Top 10 Movies with the Best Car Chase Scenes

It may be one of the most used and abused movie cliches, but when done correctly, the car chase scene can be the highlight of any film. This list is a collection of the movies that did the car chase scene correctly.
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1 Bullitt

The original car chase right here. Great cars, great camera angles. Still better than car chases today!

What makes it even better is that the " stunts " were done by the leading role actor himself.

They keep reusing the soundtrack from this to try and improve all the wanna be car chases in lesser films. It's pretty funny to hear Steve's double clutching when the hero is driving an automatic Chevy.

Two of the best cars of all time and Steve McQueen! Could you ask for more?

2 Matrix Reloaded

The most spectacular car chase scene in movie history, with never seen images

3 Ronin

The best realistic chase scene. Feels like you are right
In the action. Even us Yanks like it. If French were so great it would be La Google. "Oui?"

Probably the most realistic car chase scene ever.

4 The Blues Brothers

Physics? What the heck is physics? Everything in that last car chase was ridiculously excessive and illogical, and because of that, it is hands down the best one I've ever seen. I could not stop laughing! I had to watch the whole thing over and over again. Just fantastic!

You can't compare anything to being chased down by a country band, American Nazis, the police, the military, and tons of other groups of people.

Great chase scene with the 2 best car pileups ever!

Crazy ass chases

5 The Fast and the Furious
6 The Bourne Identity

Spectacular and realistic car chase scene, the best I've seen out of any movie, including Matrix, Ronin, Italian Job, etc.
Not over the top (special effects such as The Matrix) and believable.

The one in Bourne Supremacy is better when he's in the taxi cab. This is still a good car chase scene though.

7 Transporter
8 Gone in 60 Seconds

What a great scene! Nick cage was so convincing, and it really is becoming a classic.

It's not just about the chase its about the car and come on who doesn't like that mustang

9 The French Connection

How THIS MOVIE didn't make the top ten list tells me that WAY too many kids are voting on this website...

I agree. The only movies this thirteen year old kids ever saw is the "Fast and furious" crap.

This should be #2

10 The Italian Job (2003)
The Contenders
11 Death Proof

Uh... no CGI, and Zoe Bell trying to stay on the hood of the car at speeds in excess of 100 mph... do me a favor, watch it and then come back and vote.

12 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

The best, most destructive car/truck/everything chase scene of all time.

13 The Bourne Supremacy

One of the best ever in my opinion. Even the scenes where he wrecks and crashes into other vehicles seems very realistic. Kudos to the director and crew who shot that.

The best car chase of all time with the greatest ending ever.

One of the best car chases that's actually realistic.

With out a doubt the best car chase ever, it has my head wrecked trying to find the song to it

14 Bad Boys II
15 Smokey and the Bandit

To not make this in the top spot is a crime. The whole movie is a car chase!

Great movie, lots of car chase scenes. Should be higher.

Can't beat a movie that is a car chase.

16 Vanishing Point

Classic. Amazing. Sad that this isn't on the top 10.

The best, hands down!

17 The Dark Knight

Car chases don't come better than this. At all.

18 Quantum of Solace

The car chase at the beginning in super fantastic! This should be in the top tens.

Why is it not on top 10

19 Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
20 To Live and Die in L.A.

Car chase on a highway, where the cars are moving AGAINST the flow of traffic.

Carchase in the river! Not only a great charchase, a film out of the ordinary in more than one sense!

21 The Seven-Ups

One of the GREATEST car chase scenes of all time...Roy Scheider was great in this movie...check it out, youngsters...

22 The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift
23 Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
24 Wanted
25 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

The pursuit of the tanker truck is pure action and violence, well-filmed and well-choreographed. You can watch it again and again and again.

The first real car chase scene in history and is still unmatched by all of the above. 15 minutes was how long the last chase scene took towards the end.

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