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1 Halloween

The original Halloween is awesome. Most people that don't like it, are teens and young adults. They judge the quality of a movie on its fashion, technology and soundtrack. That's the reason there are so many reboots in all genres of movies. The only problem, most reboots are horrible. Anyway, parts 4 and 7 are pretty good.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Halloween films, I have the first 2, but they're just okay, nothing special. He escapes from a mental asylum, where he has been since he killed his family, but he knows how to drive?

Top eleven should be
1. Halloween
2. Friday the 13th
3. Nightmare on elm street
4. The Texas chainsaw massacre
5. Child's play
6. Saw
7. Scream
8. I know what you did last summer
9. Wrong Turn
10. Final Destination
11. Jeepers Creepers

How can this film be so far down the list, seriously its one of the best horrors ot there.

2 Friday the 13th

If you rate a horror franchise on the amount of quality films it produced, Friday the 13th is number 1. Five of the first six are classics. Halloween took a huge dip after the original but overall had three solid movies. Elmstreet had two great movies, the rest was comedy trash. Saw was solid for the first three movies, then went into flashback mode. I think a respectable number 2 is the Final Destination series, with four of five movies being decent.

The first 6 movies are absolute classics, no other horror franchise can beat these 6 movies in a row. The jason character is an horror icone, and the first 4 movies show him as a human being and are the best. Part 1 has the best and unique atmosphere, part 3 shows the real birth of Jason.

Friday the 13th was more consistent. Halloween as a franchise is a big disappointment when compared to the original movie. As the films went on, the series got weaker. As the Friday the 13th series went on (except for a few) became better.

Has made more money than all the others, as well as more films... It even has 2 video games, a T.V. series, comics, merchandise, and a mash-up with Krueger... #1 for sure!

3 Nightmare On Elm Street

NOES is one of the best, most frightening horror franchises ever made. Freddy Kruger is the ultimate villain, and the movies are still scary to this day. The same can't necessarily be said for the rest of the heavy hitters. I love Friday the 13th as much as the next person, I own every single movie in the franchise, and have seen them all multiple times, but I generally laugh through them, and shake my head at how far movies have come. But Nightmare is a series that is still great to this day, and you can't forget the amazing 2010 remake. The 2010 NOES remake is a masterpiece.

Only a great villain creates its own an unique weapon... It's easy to pick a knife or a chainsaw but razorblades at the tip of your fingers? Exquisite!

You can outrun Jason Vorhes or Michael Myers but not Freddy... That's scary!

Why is this #5? It should be #1

4 Saw

Just great films

The interconnection between these movies' stories are thrilling and you get so many plot twists in one movie, you could make 3 movies out of them

Besides that, I also love the traps and tasks, people get thrown into
I would not want to wish anybody to get in such a situation in real life

Might not be that scary, and might have plot holes in it. But the intricacy of the traps is just too good not to be amazed

The greatest horror series of all time. The plot twists are all amazing and blows my mid all the time. Definitely 10/10

Not really an amazing series, but it has an interesting story.

5 Scream

Scream was good.
Scream 2 was good although they killed the best character.
Scream 3 was alright
Scream 4...

Better than Saw, that's for sure.

Love it so good

6 Child's Play

When I watched it as a child, it scared the crap out of me. When I re-watched it as an adult, I was less terrified, so I could see and appreciate makers' sense of humor. It's based on a well-known concept of living dolls, but creepy enough for us not to think how many times was it used before. The sequels were more grotesque than scary, but in my opinion good enough not to ruin the first movie's effect.

Love this series. Always made me laugh and scare the life out of my kids when they first saw it. One of the best horror/comedy film series.

First 3 are amazing, Bride was ok, Seed was terrible, Curse was good, better than Bride and Seed combined.

Child's play is one of my favourite horror film series due to its comedy.

7 Alien

These films haven't aged at all.

8 Final Destination

I am waiting for the 6th one which is supposed to be coming out next year.

Take out the 4th installment and this series is arguably the best.

For what they are, they're pretty good, except for the 4th one.

I never collect horror movie sequels but Final Destination is the only one I buy every film it makes

9 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Because this is banned in some countrys because of the violence. Its not the best but having the rating X and in the top 5 banned movies in the world. The first time I watched it was when I went to the cinema to see it when I was 8 because they rated it PG before it got banned!

The time it took to kickstart the series after the original was way too long. It lost most of its momentum, even though, the remake was pretty good.

I love these films. The second one is my favourite. I love the chainsaw dance at the end of the first film and my favourite line is,
"the saw is family! "

10 The Grudge

These Films are just so creepy. The 3rd was not so great but the first two are really spooky and well made

One of the best

The Contenders
11 The Conjuring

If we're voting on best Horror SERIES -- that is, the average awesomeness of each movie in the series combined into one definitive rating -- then technically, since there are only 2 in this series and they've both been extremely solid and *more closely* based on actual events, this is the "best." I love Jason, Freddy, Michael, etc. but they've had so many completely crap movies that hurt the overall rating/integrity.

If we're voting on something that doesn't need to match those parameters, then I think that needs to be specified, and this "Top Ten" needs a name change.

These are well made Movies, especially the main Conjuring ones (1st and 2nd) and the 2nd Annabelle one are just great. Looking forward to the 3rd Conjuring part.

This has reality which makes it even creepier to watch. And the plot and special effects are just amazing. The evilness of the DEMONS, I just love it.

The Conjuring movies were great. The spin-off, Annabelle was not even close to the hype it received.

12 Evil Dead

Gem of horror and Comedy. My favorite media franchise in general.

This should be way higher.

"Hail to the King, Baby"

In terms of critical success, evil dead is objectively the best

13 Psycho
14 Insidious

The best horror movies series I have ever seen. It always manages to scare the crap out of me. I wish this series would never be over.

These are just creepy

15 Jaws

Yes this is scary and by the way this is a horror movie because it's involved getting killed
by sharks and the beginning it's the most scary part of the movie.

Best set of movies, a true classic
Not exactly a horror movie though, more like Sci-Fi or action/adventure
Still a great collection of movies

16 Hellraiser

The first and second are some of the most artistic horror movies ever made

Next year, there is supposed to be a new one coming out and I am really excited for it

17 Paranormal Activity

Now on it's 4th movie, you can't have a horror movie series without Paranormal Activity. This Franchise is booming right now, and probably will for years to come. I know it's my go-to if I want to get freaked out.

Even if people say, these movies are boring, I think there is an interesting story behind them all.
With the exception of the 2nd and maybe the 4th, everyone of these movies are spooky and great.

The best movie series..

18 Wrong Turn
19 Phantasm

I agree, Phantasm is great! You can only list the second one for some reason. But the Series as a whole is so off the beaten path of horror. Truly a fun watch.

Phantasm is Awesome! The tall man is probably the best horror villain of all time!

20 Predator

We always love Arnold Schwarzenegger's dumb acting, and in this movie it really shows is specialty of accent, as by the predator, the costume is really well done, but I don't count this one as a horror movie, more like action scy-fi.

21 Puppet Master
22 The Amityville Horror
23 Alien vs. Predator
24 I Know What You Did Last Summer
25 Candyman
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