Top Ten Reasons Why Studio Ghibli Films Are Better Than Disney Films

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1 Deeper Morals

Very true, Disney has the same plot in almost every story.

Something bad happens in the main characters childhood
There's a bad guy
The bad guy almost defeats the good guy until friendship and teamwork save the day
Happily Ever After

Relationships are wholesome in Ghibli films and family-positive. Disney films focus on the American obsession of rebellion and breaking the family bonds.

While some Disney movies have good morals, not all of them do and it's hardly most of them. Therefore, studio ghibli is superior.

2 More Respect for Women

Cinderella is helpless without her helper mice, a fairy godmother, and a charming prince. Princess Mononoke can snipe a demonic giant boar with her bow. No contest.

They have badass female characters who aren't good fighters, aren't sexy, aren't necessarily tough - but are still the heroes. I love that they never sexualise badass female characters.

YES. The protagonists are mainly girls about the age of eight to twelve. It has given me courage and pride as a girl.

3 Fewer Cliches

True. In Disney films, we can basically guess what happens by half way through the movie leaving not a lot of suprising elements that makes us enjoy movies. Plus, lots of stereotypes.

Yes. Clearly responsible that people are interested more than Disney nowadays, plus they are fond of the movies like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

Agreed. Especially since The Lion King is nothing but stupid, false animal stereotypes.

4 Better Music

All of Studio Ghiblis music is emotional and beautiful, but I especially love the ones from Spirited Away and Kikis Delivery Service. Very beautiful and powerful music.

I think Princess Mononoke's soundtrack is amazing. I love many soundtracks of Disney films as well though.

Amazing music for the movies and it's emotional and beautiful soundtracks!

5 Better Animation

Umm, hello? This is anime! Who doesn't love anime?!

6 More Originality

First of let me say that studio Ghibli is far superior compared to Disney, but Howl's moving castle is based of a book. BUT: It is an amazing story and studio Ghibli changed a lot of things to fit it's own magic.

It's stories are so much better than Disney's. Even the princess stories (like Princess Mononoke and The Tale of Princess Kaguya) aren't as cheesy and predictable!

Yes. Even though it is my favourite animation studio of all time and it's better than Disney's (and a lot better than Frozen! )

7 Better Plots
8 Unique Characters
9 Cooler Art Style
10 Better Depiction of Magic

Yes! Totally agree. Especially in Tales From Earthsea, magic isn't glowing hair or ice coming magically from your hands, it's something different. It's socerers and sorceresses (? ) that have invisible magic (you can't see it happening like Elsa or rapunzel.). This makes it so much more real than Disney, and it appeals more to teens than small children. Even how they do show magic in studio ghibli films like spirited away and Tales From Earthsea is beautiful in itself.

Yeah! Disney just puts a trail of sparkles behind things that are magical. That's it.

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11 More Evil Villains

They say the more evil villains are in movies the more amazing the story is

12 No CGI

Earwig and the Witch has bad 3D CGI that looks more like an actual Western cartoon rather than a traditional Japanese hand drawn animation/cartoon, I mean seriously, why did they make bad 3D CGI in this studio anyway?

Thumbs up for classical, traditional hand drawn animations/cartoons.

Thumbs down for 3D CGI.

I prefer classic traditional hand drawn 2D animations as opposed to ugly looking 3D CGI.

13 No Forced Romance
14 More Independent Heroines
15 More Classical
16 Darker Plots

The plots are not cheesy or "trying to be edgy" - instead they are usually rooted deep in a traditional myth with a darker background, which I find fascinating.

Disney makes dark films like Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Black Caldron.

This is the key why I love his films.

17 No Pop Culture References

Disney movies are not actually made for children, all dialog is just a single joke - a adult pop culture reference made in the context of a story seemingly for children. In Ghibli films characters actually talk to each other on an emotional level.

18 Better Characters
19 Better Couples
20 More Colorful
21 More Entertaining
22 More Interesting
23 More Magical
24 More Exciting
25 Fewer Teen Stereotypes

In fact, Disney should've remained better off with more and more proper kinds of canon teenage counter-stereotypes and less and less improper kinds of canon teenage stereotypes.

In fact, Disney Channel should've remained better off with more and more proper kinds of canon teenage characters, however, without teenage stereotypes, too.

Disney Channel should've remained without teenage stereotypes, too.

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