Top 10 Wizard of Oz Characters

Top 10 characters from hit fantasy movie The Wizard of Oz and its sequels. It is considered one of the greatest films of all time, holds the record for the most seen film in history, and has numerous sequel films.
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1 Dorothy Gale

She is the BEST character in the film. She tries desperately to get home and was loyal to her friends and took them to see the wizard.

I love Dorothy. She's my favourite character in The Wizard of Oz!

She is so beautiful and kind. She should be #1.

2 The Wicked Witch of the West

You dropped your house on my sister?! How could anyone be so unbelievably clumsy!?
The role of the Wicked Witch of the West is by far the most challenging ( lion is probably second) and Margaret Hamilton pulled it off.
P.S. and the munchkin with the certificate of death is the coroner.

She was a great villain and had some of the most quotable lines. Her presence was known whenever she showed up on the screen. She was very terrifying and entertaining to watch, causing conflict in the story. A Classic and unforgettable antagonist.

3 Glinda the Good Witch

She is the best character in the movie. And she is a big inspiration to me. I really want to be her in my dancing classes.

The Oz, the Great and Powerful picture makes me not want to vote for her, but she is one of the top five.

She is awesome and I might be her in a play at school!

4 The Scarecrow

Not only is he very funny and smart, but also in my opinion one of the most caring characters in the movie. (No offence Tin Man) He always looked the most concerned and empathetic for Dorothy, and she even said herself she'd miss him the most. He was also the only one who hugged her at the end.

How Amusing he is, He has came so far to get a role like this, so proud of him I can just combust, He's got it for me!

He has a great song and and very awesome dance routine.

5 The Cowardly Lion

He's one of my favorite characters in any movie ever. The stuff he does is hilarious, and he brings comedy to the film.

He's extremely funny and filled with personality, he's half the reason I love the movie.

He is my favourite character! So loveable and adorable. Plus, I love cats!

6 Wicked Witch of the East
7 Auntie Em

One of the more developed characters, despite her small screen/page time.

8 The Tin Man

Such an underrated character. I don't know if he deserves #1, but he should be up there.

9 Miss Gulch

I love to hate her. She is wonderfully evil.

10 Toto

He is amazing because he is almost like a human being. He loves Dorothy and went on the journey with her. When Dorothy was locked in the witches castle, Toto went to get the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion to come rescue Dorothy.

Although Toto was a he, the dog who played him was a she. But who cares? A nice little dog all the same.

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? May
? China Girl
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11 Annie Gale
12 The Wizard of Oz

His lines through out the movie are fabulous, especially as he's handing things out!

I love the wizard the best because I had a play and played him. He is an amazing person

That's not true. The Lord of the Rings isn't about Sauron.

13 Winged Monkeys

Well they are the funniest monkeys I have ever seen, also they can fly and the way they look totally FREAKS ME OUT! I have more to say to tell you why they are the best characters but that is all I am going to say

I play Nikko in my play and him and he's Monkeys are the best characters. Even though Nikko is the only who actually gets more then 2 minute screen time they are still all great especially Nikko.

Clearly the best character in the movie, although only appears for about 2 minutes total.

14 Princess Ozma
15 Lollipop Guild
16 Uncle Henry
17 Angry Apple Tree
18 City Farmer
19 Talking Tree
20 Emerald City Gatekeeper
21 Jellia Jamb
22 Professor Marvel
23 Mombi
24 Nurse Wilson
25 Munchkin Mayor

I was the mayor in a play. Truly, he is awesome.

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