles, Yoo Ah-in is definitely one of a kind.

He takes on roles with flaws, roles that might not give him the best popularity but still carries them well. The way he acts makes audiences share a deep connection with the character he's portraying. Sure, some of his dramas may have bad endings but I do not think that a good actor means choosing a drama with a good ending that would please everyone.

His acting skills are great, no doubt. Even for the badly criticized dramas, he acted really well on his part. I was charmed by not only his talent in acting, but his depths as a person. He's intellectual and inspiring. An actor who's not acting just for fame, but who wants to make a difference in the acting industry. A positive difference.

21 Kim Woo-bin

He's a hottie… He may play the bad boy role all his life, but he will be the one I love most compared to any protagonist leading actors. YOU ROCK MAN!

Ridiculous. Kim Woo-bin number 29? Yeah, right. You guys don't appreciate talent.

22 Jo In-sung

He is one of the best in Korea. He can act well and he portrays his role with passion and feeling. He is also very cute.

One of the best Drama actors I've seen. The way he acts, it's just so captivating.

He is very handsome and a talented actor. His eyes are full of emotions. He does wonderful works.

23 Park Hae-il
24 Ji Sung

Ji Sung is one of the best actors. Kill Me Heal Me would be one of the best dramas I've ever seen because of how amazingly he portrayed the main lead with seven multiple personas.

Ji Sung should be #1 on the best South Korean actors of today's time. Loved the drama series "Secret" especially. No matter what drama he makes, it won't disappoint you!

Dude, I don't know why he is at number 46. He's probably one of the most capable actors in the industry!

25 Ji Chang-wook

Versatile actor and extremely good looking. He's mesmerizing to watch because he's so talented.

Chang Wook is my number one. After watching Healer, I couldn't watch anything else for a while, he is just something else. Incredible actor!

He played his role in "Empress Li" very well. Thanks to him, I loved watching it. Besides that, he's also very handsome.

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