Top 10 Gangster Movies

The top 10 gangster movies of all time. I want you to vote for which one is best. Express your opinion because the top 3 could all be #1, but this is how others and I feel the order should be.
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1 Goodfellas

GoodFellas is based on a true story, if you didn't know! It's based on the Irish/American mob. Tells the story of Henry Hill in a very descriptive manner. This is the film how gangsters/mobsters can be best friends! The film can be emotional to viewers not like many mobster films! This is a gangster MASTERPIECE! MUST-WATCH FILM!

In my opinion, there are 3 candidates for the best gangster movie ever: Goodfellas, The Godfather and The Godfather Part II. My favourite is Goodfellas. Scorcese's use of music is unsurpassed.

I adore both of The Godfather films (let's forget about that other one) but Goodfellas is my favourite movie. It moves faster than The Godfather films and its use of music is unparallelled.

Goodfellas is Scorsese's masterpiece. It deserves the top spot, even though I love The Godfather too.

2 The Godfather

Francis ford Coppolla, his masterpiece. Not only a movie, but a trademark of Cinema Culture. Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall, would be proud to be a part of the greatest film in history.

It's the story which is so great about it! Story written by Mario Puzo. That's why it's called "Mario Puzo's The Godfather". And even though Goodfellas is a movie way better made, Godfather's story is unbeatable. That's why it's best!

First 2 were absolutely amazing but the third didn't match up. Overall they will be a classic masterpiece that can never be replicsted in any way.

A film I wach at least once a year and although I know the story I want to hear it egain.

3 Scarface

Scarface is the greatest gangster movie and my favourite movie of all time. I love the movie to death. Top notch acting from al Pacino. Highly quotable lines. Over the top violence. Funny moments. Great plot on a Cuban refugee who comes to the us with nothing and rises to power and becomes a powerful drug lord. Crazy ending. The game is amazing too.

Scarafce is the best film ever. It shows how a man can go from nothing to being on top of the world. So sad what happens to him.

4 The Godfather Part II
5 Pulp Fiction

A complete classic!
One of the best movie's ever made!
This movie has so many good things about I can't even start to describe it!

This Tarantino film is so well made. The character development is of such a high level, nobody in the movie is "just there".

6 Reservoir Dogs

This needs to get higher

7 Once Upon a Time in America

NOTE: The full 229-min. Version is the only way to see this movie. The edited cut shown in American theaters is a travesty and almost completely responsible for how underappreciated the movie has been.
Sergio Leone, master of the Spaghetti western, made his contribution to the gangster genre with his final film, Once Upon A Time In America. Refreshingly modernist in its non-linear narrative and containing the talents of Robert de Niro, Elizabeth McGovern, and James Woods, who steals the show, this tale of Jewish gangsters who rise to the top during Prohibition is a masterpiece, full stop.
One thing must be made clear, though; you need to abandon the childish notion that characters need to be likable. Remember the subject.

Despite some scenes that I just couldn't enjoy, this movie is amazing. It is quite complex. Definitely rewatchable.

What a beauty movie

8 Casino

I can honestly say that I liked it more than Goodfellas too. I would say the only con to this movie is that it's really long, and that the first 45 minutes were a kind of boring.

Best gangster film ever made. I liked it more than Goodfellas!

9 The Departed

Such a well written and complicated plot but that is part of what makes it great! Definitely some big surprises it's a great movie with a great cast!

Leonardo dicaprio and matt damon both are best... This should be on at least top 5

10 The Untouchables
The Contenders
11 Snatch
12 Gangster Squad

One of the most underrated movies ever. Gangster Squad is exciting, violent, stylish and well directed. The cast is really impressive with a lot of great actors. The soundtrack is awesome as well. A great gangster flick with tons of excellent sequences. Perfect entertainment from start to finish.

I saw this movie three times and I loved it even more each time I saw it. The more you watch it, the more you hear and see.

This is my number one favorite gangster movie, it has a great lineup, the performances are great, and there's tons of badass action, there's also grit, suspense, and even some comedy

13 L.A. Confidential
14 The Usual Suspects

Great story of gangsters. Made everyone believe in someone that didn't exist. Even the gangsters were very real in the mind. They yeah that's right

15 American Gangster
16 Carlito's Way

Carlito's Way, Amazing movie and better than Scarface.

17 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

A Classic! Why is layer cake not on this list?

18 Legend (2015)
19 Bonnie and Clyde
20 A Bronx Tale

Absolutely the best. I don't cry often but I cried at the end of this film.

21 Boyz 'N The Hood

Great movie, certainly not as good Goodfellas or The Godfather but should be a bit higher

22 Mobsters
23 White Heat

Raoul walsh is the best! This movie's so great, James Cagney is incredible. Both the screenplay and the directing are amazing! Even better than the godfather!

24 Rififi
25 Kick-Ass

Why is this movie on the list.

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