Top 10 Coen Brothers Movies

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1 The Big Lebowski

I admit that No Country for Old Men is probably a better film than The Big Lebowski, but this film is so much more in the style of the Coen brothers. This film didn't give a crap about being a money making enterprise. This film was made to make a film that people would have a laugh at, such a rare quality in films these days.

The perfect blend of comedy and mystery; I've always loved this movie. It's certainly a good thing this film has had a resurgence in popularity and hasn't gone too under the radar. Far more complex and intricate than the stoner comedy it might first come off as. View at as many times as you like; you'll always laugh.

2 No Country for Old Men

Knowing that this film followed the narrative perfectly did not tamp down the despair for our world magnified at the end.

As much as I love "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?", this is the boss. The acting and action are professional and intense.

My first and my favorite. A deeply entertaining film from start to finish.

3 Fargo

Frances McDormand is amazing. I smile every time I think of her performance. What can you say about William Macey? He was brilliant! Throw in the inept bad guys and the whole northern Minnesota accent and environment, and you have their best film among so many that are marvelous and not the usual Hollywood film movies.

You know when a film is special when you can watch it again and again, like this one is for me. If you've never seen this film then you obviously don't do movies or are still wearing nappies!

4 O Brother, Where Art Thou?

As usual, the Coen brothers' combination of unique dialogue and colorful characters makes for a thoroughly entertaining film. Also, the golden hue to the outdoor scenes was breathtaking. Definitely one of my favorites.

I didn't know they also made Raising Arizona. These guys are brilliant. Raising Arizona was completely original, and so was O'Brother.

O'Brother's look, dialog and music made for a great film. I think it was highly underrated. Great movie.

In a time where 9/11 had everyone down... this movie brought a smile to our faces and distracted us from a day that know one will forget... even if for a short time. God bless the Coen brothers!

5 Raising Arizona

Such a hard choice. ALL of these films deserve to be on the best films of all time! Let alone best Coen Brother films. The directing and producing, and script came naturally.

Still my favorite Coen brothers film. Great cast. The dialogue and characters were unique. I know it by heart after having watched it so many times.

I absolutely LOVE this movie...the dialogue, the music, the performances of everyone is fantastic. My favorite Coen brothers movie, by far.

6 Miller's Crossing

Absolute gem of a movie and weirdly underrated. A theatrical bomb on initial release but revived to live again on DVD. High production values, fabulous acting, direction and settings. The real charm here is the script; one of the wittiest you'll ever hear. Bravo cohens!

Haunting theme, razor sharp dialogue a thinking mans gangster epic.

Brilliant gangster movie - very brainy, not bloody!

7 Barton Fink

In its own way, a wonderful horrible story - Goodman is scary!

8 True Grit

As a true fan of the original ( filmed in my home town ) I can say the Coen Brothers did a spectacular work. They kept the language of the original ( and the book ) and worked their magic bringing out the true feel of the period and the story as well as great, moving music and great acting ( very subtle, not over sensationalized or modernized ) - a true masterpiece.

When rented this movie on amazon I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure wether it was good or bad. However I was treated to an exciting well acted superb movie with beautiful landscapes and 1 awesome shoot out at the end. I am 29 and me and my wife love the cone brothers and have seen all their movies. Her favorite is Fargo but true grit is and will always be my favorite P.S No Country For Old men is also great and is a close second

9 Burn After Reading

No12 How dare you, this is a laugh riot, brilliant from the start, right thtough to that very last scene.

Fantastic through and through. The most ridiculous plot I've ever seen.

Love this movie! Great cast but Brad Pitt and Francis McDermand are show stoppers!

10 Blood Simple

"This fabulous thriller I saw at a $1 theatre when it first came out and was most so unexpected because it was so great.(The Sleeper! ) It is one of my top favorite movies because it is pure genius and the tension is perverbious, acting great, thru and thru. This film was "their earliest baby " and the Coen Brothers continue to grow and grow with their talents!

Terrific thriller and little known Coen Brothers film. It's got great suspense and a terrific resolution. If you need something a bit off the grid, but thoroughly worth watching, see if you can find this one.

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11 A Serious Man

From "Look at that parking lot..." to "The teeth, don't know, Message from Haschem, don't know, helping other people, couldn't hurt" outstanding writing.

Partying in that time period at the neighbor's home was spot on!

12 Inside Llewyn Davis

Loved this movie. A quiet movie with a great story, great music and the lighting was beautiful.

Great music, great story. Sadly shows that sometimes it takes more than talent to make it.

In my top 3 Coen Brothers, such a good film.

13 The Hudsucker Proxy

The Hudsucker Proxy is by far the most under-rated of the Coen Brother's movies. It may not make the top five, but it easily slips into the top ten.

14 The Man Who Wasn't There

There are a lot of movies that tells us about "life".
But this is the most powerful one.
Great performances from all the actors.

Superb... The camera work, the music (can not go wron with Beethoven) the script and the cast... Brilliant, simply Brilliant.

15 The Ladykillers

This is my favorite of all! I had the hardest time trying to find a copy of this movie and it will definitely be one of those things I will grab first if I ever have to evacuate my home in an emergency. The story line was one of the best and yes, there is a ginger tabby cat who steals the show!

16 The Tragedy of Macbeth
17 Intolerable Cruelty
18 Hail, Caeser!

Contrary to other opinions, this movie nailed the atmospherics of the early 50's, both in the movie industry and in the country as a whole. Every second had either great settings, lines, or inferences - very deep and nuanced with some hilarity thrown in and mixed well as it came up dripping with irony!

I expected too much, I guess. Not worth my time.

19 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Very different with some great, some good and some OK segments. But, all in all I enjoyed it and recommend it as worth while watch.

20 Paris, I Love You
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