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1 The Batman

So right now, at the moment of writing, The Batman is considered the best movie of 2022 on this site. And you know what? Even though it's not quite my favorite movie of the year, this placement is deserved. The Dark Knight might still be my favorite Batman movie, but this doesn't make The Batman 2022 bad at all. In fact, I would say that this is the movie that portrays the character of Batman / Bruce Wayne the most well, on top of doing Catwoman and The Riddler the most well. It also has quite the emotional moment, and an amazing soundtrack. If you want a proof that DC is on fire lately when it comes to film quality, especially when compared to what Marvel has done lately, movies like this and The Suicide Squad are proof of this.

The film, just 4 minutes short of 3 hours (which makes this the longest Batman film of all time), was a truly touching tribute to the characters along with the real cast & the legendary Adam West. It had a heartfelt story & emotion throughout. It was a major hit. Definitely the best of 2022 to date. R.I.P. Adam West (1928-2017).

It was pretty much the best this year to date. A long (2 hour 56 minute) film dedicated to the whole characters along with the cast & the legendary Adam West. So much story & dialogue out, yet a great score & emotion. It stood out over all the other films of 2022. R.I.P. Adam West (1928-2017) & Kevin Conroy (1955-2022).

Wow. Unbelievable. This is an intense film. Robert Pattinson did a great job. Paul Dano did a wickedly insane work as the Riddler! Two big thumbs way up!

2 Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick is far from a masterpiece, but the action is cool, the movie knows well about planes, and there is an actually good message in here. It could have been even better though. Go watch Cars 3 if you want a better movie about passing the torch to a new generation.

I watched the movie and it was literally the best movie I've ever seen…the sound the music and most of the flying was real plus Tom Cruise was there!

Definitely the best movie of the year, Tom Crusie is a great actor/stuntman. Miles Teller did a great job too. Lots of action and tense moments. I'm glad I got to see this movie in cinemas

Finally, a heart-pounding, exciting action movie that isn't filled with lazy, digital CGI special effects. Bravo!

3 Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I absolutely LOVE this movie! I watched it on May 17, 2022, a month after its release, and it not only improved the story, but also added new characters just as good as Movie Sonic, with my favorite one being Movie Tails (voiced by his video game counterpart's current voice actress as of 2022, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, aka Colleen Villard). I also loved Movie Knuckles, voiced by Idris Elba. Also, Jim Carrey's performance as Eggman was SPECTACULAR.

I like how they write and make the Sonic Movies. Live-action at its best!

I loved Movie Sonic's pooting dummy he made to trick Donut Lord and Pretzel Lady when he snuck out as Blue Justice!

The first movie was greeat, don't need to watch the second one to know it's wonderful.

4 Thor: Love and Thunder

I have the same opinion on this movie and Thor Ragnarok, but both in a better AND worse way. Both are extremely fun, and hilarious, and in fact Love and Thunder might be even funnier. However, both also leave a lot of emotional moments aside in exchange of more funny moments. And on one hand, I like how Love and Thunder tries to give us more emotions, but on the other hand, it struggles to maintain this balance of fun and emotion that would make me feel more stuff. Some moments that should be taken seriously aren't and that's sad. It still does have some good emotional moment, and at worse it is a really funny movie. If you want to watch a movie from 2022 for pure fun, go watch Bad Guys though. And if you want a better balance of emotion and humor, I think both Turning Red and especially Everything Everywhere All at Once are better at that.

Best of the year so far(in my opinion). I do not know why a lot of critics hated it. The bad review I've seen the most was it felt like a copy of Ragnarok, which I thought it wasn't similar to it at all.

Underrated, it wasn't great plot wise but it had some of the best jokes I've ever seen.

What an enjoyable romp at the movies. Way funnier than Nothing Nowhere None at Once

5 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

This movie has some of the most creative and coolest action scenes of the MCU, but I wish the story was more emotional, and less messy.

6 Everything Everywhere All at Once

I laughed, I cried, and I held off going pee for a long time because I didn't want to miss a second. A fantastic film worthy of a best picture nomination.

This is going to win Best Picture. It has to. So much of this film was absolutely incredible. Completely original. Such a breath of fresh air and so beautifully shot and acted. Everything about this movie is amazing...pun intended

This movie is so funny, creative, and emotional. My favorite movie of 2022 so far, and it might be hard to beat.

