Top 10 Best Music Directors in India

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1 A. R. Rahman Allah-Rakha Rahman, is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician and philanthropist.

There's no doubt that Ilayaraja, R.D. Burman, M.S.V., and Nadeem Shravan are great musicians, but they are limited to particular regions or languages. A.R. Rahman, on the other hand, has unified India through music and has even taken it to the global stage. He is a true wonder in the world of music.

He is an international competitor and ranks in the top 3 in any part of India. I would agree with his rating in Bollywood. When it comes to all of India, he should be number 1.

Listening to his first mesmerizing score from Roja (1992) will make anyone understand the strong influence he has had on Indian music. Most Bollywood audiences started listening to his music around 1993 or 1994. This led to other musicians being influenced by his innovation and trendsetting.

2 Ilaiyaraaja

I have a small, yet very significant, request for all the dear ones who read this comment. A.R. Rahman, without any doubt, is a legend in the Indian music industry. He has produced a number of gems. However, don't ever try to listen to the songs composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja after hearing Rahman's electronic sounds. If you know what real music is, you will never be able to stop listening to his songs.

Ilaiyaraaja has wonderfully interwoven Indian classical and Western music over the past 37 years. You will get addicted to him. He has the most number of national awards, shared with Rahman. He is the one who has inspired me the most. I salute you, Ilaiyaraaja sir. My God.

3 RD. Burman

If someone says that R.D. Burman is just a regional music director or limited to only a particular region, please check his legacy, which goes way back to the 60s. He was ahead of his time, an ageless creator of music. His creations inspired not only Indians but budding stars from all over the world, including the US, UK, Russia, France, Germany, as well as Korea. You will find lots of resemblances in their later music with those created by him long ago. He also used nature to create music.

Nowadays, fusion and techno effects are quite easily controlled and used, unlike in his time. Just imagine: who would have thought of using a comb, a bottle, or gargling as a source of music for one of the prominent scores?

4 Nadeem Shravan

They are the masters of all without any doubt. The melody they have created is unbelievable. They have tons of hits, and the surprising thing is that after 25 years, those legendary songs are still playing everywhere.

It's unthinkable, unbelievable. Even Michael Jackson's songs are not this popular. Not all of MJ's songs play everywhere after 20 or 25 years of creation!

Nadeem-Shravan produced historic hits and great compositions. Unfortunately, severe conspiracies were spread against one of the great music directors, Nadeem-Shravan. Without Nadeem-Shravan, Indian music is nothing more than trash.

5 Yuvan Shankar Raja Yuvan Shankar Raja is an Indian singer-songwriter, film score and soundtrack composer, and occasional lyricist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

He is one of the music directors who has worked on all kinds of movies in Tamil cinema, such as village, don, commercial, and masala films. He can attract audiences to the movie solely because of his music. Such is his fan base.

Even though some of his recent works haven't resonated with the general audience, the number of people who like him remains unchanged. I won't say U1 will make a comeback. His music will touch all hearts soon, and you will feel the vintage U1 again.

Really, Yuvan touches my soul. His best album is "Pudupettai." He is one of the most talented music directors, but he is not good at choosing the right movies.

He should focus on the story and aim to deliver the best albums. In recent years, his soulful, magical music has been missing. He needs a comeback.

6 Himesh Reshammiya

His tunes are amazing. He is innovative. I know there are many others in the industry who have created some of the best compositions of their times. But what's best about HR is that he never lets his stakeholders go with albums that are less than mediocre. He delivers what is needed.

Thumbs up, Himesh. You rock. In recent times, I personally feel that other pursuits have distracted him a lot. Those songs he has sung, if sung by other singers, would have done wonders. The reason for saying so is that not everyone can listen to the same sound again and again. There needs to be a limit.

If he aligns his skills correctly, there will be a tsunami of music. Indeed, 36 hits in 6 months is testimony.

7 Rajesh Roshan

Rajesh Roshan is the best music director, and Udit Narayan is the best singer.

Rajesh Roshan was good earlier, but now his music is older and not interesting.

Rakesh Roshan was the music director. Nobody could defeat him in music.

8 Anu Malik

After NS, I would give second position to both Anand-Milind and Anu Malik. If we search for a composer with tremendous diversity and versatility in music, Anu Malik comes first. I don't think there is a single genre that Anu Malik hasn't tried.

