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1 Another Cinderella Story

Selena Gomez is always a diva. She rocks wherever she is. Drew and Selena make a really sweet pair together. Both of them are rock stars. No one would like to miss any of their movies. Great movie.

I have watched this a million times now, and I will never get bored of it! This story, Cinderella Story, and Another Cinderella Story, Once Upon a Song are one of my three favourite movies and I am 23! I like Selena Gomez as a singer but I love her as an actress!

This rocks! As usual, Selly rocks! I love this movie and I would like more movies like this one! Sel is damn cute and smart in this and so... Please always have this in the Top 1st place.. Thanks..

2 Princess Protection Program

This is my favorite movie! It's a good movie with lots of drama! I love how the movie is about two different girls with two really different personalities who come together and become good friends. It may sound really cliche, but it's a really good movie!

This movies is so awesome, so magically for me, whatever shows in this movie I just seen in mine life also and I wish to be life like all those princess and change the world in all princess or fairies! I love this movies with enjoying too much! So according to me I wanna get those feeling in each lady girls and princess too!

3 Monte Carlo

Amazing movie... They portyayed their characters realistic especially Selena Gomez.. Selena is so pretty and smart in all the dress she wore.. Monte Carlo is such a lovely place... Keep it up Selena! You did a good job in this movie and looking forward to watch more of your upcoming movies... More projects & blessings for you...

Monte Carlo is the most hilarious movie of Selena Gomez. I love that movie. Everyone should watch it!

I think that movie is great to be watched in my free time specially that I love selena gomez thanks to this website for putting it out to be watch. Much love, haboosh

4 Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

I really loved that show, & I still do.. Selena Gomez she was and still is my favorite actor. She so beautiful and a wonderful caring person. I love her for who she really is. Cause she really knows how to treat everyone. She is the best

I love this movies. It's so nice. Me and my whole family watched it. It brought them together

"It the best T.V. show ever I love Selena Gomez! "

5 The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

Love it.

First of all, all the people who watched this movie would learn a lesson.
Second of all, Alex Russo is smart. Who wouldn't think that a girl who lost her powers would get it back with just a few words?
Third of all, Alex listens to a friend.
Forth of all, selena makes the movie exciting in a different way.

I love this movie I wish I could watch it.

It is an amazing movie. Selena is great at acting I look up to her

6 Ramona and Beezus

I like this is a great movie its like the best! I lovee this movie and most of all I love the story. If your looking for a movie to watch then you should watch this movie because it rocks. This movies was a little cheesy but it was still the best movie and so you all should watch this movie if you do your live will change in a good way. And everyone should watch this movie only it ok.

I would ship Joey King with Selena Gomez, even though Joey King is an older teenager and Selena Gomez is an adult. But that does not mean I will ship Ramona Quimby with Beezus Quimby, since they are sisters for God's sake!

7 Spring Breakers

Welcome to the sexy, wild and badass side of Selena Gomez, folks!

With whole of respect that I have consider for Selena I don't like it...

All the girls look great. Selena is amazing.

8 What's Stevie Thinking?

I could've been sworn that a girl would be named Stevie.

9 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

All of her movies are good I'm her most biggest biggest fans I want to see her she is good and will always be and like Katy perry says never give up your dream and it will come true. From the little 9 year old little girl brooke I hope people will all rate this thankyou

Why is this movie the sole one in the universe to have 4-D paper?!

10 Getaway

Getaway is an amazing car racing action adventure! Selena makes this movie good and brings all the excitment to it.

I really enjoyed Getaway! It's my favourite movie!

Amazing movie. Selena gives it a little sunshine and sparkle even when its set in the night its all action and exitement

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11 Hotel Transylvania

The Hotel Transylvania franchise would suck if Ariana Grande voiced Mavis Dracula.

I love this movie because it is really nice and Selena's voice is so good.

This movie is so underrated, and I loved Selena in this movie. It should be highter

12 Arwin

I just love that movie is like the best you guys have to watch it! 1

13 Rudderless
14 Behaving Badly
15 The Muppets
16 The Fundamentals of Caring
17 Sidney White

No Selena Gomez is not in this movie I think you got confused with Amanda Bynes

18 Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!
19 Searching
20 Hotel Transylvania 2
21 Hotel Transylvania 3
22 Onward
23 The Big Short
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