Dumb and Hilarious Scenes from the Movie ThanksKilling

ThanksKilling is a movie made in 2008 about a demonic, talking killer turkey which goes around slaughtering college students during their Thanksgiving break. The film was made for $3,500 and is unlike any other cheap, cheesy horror flick. It's hilarious, but not completely involuntarily. It knows it's awful and it makes plenty of humour out of it. These such scenes are particularly memorable for being so cringeworthy yet so hilariously executed.

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1 Visiting the Sheriff's house

The college students go to see Kristen's father, the local sheriff, after finding out that a killer turkey is on their tails. However, the turkey got there first, having murdered her father, and is now wearing his severed face as a mask when he answers the door.
Doesn't sound convincing, does it? But nobody notices!

2 Awkward coffee

The turkey goes to see the sheriff, claiming to be a friend of his daughter. The sheriff assumes he's just a small dude, lets him in, and makes coffee.

The situation slowly escalates as the sheriff keeps calling him short, much to the turkey's exasperation, until he finally snaps and kills the sheriff.

3 "This coffee tastes like sh**!"

A scene with absolutely nothing to do with the plot, where the sheriff's wife makes him his morning coffee. He spits it out and yells, "What did you do, take a dump in it?"

She shows him the pot and retorts, "I sure did. I want a divorce!" before storming out.

He just shrugs and says, "Alright then," completely fine with the situation.

4 One extra-small gravy-flavoured condom

The team goes to warn their friend Ali about the turkey. Johnny goes into her house and finds her and her boyfriend dead, murdered during sex.

He comes out, showing them a turkey feather and an open packet for an extra-small gravy-flavoured condom.

Billy retorts, "Son of a b****, she was finally warming up to him too!"

5 Death of Johnny's father

Johnny is finally catching up with his estranged father when the turkey comes up from behind, and throws Johnny his father's head like a football.

It is literally just a mannequin head with red-colored water.

6 Death of Billy

Billy storms off and realizes that he's hungry. The turkey magically gives the appearance of a cooked turkey, so Billy swallows him.
The turkey promptly bursts from his stomach and exclaims, "Gobble Gobble, Motherf*****r! Now that's what I call Fowl Play!"

7 Flying dead bunny

The team are camping out in the woods when a baby rabbit spontaneously flies through the air, yelling, EEEEEEEEEE, and lands dead on their campfire.

Darren, having just told them a story he had heard about a demonic killer turkey, notes that this bunny's stomach was visibly torn open by a turkey beak.

Now they're freaking out, but Johnny, unwilling to believe the situation, argues that this sort of thing happens in the woods all the time.

8 Best friend Billy montage

After Darren finds Billy dead on the side of the road, a montage plays, showing various bromantic scenes between the two with a song about him being killed by an evil turkey.

Later in the movie, when Darren gets his heart ripped out, we see Billy in heaven with the same song playing, saying to Darren, "Ain't no turkeys up here!"

9 "I've got something you don't have!"

The remaining characters confront the turkey, and Darren, angry at Billy's murder, tells the turkey that he has something the turkey doesn't.

The turkey says, "What's that, Darren? A vagina?"

10 "You just got STUFFED!"

The turkey sneaks into Ali's bedroom while she is having sex with her boyfriend. He slits her boyfriend's throat and takes his place without her noticing.

The turkey continues until she looks up at him, and he yells, "You just got STUFFED!" before snapping her neck.

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