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1 Foodfight!

"Foodfight!" isn't just a bad animated movie. It's a legendary disaster that has to be seen to be believed. Sure, the filmmakers were clearly ambitious when designing the movie, but they made every single wrong decision you can possibly make when putting it together.

From its horrendous animation to its extraordinarily unfunny and often child-unfriendly humor, to its worthless story and charmless characters, "Foodfight!" sinks to depths lower than any other family films have ever sunk to. It's so nauseatingly misguided that it makes the terrible "Shark Tale" look like "Toy Story 2".

And unlike bad movies like "The Cat in the Hat" (the Mike Myers film) and "The Room", it's not a so-bad-it's-good movie. Those two movies, and more, were daft, quotable, and just plain fun because they sucked, but "Foodfight!" is a horrifying experience with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Watch it once to see how bad it is, and never go back. And please don't buy it as a joke.

2 Where the Dead Go to Die

Words really can't describe how terrible this abomination of a movie is. In fact, it's so bad that it doesn't even deserve to be #1 on the Worst Animated Movies of All Time list. It deserves to be sent straight to hell and never brought back. If you want something that will legitimately scar you for life, like your first time watching Boku no Pico and 2 Girls One Cup, then this is the film for you. The creators did probably every wrong thing you could do to an animated film.

Step 1: A dumb title. "Where the Dead Go to Die". It's good to see that the creator of this garbage made it past the second grade.

Step 2: Bad animation. This is a horror film, but the animation itself is probably enough to scare the hell out of you. It's worse than Foodfight!'s animation.

Step 3: Crappy voice acting. It is probably the worst form of voice acting I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot of it before. You have to hear it to really understand how terrible it is. At least Foodfight!'s acting had a little bit of charisma. The actors for this film honestly sounded like they weren't even trying.

Step 4: Terrible story... wait, was there even a plot to this movie? Honestly, I was completely confused from beginning to end. The film's plot made very little sense and just a bunch of random crap happens.

Step 5: The shock factor. This is actually what throws you off away from the film's main plot. I'm not joking when I say this: there's a chance that the people who made this film could've been arrested for the stuff they put in it. I'll just give one example: A little boy gets violated by a dog in one scene... That should be reason enough for you not to tempt yourself to see it.

If you think that no other film could possibly be worse than Foodfight!, then you are drop dead wrong. This film gives you a glimpse of what Hell is probably like, and that's nothing to be proud of. And I'm not even going to bother watching When Black Birds Fly. I saw the... more

3 Titanic: The Legend Goes On

What the hell happened here? What kind of twisted imagery did I just watch? It raised many questions after I barely got past the whole film. Mainly: Why did this thing even exist? This is truly one of the most confusing, if not the most pathetic, attempt to make a "children's movie" with talking animals, bad animation, badly done characters, and even worse dialogue. It's no wonder nobody knew anything about this film. Probably because everyone did whatever they could to forget about it and wipe its existence off the face of the internet.

4 Ratatoing

They didn't even bother to hide that this was a shameful ripoff of Ratatouille, which is a masterpiece and, in my opinion, the greatest Pixar movie ever made!

Seriously? Whose bright idea was it to make this piece of... I can't even give it a name. It's that flipping terrible. I can't believe that some idiot company would rip off, insult, and mock a genuinely good movie, especially one coming from Disney or Pixar. Although I've got to admit, I haven't watched the whole film. Because I couldn't. I only managed like 8 minutes of it because it's just so hard to watch and impossible to enjoy.

I mean, come on, this THING is aimed at kids. I don't think kids would enjoy this movie very much, let alone adults. And by judging the animation, it looks like a very badly animated Chuck E Cheese flick that it's horrifying. The graphics are even worse. They look as if the film was still in development or something. Or like they've made it in 5 minutes, while Pixar and Disney take YEARS to make. In fact, all of the films in the company's library are like this, because they rush it just to get it out at the same time as the other, not to mention the much, much better film as it comes out in cinemas.

Okay, you know how I said that I've not seen the whole film. I didn't watch the film itself, I've watched a few clips of the film from a bad review on YouTube. It was more than enough to make me understand that this is probably the worst movie I've ever watched. In the film, there is no character development. There's no plot, no storyline. The characters look as creepy as the devil and don't do anything. All they do is just talk and talk and talk about what the secret recipe is.

