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1 Interview with the Vampire

Twilight is an embarrassment to the genre with a very dull, unattractive leading lady and a horridly cliche storyline. The only thing that sets it apart from other vampire films is the "pussification" (yes, I said it) of a creature that should be considered seductive yet notably dangerous nonetheless.

Interview with the vampire has more substance to it, is more complex than some teenage girl meeting some awkward boy who just so happens to be "unusual". The two are not even in the same league in terms of quality of story to be compared. Twilight is new "pop" age trash geared toward hormonal teens, whereas Interview with the Vampire is for a more mature audience.

This is the vampire movie, not a vampire movie. Who don't think so is probably somebody who don't know about the dark innocence of human's soul. I wish I could watch another movie like this one in future but actually I have lost any hope considering what people watch today.. Twilight? Seriously? So this is a vampire movie? It just need Frankenstein and there we go..

2 Twilight

Please read the book.
I just want to say stop hating on twilight. Everyone has a different opinion. If you think its bad then keep it to yourself or your friends just don't be so mean. Please. I'm just an 11 year old but I love twilight and whenever I hear or read some of the things people say about this I cry. It really hurts because I love it so much and that's my opinion. Please listen and stop the mean comments.

Twilight is the best vampire base movie. It does not have same and boring vampire things again and again. It has something new related to vampire concept a beautiful representation on the other hand an interview with vampire is a good movie but with very dark them and direction which I don't like

Twilight! It does not get better than that. Other producers, actors, actresses, and writers should take notes. Not one movie I watched even compared to the love and action in this movie. Best movie ever, and Edward and Bella are perfect for each other.

3 Underworld

I liked twilight the book but I'm afraid rob pattison ruined the movie for me eternally. Of course so did Kristen Stuarts emotionless expression throughout the three most possibly four movies. I enjoy underwold because of the sheer passion in the characters acting. They actually tried acting in this movie, although Jasper, Rosalie and emmetts actors were superb and don't assume I said those peeps because they were my favorite characters because they were not, I like them for their acting skills.

I'm sorry but twilight sucks. Its nothing but about elle and her decision... Wake up you either want the vamp or wolf pick one. Underworld is the number one vampire movie. It has everything you could ask for in a vampire movie. And perfect actors as well.

Best movie ever. Kate Beckensdale makes for one hot vampire. This movie has tons of action, some romance, and some mystery. Anyone who thinks Twilight is the best vampire movie obviously has no clue what a true vampire movie is supposed to be like.

4 The Lost Boys

Definitely should be #1. This is by far the greatest vampire movie of all time. Interview with a Vampire was terrible, honestly. I've given it many chances. Most of the time, I fell asleep because it was so boring. But even when I managed to get through it, I just felt like I wasted 2 hours of my life that I can never get back. Oh, and Tom Cruise is a douche! Twilight was a great love story that just happened to have vampires in it. And the fact that the vampires sparkle like big gay diamond-encrusted Ken dolls takes it down a notch. But Twilight was a good little movie, no disrespect, but that was disturbing. Lost Boys, on the other hand, was just a badass vampire movie! Lost Boys #1, Blade #2, 30 Days Of Night #3, and I don't know from there on if any of these even deserve to be on this list.

Star is my favorite character.
Star / Michael are my favorite couple and star / David are my second
Favorite couple. I hope star get pregnant with Michael baby.
Michael / star might have a son named after Sam

5 30 Days of Night

Vampires at their most vile and bloodthirsty nature? You don't see vampire movies that depict vampires as they really are? Its always sugar coated. But the upcoming Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter movie will follow this trend! And what a welcome sight? Vampires are disease just like AIDS OR CANCER which has to be iradicated and wiped out, before it infects another person. They are contagion.

Best vampire movie EVER! The vampires do not look like sparkling constipated models, nor like some gross wrinkly fetus. Another great vampire movie is Daybreakers.

Real vampire movie not any dumb romance movie with a sparkling vampire in it...

6 Bram Stoker's Dracula

If you value any other vampire film or T.V. series over this, you clearly don't know vampire lore at all. Dracula is the benchmark of what vampire lore is. Bram Stoker, the mastermind behind the creation of the Dracula lore (and hell, in my opinion, the writer of vampire lore itself), puts the final nail in the coffin as far as what vampires are really about. Something that this film does not do is pander to what I call "candy vampires." This film focuses on the nitty gritty of vampire lore and does so exquisitely. I like the harshness of it, the brutality, the absolute heart wrenching emotions delivered through it. I have to say that Gary Oldman's portrayal of Dracula was spot on. I highly recommend this film to vampire lore aficionados.

Gary oldman is great and so is hopkins in this movie. It's creepy, violent, sexual, and compelling. But what the hell is Twilight doing at number one? It sucks, at least Van Helsing had action that got somewhat interested in the plot. I fell asleep 13 times when I watched twilight.

7 Blade

Probably one of the best superhero movies of all time, yes it's a superhero movie as well as a vampire movie, but its definitely better than twilight, anybody who thinks that twilight was good is somebody that is wasting our precious oxygen.

An underrated Super-Hero movie, a rare vampire film that is actually entertaining to watch. Now if only we could get a Blade/Twilight Crossover?

Blade has always been a kickass movie! It never gets old watching him destroy vampires in all 3 movies.

8 Nosferatu

The first time I watched this I hated it, because of the nonstop pounding music, just too much. I know silent films had music throughout, but this was way over the top, pure distraction, and nausea inducing. Well, I watched it a second time, only this time I did so with the volume off... Let me tell you it was fantastic, especially for 1922. Without the music I was able to concentrate, and realize how good this was. The vampire scared the poop out of me!