7 Elvis

Austin Butler did a fantastic job as Elvis!

8 Jurassic World: Dominion

Fun movie. As good as the others in the franchise. Good special effects as always.

Awesome movie imagine living with dinosaurs in real life?

Baby raptor. Cute little baby raptor.

9 Jackass Forever

It might not be subtle but Jackass Forever is certainly the funniest comedy movie of the year!

These guys are complete lunatics!

Funniest movie of the year by far.

10 Uncharted

The Newcomers

? Strange World

This movie is like the definition of fine. Everything about this movie works, but nothing is truly impressive. There are some scenes I really like, and characters I enjoy, but overall you don't miss anything big by not watching it, and there are many missed opportunities we got in the movie.

I didn't like Strange World at all. I didn't like Lightyear too. Both of Disney's 2022 movies lost lots of money at the box office. Go figure! Disney has failed!

? Disenchanted
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11 The Bad Guys

This is the best non Kung Fu Panda or How To Train Your Dragon movie Dreamworks has made since like Rise of the Guardians. In terms of animation and action this movie is absolutely top tier, and it is also really funny, and quite emotional in some moments. It's not particularly amazing or anything, but it's just a really nice movie.

This Movie is really enjoyable from beginning to end.

Simply a generation defining classic movie.

Loved the movie very funny and it had a quite shocking plot twist for me

12 Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts
13 Turning Red

So this is the first movie of 2022 that I saw, and I must say, it's really good. Not only does it has the best animation and humor out of all the Pixar movies, but the message and the emotional moments are very good as well. Probably one of my favorite Pixar movies ever made, and let's see in the future if there is a movie from 2022 that will be better than it.

It's no Toy Story, but that's okay. It's cute and just shows young girls being themselves w/o any mocking or sexualization, and the animation/color palettes are beautiful. And good on Pixar for mentioning periods in a way that isn't sexual.

A fun and interesting pixar movie, and I actually know the director in real life, though not well.

Cute little kids movie

14 Bullet Train
15 Scream (2022)
16 The Lost City

Sandra Bullock is hilarious. This movie is over the top and twisted at the same time.

17 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Rian Johnson does not disappoint me once again. In fact, I love this movie even more than the original Knives Out. Great twists, great actors, amazing filming, very hilarious, and many very emotional moments.

The new Knives Out film is absolutely incredible, just as amazing, shocking, and fun as the first one. If you've never seen them, you're in for a real treat, they're absolutely fantastic.

18 Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

This movie goes so hard! Amazing action scenes and animation to go with it, amazing characters, very interesting themes, hilarious in some moments. How is a Puss in Boots sequel so good?!

This is one of the best animated movies I have seen in years. Really hope dreamworks keeps on making movies like this

It's a sequel to a spin-off of one of the greatest franchises of all time.

This is the best movie of the year vote this up!

19 Pinocchio

I liked this version's interpretation of Pleasure Island as a sort of demented Coney Island complete with clown figurines.

Luke Evans is the real MVP of this movie as that sly coachman. He more or less steals the movie

20 Minions: The Rise of Gru

Cinematic Masterpiece, when I saw it the first time I was speechless, before I saw this I thought Morbius was The movie of all time but now I realize Morbius was only a fictional film starring Jared Leto, and Minions The Rise of Gru is much more then that. If you have not see it watch soon please (if even possible because the waitlist at most theaters is 5 Minlinion years)

21 The Railway Children Return
22 Lightyear

Because there were people saying this movie isn't great, I was pleasantly surprise by how much I liked it. Sure the middle isn't too great, and the villain could have been a little better, but I still really liked the movie overall, and the beginning of the movie was particularly amazing.

Lightyear and Strange World lost money. It looks like Disney is on their own.

23 All Quiet on the Western Front

Must be in the top 10 best movies of 2022 and one of the best in the 21st century, some parts are funny, some are tense and there are many, many sad parts especially the ending.
Best of all this is not American but German instead!
Deserves to be in the top 10

Really good film! Intense and emotional, if you're a fan of War films then this is a must watch

24 The Munsters
25 DC League of Super-Pets
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