Best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games

The Top Ten

1 League of Legends

Amazing Just Amazing...

The best moba ever... more players playing now than world of warcraft

League is improved version of DotA, and DotA2 is just a copy of DotA, nothing new...

League Of Legends is best game.

2 DotA 2

Laugh out loud just has more fanbo-I mean players. dota 2 is much more challenging, brings more challenge, is more balanced, and gets old much more slowly

It is funny how you say fanboys while death gripping dota's dick

3 DotA

Dota will always be the best and original. League of Legends is a garbage game with so many design flaws and no deviation from the meta-game. And laugh out loud having more players than WoW is an accomplishment? Laugh out loud is a FREE game.

Arguably the best. But as you can see there are too many douchebags in this game. But also there are some guys that actually make you enjoy the game even if you lose in 10 minutes. I love both and don't get why the audience hates eachother. laugh out loud is better than dota in general but you'll sometimes get extremely fun matches even if they are pretty rare in dota.

4 Heroes of Newarth
5 Vainglory

Best moba for android and ios platform.

The Future Moba

Best moba mobile

Good game

6 Heroes of the Storm
7 Smite
8 Chaos Online
9 Strife
10 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Best gane

The Contenders

11 Infinite Crisis
12 Heroes of Order & Chaos

I think this is the best and the first moba game on android. This game was the best for me yet some people only knows this game.

13 Onmyoji Arena
14 Arena of Valor
15 Awesomenauts
16 Eclipse Isle
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