He has experimented with every style of composing and every type of instrument, bringing diversity to each song while maintaining its melody. Unfortunately, his mannerless and senseless behavior, both on Indian Idol and in the professional field, has downgraded his name and fame.

9 Anand Milind

After Nadeem-Shravan, I give second position to both Anand-Milind and Anu Malik. There is no doubt that Anand-Milind were the first composer duo who brought some sweet, cute naughtiness, and comedy and humor with melody. They both really deserve a second chance.

He has created fabulous music of the '90s era. I think they should come back with their melodies.

Producers and directors should give them a break in big banners.

10 Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore FRAS, also written Ravīndranātha Thākura, sobriquet Gurudev, was a Bengali polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art with Contextual Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I simply reject any list where A.R. Rahman tops the list, and the names of Shankar Jaikishan are not even mentioned. And of course, the greatest legend, Rabindranath Tagore, trickles down to number six. Why has Naushad Ali not been considered at all?

Indeed, A.R. Rahman is a great composer, but has he surpassed Tagore, SD, SJ, or Naushad? I think the young people who created this list are not rooted in the past glory of Indian popular music at all. It is indeed sad but true.

If there are two types of music composers in the world, then one would be Rabindranath and the other would be apart from Rabindranath.

The Contenders
11 Devi Sri Prasad

Best music director. He never copies any tune from anyone. His tunes are always loaded with energy, and he is also a great singer and lyricist. He hasn't produced any flop albums to date.

The best and most happening music director. With loads of talent, he is undoubtedly god-gifted. His songs are awesome, sweet, and classic.

Devi Sri Prasad Sir is a great music director. He doesn't only compose melody and mass songs. He composes for all types like classical, western, and folk.

His way of composing is unique. He is not just a great musician but also a kind-hearted human being.

12 Harris Jayaraj

Harris sir uses a variety of instruments, such as trumpets, saxophones, and so on. His music is unique. I feel he is a world-class musician.

His light bass music feels like fantasy. There are not enough words to express Harris sir's music. It's out of this world.

Harris is the best composer. His music is soothing, excellent, and mind-blowing. His songs have both great feel and technology.

He is a great musician but underrated. His first album, Munnar, reveals who he is. Listen to the Maddy Maddy theme music.

13 Anirudh Ravichander

Anirudh Ravichander is the best music director. His voice is captivating. He rocks the nation with his songs, not only in India but also worldwide.

That's why he is known as the Rockstar. He is a blockbuster hit machine. Once anyone listens to his song, they will definitely fall in love with his music and him. He has conquered our hearts with his music. I'm sure he has a chance to win an Oscar. I'm a huge fan of him. I love him the most.

Anirudh has worked really hard from the beginning of his career, and it shows in all the albums and singles he has released until now. He has a crazy fan following among the youth. To add to this, he is a very humble and down-to-earth person.

14 Jatin Lalit

The Jatin-Lalit duo is renowned for their melodious songs. No other music composer has composed more melodious songs than they have. They were once rulers of the music industry.

They deserve much more respect compared to other music directors in India. Get to know more about them and their work. You will surely become their fan.

Jatin-Lalit don't have a long filmography, but they produced really amazing music in the 1990s, which cannot be forgotten.

Please vote and place these amazingly talented composers above copycats like Anand-Milind. True disciples of Panchamda, Jatin-Lalit have made some outstanding contributions to Hindi film music.

15 Laxmikant Pyarelal

He composed music of various types, tastes, and eras. Above all, he made it popular. Many movies have run successfully due to their top-charting songs.

They are not only the top in terms of the number of movies and songs composed but also in having the longest era of their music. Over the last two decades, no other music director has been able to compete with them, even after composing computerized tunes. In those days, almost 10-12 movies were released with hit parades. Nowadays, music directors finish only 3-4 movies a year, sometimes with only a single song on their behalf.

Even their background score was rich compared to others. Yes, some selective music directors like Ilayaraja, SJ, RDB, and SDB can compete with them.

16 Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

It's simply not fair to see this trio at number 16 on this list. First of all, we can't compare the older and newer generations due to various factors. The older ones, like R.D. Burman, didn't have access to these advanced instruments, so we should create two separate lists.