And the way their mouths move when they speak... ugh! Disgusting! It's basically just filler, wasting about an hour or something of precious time where you could've watched a film that was trillions of times better, like Ratatouille in this case. Or Inside Out, The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Mad Max, Star Wars, Fast and Furious, How To Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, Toy Story... Anything! Anything is better than this tripe, even Frozen. Heck, even... more

5 Norm of the North

The movie is okay in some ways. Let me outline the pros and cons of this movie.

- Olympia (A genius who is usually the voice of reason to her mom and Norm)
- The 'Whatever' lady (Relatable)

- Animation (Although the animation is the heaven of awful movies, it still sucks. There are unusual camera shots, and the movement of the characters sometimes feels fast-paced. For example, the scene where Mr. Greene was dancing with Norm when he got hired)
- Personalities (Some characters are usually very bland and show very little personality traits)
- Characters (Although I like some characters, like Olympia, there are characters which I despise. These include the lemmings and bird. The lemmings are just 'there' as plain backup characters, while the bird is plain annoying. I just wish he was shot to pieces.)

6 A Car's Life

The animation is terrible. There's a lot of filler. All the characters are annoying and/or stupid (Speedy in particular. At one point I was rooting for a guy who tried to kill her). The plot is dull and uninteresting, which is not made better by the fact that you won't really care about any of the annoying or stupid characters. The message is also poorly executed. It tries to be "it's good to be careful, but it's also okay to take some risks," but comes across as "Being careful is important. Just kidding. Feel free to do something stupid and dangerous."

7 The Emoji Movie

Where do I begin? The designs are horrendous, it's ridiculously boring and unfunny, and the characters are so bland and unlikable. This might as well be called the cliché movie because that's what it is. A pile of clichés taken from better movies. But one thing that bugs me is the premise.

Everyone talks about how it's ripping off Wreck-It Ralph, Inside Out, and The Lego Movie, and they're right. But this movie does it in the worst way possible. I mean, let's get into the mind of a kid for a second. Doesn't every kid imagine what their toys do when they aren't around? Don't a lot of kids think that characters from movies and games have their own lives? Doesn't everyone, kid or not, imagine what's going on in someone else's head or how it works? Yes.

Admit it, you all thought of these things at one point. I certainly did. But who the heck imagines what emojis do? No one! Why would we? It doesn't make sense!

8 Doogal

This film is a bit like Bubsy 3D, in that it was originally known as "The Magic Roundabout," but for some reason at the last minute they decided to shove this thing in the US. While it's nowhere near as bad as The Emoji Movie, it still shows why this shouldn't be happening. Its biggest problem is that it feels like a disorder of another movie - it clearly takes the story from The Lord of the Rings.

As a result, this movie feels like a jumbled, unoriginal mess. Our protagonist starts out to get candy, but then discovers his adventures, so he decides to go with his friends. It feels like what was planned as two movies were merged into one due to how the two settings clash. The mediocre animation does not help its case.

9 The Little Panda Fighter

Foodfight! was much better than this. At least those characters were original and had potential if the animation and dialogue were better. They could have kept the Grocery Store mascot idea with the same characters, animated the movie much better, and given us a great turning point or climax. Dex and Daredevil Dan actually had good designs and were likable, especially compared to this abomination, The Little Panda Fighter.

Not only is it a rip-off of Kung Fu Panda, but the characters are hideous and have broken models. Their bodies distort and wrinkle at the weirdest points in time, making me slightly grossed out and very disturbed. The animation is terrible and looks like a PS1 game, if not worse. The lip-sync is completely off, the story itself was boring as hell, and the ending was a disappointment. But that shouldn't even matter because the whole movie was, too. This movie belongs in the depths of Hell.

How this is rated below some of the above movies, like The Nut Job, My Little Pony, Doogal, Frozen, and even Foodfight, is a question that should never even have had to be asked. Before you vote Foodfight as the number one spot on this list, I beg of you, watch The Little Panda Fighter first. I just did, and I have wasted 50 precious minutes of my life that I will never get back. I regret ever making the decision to watch this movie and see just how bad it really was because, trust me, it lived up to the rumors.