To be completely honest, I only knew who Nosferatu was because of the SpongeBob episode called "The night shift". I did my research and watched the movie. It is very is from the 1920s so I didn't much out of it... But I highly recommend it. Definitely shows what a vampire is suppose to be like.

The absolute best representation of what a vampire, and a vampire movie, is supposed to be. Twilight is a love story not a vampire movie. Trust me there's a differance. Besides, the people in twilight aren't vampires anyway...

9 Fright Night

Fantastic movie. I think this should be number one, or Lost Boys. Fright Night had some camp, but it worked, Fantastic actors all around. Also Dracula starring Frank Longella made in 1979 should be on this list, a must see, really well done!

Twilight... I know it's good but I think this should be #1! It was an amazing movie with great actors in it. Especially Chris Sarandon! I would go buy it when you have a chance. This movie is really awesome! (: And by Fright Night, I mean the 1985 one.

This movies also have some good vampires in it. One of them if remember was the main villain in the movie and he also had a very famous scene.

10 Dracula (1931)

This is the master of all vampire's movie! The Lost boy is in the 10 top and Dracula? Don't make me cry (of blood tears of curse)

I first wanted to vote for Interview... But just because I'm a total fan of Rice!

This is very surprisingly not on here yet when it was one of the original vampire films. How come it isn't? Twilight has number one THIS doesn't even get honourable mentions?

This should be in the top 5... Yes it may seem a bit campy for today, but it is another that started it all. I still watch it every year in October, and I still love it!

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11 Van Helsing

I'm sorry guys but Van Helsing is the best vampire movie ever. Hugh jackman at his best. Its surely deserve top 5.

How is this not number 1. From the sexy brides of Dracula to the epic fight scenes and comedy! Loved it

This movie is fun, great special effects, and Hugh Jackman, love it!

12 From Dusk Till Dawn

Come on! Started as action then went all out vampire! George Clooney, Tarantino?! Come on! Plus I ended up with a girl crush on salma

Probably one of the greatest vampire movies ever! I could watch this over and over and never get tired.

This is the first vampire movie I've seen, back when I was so young. From then, I loved vampire action movies

13 Let The Right One In

In my opinion the best vampire movie made, by quite a long way too. If you want blood guts or glamour don't bother with this one. You get atmosphere and good acting instead. This should be at the top with interview and lost boys.

Twilight? TWILIGHT? Really. This movie is amazing, and I couldn't sit through 5 minutes of Twilight. I swear people these days don't know what a good movie is if it hit them in the face.

This list makes this website lose tons of credibility. Only 2 great movies on the top ten, and Let The Right One In is not even in the top 20! What a joke!

14 Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned best vampire movie ever Aaliyah embodied the vamp Queen Akasha so good channel T.V. guides ranked Aaliyah number 18 on T.V. guide's sexiest beasts of All time she got into this character great and she was beautiful the Green eyes were so beautiful on her face Wow and let's not forget Aaliyah Dance moves she is one of the best Dancers of All time love you Aaliyah.

As a big fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, I was very disappointed in this. Rather poor production values, a poor mis-mosh adaptation of parts of 2 solid books, and, despite decent performances by 2 leads, very poor characterizations of the other vampires and a weak supporting cast.

Amazing vampire movie if you like a twist between vampires and love And the guy who play lestat is sexy! The music in this movie is amazing, enough said.

15 Blade 2

This movie is so boring

Buffy is also a film..

16 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It's awesome and so romantic! I can't believe that people choose twilight over this!

We're talking about the movie here that came out before the series!

I love this show so awesome show that women have power too!

17 Dark Shadows

Awesome movie, funny, romantic and just what I wanted!

Funny and entertaining

18 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
19 Horror of Dracula

The best Dracula movie hands down. Christopher Lee is the best Dracula ever and Peter Cushing shines as Van Helsing. 10/10.

20 Let Me In

Why so low? Because people like the new seaquel stuff to Twilight? Seriously, don't watch Twilight and say it's the best, and most scariest vampire movie. Especially is it's the first vampire movie you've ever seen. Don't limit your choices, watch some other vampire movies (Let Me In, Lost Boys, Interview With a Vampire etc.. ) with all the vanpire movies out there, Twilight seriously should be in like... #40 not #2.

Let the Right One In is an amazing film, but the American remake is even better. Normally American re-makes butcher the foreign-film(ex. Vanilla Sky/Open Your Eyes), but this one manages to improve on the original. I think the two leads give very strong performances, especially Moretz, and give this film real bite. So much better than the Twilight nonsense. If any of the Cullens ran into Abby they would run for the hills.

Let Me In's love story owns Twilight and the 3 others combined. Great movie, really worth the time. Fell in love with Chloe Grace Moretz. And yes, Twilight can suck Harry Potter's You-Know-What!

21 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Why is this so low on the list? It was different, but in a good way... I loved it, very entertaining, and good actors and story.

What's better than guys killing vampires? Abe Lincoln killing vampires that's what

22 Hotel Transylvania

This movie is my childhood. The last time I watched it was in 2021, but when the movie started my best friend called me. She wanted to play videogames with me so I did, it's one of the happiest memories I have of her.

I'm proud to say that this movie is awesome and much better than twilight.

23 John Carpenter's Vampires

A modern vampire film done with a western motif. Strong performances by cast including James Woods and Alec Baldwin. Plenty of action, yet including many horror and suspense elements as well. Soundtrack is very well done.

Great movie underrated

24 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

It is a perfect blend of romance and fantasy! Edward and Bella! Love you both! Jacob take care of renesmee! Wish the saga could continue...

Shocking? Yes! Worth watching? Definitely. This movies is what makes the twilight series worth while.

I've never saw a film like twilight... I've been staying all of day watching 5 series.. it's just amazing.. I started to see again again this film.. and I'am still so in love with this film.. I want new series of it :').. Don't miss twilight!

25 Blacula
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