When comparing the newer ones, there's strong competition between A.R. Rahman and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. They shouldn't be left at ranks 19-21 with almost equal scores. You can't place Himesh at number 5! Don't just look at the hits. Consider the quality as well!

17 Sachin Dev Burman

He is the most creative composer India has ever produced. He left a legacy and treasure for generations to enjoy. His music has always been fresh, melodious, and haunting.

The current Western generation knows why the Beatles were famous. But the current Indian generation hardly knows the contributions made by early Indian composers, such as the great S.D. Burman.

Most of his songs are very pleasant to the ears. Many tunes are so sweet that you feel they are dripping with honey! An exceptional musician with innumerable all-time hits.

Dr. Shah.

18 Shankar Jaikishan

What! This is not the place he deserves. He should be the number one music director. I was born in the '80s, and Shankar-Jaikishan belong to the late '50s, '60s, and '70s. But still, I can find freshness in their music. They were trendsetters who introduced Western Jazz to Indian music.

Their music was popular worldwide. Many Hollywood movies have used their music. They are the kings of experimental music. What else should I say about them? Guys, listen to their songs first.

They didn't get the recognition they should have received. Many great music directors are fans of these two, including Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Nadeem-Shravan. Mohammed Rafi is also a great fan of these two. Please just listen to their songs. I am sure everyone would agree with what I state.

19 M. S. Viswanathan

MSV is the most versatile music director the world has ever seen. He introduced numerous innovations, and his songs live forever. He has been appreciated and admired by great music directors, including Maestro Ilayaraja and Naushadji. He has scored music for more than 1,500 films, and 80% of his songs are still popular.

Unfortunately, he has not reached a wider audience despite his unfathomable talent. He should be number one in India. Regrettably, the internet is not majorly utilized by people who grew up and lived with his music, so he is not likely to be voted for here. I will try to post this on Facebook to see whether I can improve the numbers. Having said that, those who know his music appreciate it, and he doesn't really need this recognition. However, it hurts to see him ranked below so many other musicians.

20 G. V. Prakash Kumar

Nobody can replace him when it comes to theme and background scores. His best work, I would argue, is the epic background music for 'Aayirathil Oruvan'.

He is the most amazing music director ever!

21 Vishal-Shekhar

They are the best. They have created history with 'Om Shanti Om' and have won the RD Burman Award before Pritam.

Vishal-Shekhar are the best in the world. They can't be numbered. From my point of view, they are at the top of the list.

They are such amazing music directors.

22 Amit Trivedi

Amit Trivedi is arguably the best music composer India has at the moment. He revived Indian music with a Western touch. His music is simply awesome.

Well, at 50? Haha, crazy people. He is one of the very few composers. The rest only try to create junk - catchy stuff that runs for a few days and then dies.

People still listen to Dev D, Aisha, Wake Up Sid. But they have forgotten many others from the same era.

What? Amit Trivedi is ranked 80 as I am typing this. ARR is my favorite by light-years, but I'm voting for Amit Trivedi just so that he gets ranked where he deserves to be: in the top ten at least.

23 S. Thaman

Promising music director in recent times.

24 Mani Sharma

The best music director, according to me, is him. I feel there is no one who can even come close to him. Yuvan Shankar Raja is someone who I see as second to him. Unfortunately, he has not received the recognition he deserves.

He is the best of the best among all music directors. He is special. His music is amazing and awesome. Mani Sharma is the best music director.

He is the best. His music is evergreen. Unfortunately, he hasn't received the kind of recognition he deserves.

25 Viju Shah

Viju Shah is the best. Nobody can play the keyboard like him. He is really a rock star. Gupt, Mohra, and Vishwatma are melodies that will last forever.

No director can be like Rajiv Rai, and no music director can be like Viju Shah. Rajiv Rai and Viju Shah are a team. Everyone calls for Viju Shah's comeback, but I won't say that because the melodies of the 70s, 80s, and 90s can't come back. Currently, music has lost its melody.

Very underrated composer. His work in Tere Mere Sapne is just brilliant! I do love the compositions of many other composers listed above. Viju Shah deserves a much better ranking than Himesh Reshammiya.

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