10 Mars Needs Moms

The motion-capture is uncanny and awkward. The plot repeats itself three times to fill the 90-minute mark. The characters are all horrible, especially our protagonist. This film pulls the "they're dead, but then they're not dead" card to an insulting degree.

The film tells the children watching that if you're ever a well-behaved, good kid towards your mother, you are at risk of getting your mother kidnapped by aliens. This film even has the gall to spout a bunch of pro-family nonsense, saying how nuclear families are the only fit family types. As a member of a non-traditional family, this infuriates me. This film deserves its place as the biggest animated box office bomb of all time, and let's hope that ImageMovers Digital stays dead along with this movie.

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11 Eight Crazy Nights

The fourth crappy Christmas movie I have reviewed and it's by the same company that made Jack and Jill. The humor is some of the worst I have heard. Everyone sounds monotone, except the old man, who has a super obnoxious high-pitched voice. The reindeer who eats poop are the stuff of nightmares.

While technically the animation is superior to that in Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, it makes up for it by having the old man's design be the most uncanny thing ever. The story is so badly written that people are out of control by making it! Another huge problem is, similar to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, this movie is mostly filler.

There is a hilariously bad song that is absolutely unbearable. A bland Chinese waiter (seriously - his name is "Mr. Chang") and an obnoxious old man make this the most tedious, annoying thing ever.

12 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

Okay, the first Hoodwinked was good. The animation may have been awful, but it made up for it with good characters, a good story, and good humor.

But THIS!? This is nothing but TERRIBLE! The characters become stupid, Red doesn't even learn her lesson, and the animation barely improved! That elevator scene has me scarred for life, by the way!

In the end, this movie is the WORST.

The first Hoodwinked was a good movie, even though its animation looks like it was taken from a PS1. The movie makes up for it with a smart story, memorable characters, and good humor. However, when the Weinstein Company released a sequel six years later, it ruined the franchise and bombed at the box office. Additionally, this movie had a plot that had nothing to do with the first film.

Also, the animation didn't improve much, going from PS1 to PS2 quality. In this movie, the characters were stereotypical and didn't maintain the charm of the original. At least the voice actors were still the same. I recommend not watching this and suggest watching The Peanuts Movie or Minions instead.

13 Elf Bowling: The Movie

I agree that the idea of Santa transitioning from a pirate to Father Christmas sounds like an interesting paper idea, but that's where it stops. This movie introduces new plots but dismisses them so quickly that we did not have time to actually see them. It starts with Santa as the captain of some pirates who steal toys for gold. This sounds interesting, but as I said, it's told with no explanation or substance, and it's removed so quickly. Oh yes, the zenith of the humor is about pooping in a peanut barrel. I will say nothing else about that.

Santa has a brother named Dingle, who cheats in a game of bowling with Santa. That's another deduction. Bowling is the title of the movie, but it's just shoehorned into it like Plankton in Atlantis SquarePantis. The plot is too "busy" for bowling to even be in it. Anyway, Santa and Dingle sword duel over bowling, which leads to them falling into icy waters, freezing them. They wash up on shore, where three elves find them. They have this orb thing - I don't care where it came from. It's just there. The orb melts the ice off Dingle and Santa, and Santa's behind catches on fire from the orb, which makes the elves sing a song about it. I actually laughed at this scene, but for the wrong reason. The elves actually enjoy being in pain, which seems very strange. That's just a sample of the plot or beginning of the movie. This movie suffers from a poor plot, poor characters, laughably awful humor, and poor animation that would make The Nut Job 2 blush.

The fact that Frozen is ranked above Ratatoing, Elf Bowling, The Nut Job, The Emoji Movie, and Norm of the North is just stupid. Frozen deserves way better than this. That movie had a great plot, great characters, beautiful animation, memorable songs, and many moments where I blushed seeing my favorite character sing "For the First Time in Forever."

