Top Ten Best Animated Disney Movies of the 21st Century

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1 The Incredibles

The Incredibles is cool. I don't have a favorite character from it, though.
I like the villain from it. The villain has a good backstory. His favorite superhero ignored him so basically he tried to kill him.

This and up are my favorite Pixar movies.

This is my 10th favorite movie of all time.

2 Toy Story 3

This is the best Pixar movie of all time.

I don't accept! This should be at the top!

3 Finding Nemo

Have you ever heard of anyone not loving Finding Nemo!? No. You haven't. Beautiful movie.

Finding Nemo is my fave movie ever! ALongside Zootopia and The Lion King

4 Big Hero 6

It is literally the best movie of all time and I demand it at the number one.

It is number 1 disney movie of all time at least it is in top ten animated movies of all time

5 Up

Saddest animation ever! It is hardhitting and brilliant. The first film I watched in cinema was bloody g force. That was going to stop me going to the cinema. This was the second film in cinema I watched. Loved it

6 Inside Out

Inside out is the the first movie to ever make me cry without using death, inside out is the best animated film of 2015, the best pixar movie, frick, the best animated movie ever made. Like coco, this movie is flau less

I didn't care about the human characters, but I love the emotions and Bing Bong.

This is my favorite Pixar movie. I was surprised it was good, since it is Pixar.

7 Wreck-It Ralph

This movie is better than the whole "Toy Story" trilogy for four reasons. 4: The best Disney villain ever is in this movie. 3: "Toy Story" and all of it's sequels were terrifying! 2: It's about video games. 1: *drumroll please* Felix. Just Felix, no questions asked.

This is my personal favorite animated movie, Incredibles and Big Hero 6 are close

8 Ratatouille
9 Zootopia

It's by second favorite movie next to only Big Hero 6, but it's new, so I'm surprised it made the list.

I love this movie cause it's so good. It needs to be much higher up on the list,

Pretty much everything about it is great.

10 Wall-E

Wall-E is and always will be the greatest movie of all time.

The Contenders
11 Monsters Inc

Surprised this isn't ranked above Frozen.

12 The Emperor's New Groove

While its portrayal of Incan culture may leave much to be desired, the characters and their interactions with one another are top notch, and do I even have to explain how funny the comedy is?

Only a stupid boomer would think this movie has ruined Disney in the slightest.

Why is this sacred Disney masterpiece so low?

13 Coco

Love this movie especially the part where Miguel returns from the world of the dead and gets Mama Coco not to forget about her Papa.

14 Frozen
15 Tangled

Awesome .
It had all a movie can offer.
Comedy, Romance action.
It is countless .
Just an amazing movie .

This movie deserves a cute little boat ride at Epcot's Germany pavilion.

16 Moana

This is my favourite Disney film. Family fun and lots of catchy songs. This should be in top ten. Your Welcome!

How is this under "CL"
I don't like saying the movie from 2005's name because it sucks so bad

17 Lilo & Stitch

Much better alien movie than Chicken Little.

18 Treasure Planet

Still a better, more ambitious, and more engaging action-adventure flick than Strange World.

Also a much better alien movie than Chicken Little.

19 The Princess and the Frog
20 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Almost as great as Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, both of which were directed by the same two people as this movie.

These characters are fantastic, although they probably would've worked better in a TV show than in a feature-length movie.

No one likes Cars 2. Atlantis should be a lot higher!

21 Meet the Robinsons

WHY IS THIS NUMBER 22? It is my third favorite movie only to Zootopia and Big Hero 6! How dare they put it at number 22!

A personal course correction for Disney after the critical disaster that was Chicken Little.

22 Cars 3

I love this. My friend Film Person says that this film is better than Don Jon and Wreck-It Ralph because he said they get too much attention than this, but that is what my friend thinks. I like this film and I think it is best in my opinion.

My friend Film Person says this film is not the horrible disappointment, and he says Wreck-It Ralph and Don Jon are the Real horrible disappointments.

23 Bolt

Much better CGI Disney movie than Chicken Little. Seriously, Chicken Little apparently had a larger budget than Tarzan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, yet it looks even more cheaply animated than Dumbo!

This movie is kind of like The Aristocats if it had more plot and substance to it.

I really loved this movie as a kid mostly just because there were so many dogs.

24 Recess: School's Out
25 Finding Dory
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