14 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

You know that episode of SpongeBob where Plankton smells terrible because he smells like failure? That's what Walt the Pig smells like, failure! Also, how is this only 42 when Frozen is 7, Brave is 31, and The Lego Movie is 20? And I wasn't even that big a fan of The Lego Movie. But at least it had good animation, wasn't a rip-off of Charlotte's Web, and people actually LIKED IT.

What did THIS movie score? A 1.3 on IMDb, 12% from the Rotten Tomatoes audience (it used to be 0%), and 16% on Google users. The other three movies scored at least 7.2 on IMDb, and 76% on Rotten Tomatoes from the audience and 79% from the critics. By the way, if you haven't noticed, this movie really sucks. I wasn't that big a fan of The Lego Movie, but it wasn't THAT BAD. And Brave and Frozen are good movies!

15 The Nut Job

The only redeeming qualities of this movie are that some of the voice acting is decent, and there was one moment that made me chuckle. Everything else about it ranges from bad to horribly awful. The humor consists of terrible puns, pitiful attempts at slapstick, and random instances of bodily functions. So yeah, the humor is basically non-existent. The main character is extremely unlikable. I realize that the point is that he's supposed to learn his lesson, but we still need to be able to root for him!

All of the designs look like they're ripped from somewhere. The animation itself is okay for the most part, but there are certain instances where the motions have no weight to them. This film looks like it was rendered on a Commodore 64 and has no sense of what culture or era it wants to represent. The cars and buildings look distinctly '50s, but the bad guys talk like they're from the '30s. Not to mention that the soundtrack consists of modern pop songs.

Speaking of which, what on Earth is "Gangnam Style" doing in this movie? It randomly starts playing during one scene, as well as during the end credits, but still makes no sense in context. The song most certainly does not fit the era they're trying to represent. The lyrics of the song are not appropriate for the film's target audience. And worst of all, this is clearly a shameless attempt at pandering to the kiddies by being "hip" and "cool." Here's the problem: "Gangnam Style" was a dated trend a year before this film was even released.

Also, the film has very strange editing and cinematography at certain parts. Overall, this is an extremely incompetently made film, and no one should ever have to endure the displeasure that comes from watching it. While I don't think it's the worst animated film ever, it's definitely the worst animated film of 2014, and it deserves every bit of hate it gets.

16 Frozen

Frozen is definitely not the worst animated movie out there. It's only the fact that it refuses to go away that makes it my vote. They keep dragging this movie through the dirt and trying to make it into something that it's not. Mini-movies, t-shirts, plushes, and toys, everything has and will have Frozen on it.

From how much hype this movie has gotten, I feel like it would make the movie feel like such a disappointment for someone who had never seen it before. The movie is actually not that bad of a children's movie. It's just a case of extreme overhype that got out of hand and destroyed anything this movie had to offer.

17 Cars 2

While I initially thought this movie was decent, further reflection made me realize how terrible it is. The plot essentially rehashes the first movie's problem, but with more characters who don't really contribute much. The first film was clichéd, but it's impossible to count all the clichés used in this one, such as the main protagonist not wanting his friend to hang out with the bad boy.

The comedy in this movie is somehow more childish than in the first, and the animation only makes that more obvious. Oh, and Mater got much more screen time than necessary. If it weren't for the sequel to Frozen, I would have given up here.

18 My Little Pony: The Movie

I would put "Friendship Is Magic" up here too, then. All My Little Pony generations are girly, even "Friendship Is Magic." You think it's not girly because it's anime style, and this is the plot of the first episode from 1986: The ponies are on their way to Flutter Valley for the "Sun Tuesday" celebration with the Flutter Ponies. Meanwhile, the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom are busy hatching a plan to destroy Flutter Valley and the Ponies, allying with an army of giant bees to get their revenge on the Flutter Ponies. The bees steal the precious Sun Stone, and if the Flutter Ponies can't get it back, their home will be destroyed.

19 A Troll in Central Park

Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of sappiness in animated films every now and then. Films such as My Neighbor Totoro and the 2006 Animal Crossing movie are good examples of films with no stakes or drama, but they teach us valuable life lessons to help us in life and are very therapeutic to watch. This film, not so much.

This is the kind of film that expects you to have its life lessons shoved down your throat, but they only come off as "manipulate your parents to give them what you want" or "dreams happen in an instant," which is just totally not true. Plus, you grow out of brattiness when you're an adult and have a proper job. And of course, the film's sappiness does overstay its welcome, without giving people a chance to breathe.

20 Tappy Toes

This movie ripped off Happy Feet! Once you read the name and there's a penguin, you know it ripped off Happy Feet! Even the name is a rip-off!

I'm not sure what to think about this... I'm not even sure what to think about the creators... Do penguins even have toes... I'm not sure

Honesty I really like the animation/art style but other than that, the movie is a fart.

21 Tentacolino

Why did they actually make a sequel? Wasn't that god-awful animated Titanic movie enough to scar moviegoers? Did they really have to scar us even more with bad animation and an even more ridiculous plot than the last film? It amazes me how the people behind these movies continued to insult our intelligence as a species by downgrading an already terrible movie to something that's just unbearable.

1. The rapping dog was in Titanic: The Legend Goes On, which didn't have a sequel. This is a sequel from The Legend of the Titanic.
2. Learn how to draw an octopus.
3. Make a Horrible Histories animated Titanic movie, then it's more accurate to what happened. Not everyone lived happily ever after.
4. Whoever did this made a cartoon of my favorite toy when I was little, Puppy in my Pocket.

22 The Lego Movie

"This movie was awesome (and everything is awesome!)" Thus, the word "awesome" has lost all meaning.

And no, I would not enjoy Barney or Dora. You people incessantly praising this movie would! Really, it has just as much substance as those.

I agree that this movie definitely could have been much better, and that the plot was very overdone, but I don't think it deserves the #15 spot on the worst movies of all time. I have definitely seen far worse movies than this that aren't even on here (The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit).

23 Bible Town

The animation in this movie is just awful, and what was the whole plot of the movie again? Please, someone tell me because I forget. The only reason this exists is for Christian families to watch and learn Bible verses. That's literally it.

24 What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!

People say this movie's a ripoff of Up (that great Pixar movie), but I don't think it is. Really, I don't! Unless there was a racist scene in Up that I missed. Plus, how is this movie ranked lower than The Lego Movie?

This needs to be higher. Plus, this movie is very offensive to Chinese people because Guto never calls Ching Ling by his real name. He always refers to him as "the Chinese guy," "Beijing," and "China."

It's not really a ripoff of Up. Only the cover is supposed to look like Up's so people accidentally buy it. The movie itself is horrible, though.

25 The Wild

This movie is really dumb. The plot is extremely stupid. Here is a summary: The son is sad because his dad is so awesome, and he feels like a loser. The son does not go to his dad's game. The son's friends ruin the dad's game, but the dad is still mad at the son for some reason. The son wants to go to the wild because he can roar, and apparently, going to the jungle is magically supposed to make you roar. The son goes in a big shipping crate. The second the shipping crate closes, the son decides he doesn't want to go to the wild. The dad makes a feeble attempt to save his son.

The dad gets his friends to come and help him save the son. The dad talks to a drunk bird. The dad and friends go in a garbage truck. A squirrel falls off. The garbage truck goes into an alley and starts trying to murder them. They don't get murdered. Some dogs start chasing them because apparently, dogs are now unafraid of animals 15 times their own size. The dad is too stupid to fight the dogs.

The dad and friends go into the sewers. Crocodile 1 and Crocodile 2 scare the crap out of them before giving them directions. The dad and friends hijack a boat. The squirrel comes in riding Canadian geese. A goose says "eh" 5 billion times. >>insert multiple offensive Canadian puns/references<<. They go across the ocean to an island that is about to explode. Wild animals are for some reason walking in orderly lines onto a big boat.

The son thinks it is a wonderful idea to run off into the jungle that is about to be exploded by a volcano instead of waiting on the big boat to go back home. The dad and friends follow the son. The dad doesn't eat a gopher thing, and the friends find out he isn't from the wild (wow, what a shocking plot twist). >>insert Dad's very emotional confession<<. >>insert 15 minutes worth of the son and dad and friends wandering around aimlessly in the jungle<<.

The dad ditches his friends. Cannibal buffaloes capture... more

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