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1 Knights of Cydonia Knights of Cydonia Cover Art

Knights of Cydonia might not be my favourite song by Muse because I don't really have one, but for me this is definitely the best. But this is more an objective comment than a subjective one, I already said that it's not my favourite, but you can't deny that it's simply epic. It has everything: a good intro, an epic end, a catchy guitar riff, a cool video..., and what about its amazing live performance? Knights of Cydonia is a masterpiece. Clearly the best song by Muse.

Genius. An epic (an adjective I don't through around a lot) prog metal song that will take you to a place where there are cowboy-knights on Mars. The album version is fantastic by itself, but the song also has a cool music video and the Live Wembley version is, in my opinion, even better (Muse is one of the few bands that can outdo themselves live). Easily their best song. Uprising and Time is Running Out shouldn't be above this.

When you listen to this song you can imagine the haunting, howling journey of a knight on horseback, rushing into battle - something no other song can do, something no other band can do. This song is a journey in 6 minutes - never does it get boring, and best of all, whatever lyrics are in this song and however repetitive, it is absolutely splendid. Knights of Cydonia is Muse's best song without a doubt.

Unbelievably I never heard of Muse until I they played Uprising at the Grammys where they won best Rock album. Their performance was profound! So I started looking them up on You Tube and the second song I heard them play was this one Live at Wembley. Blew me away...

2 Hysteria Hysteria Cover Art

Just edges out citizen erased in my opinion, because its incredibly catchy and the solo is incredibly melodic despite the song being mostly chromatic, it has the best bassline I've ever heard, which overshadows the underrated awesomeness of the guitar riff, the harmonies from the vocal overdubs are genius as well.

I first heard the song on the radio and it was stuck in my head for days. I finally found it on the internet and it's what got me into muse! It's been my favourite song for years now, the lyrics are fantastic, the bass riff is insane and I'm learning how to play it, great song! It's their best one!

I love this song! I have it on my Rock band game. This song simply open a new light to me, from the me in the past who think it's just some kind of depressing emo song, to the me now who listen to this song when depressing like listening to a friend who knows how I feel.

How is this not number one. it has a amazing base riff first. Also a brilliant solo and great vocals from Matt Bellamy.
Too this list is not great so ill make my own.

1. Hysteria
3. Plug In Baby
5. Knights Of Cydonia
6.Stockholm Syndrome
8. Dig Down
10. New Born

3 Uprising Uprising Cover Art

I've been listening to Muse since 2008 and this was the song that stood out to me. The guitar at the intro reminded me of Doctor who's title sequence, and the tuning of the guitar overall. The drumming was amazing. If you've listened to this song, and thought the drumming was slow and easy, you're wrong. Look at a live show, Dom's doing some fast and steady drumming in the background to build up the structure of the song. Great lyrics, good giant drums, great normal drums, and fantastic tune!

Some people may think we guys just like uprising cause it's probably the most famous muse song today, but listen to this bass line, these drums, and matt's voice... Just astounding. Even in all the other albums & b-sides muse can't reach this awesomeness.
Anyway I think tiro and knights of cydonia still are a great choice for the top 3 (personally I'd put knight of cydonia 2nd and showbiz 3rd)

Are you kidding me? This should be the number 1 song, most powerful, epic and the musical arrangements are great, no doubt this should be number 1, come on guys vote for this song, I heard this song on radio and instantly became muse fan and I played this song over and over and all my friends said it's a very good song, who is the artist?

This really should be top of the list people... yes we acan all agree that The Resistance was a pretty poor album but this is like from another planet let alone another album! This song is really powerful, his vocals are amazing on this unlike in some songs where he sounds a bit whiny and it just makes you feel powerful and everything. Vote!

4 Citizen Erased Citizen Erased Cover Art

This is probably their greatest song ever. Incredible riff throughout, powerful guitar solo, beautiful lyrics and vocals in general, great work instrumentally across the board, and the production is perfect. So here's gonna be an unpopular list so don't kill me :) 1. Citizen Erased 2. Showbiz 3. Hyper Chondriac Music 4. Glorious 5. Megalomania 6. Micro Cuts 7. Ruled by Secrecy 8. Muscle Museum 9. The Handler 10. Take a Bow 11. Space Dementia 12. Map of the Problematique 13. Stockholm Syndrome 14. Bliss 15. Invincible

The song is so uniquely Muse, no other band could have made this. It starts so heavy and takes us on a journey of soaring highs and then quiet, subdued lows.

I don't know how Muse manage to do it, but this is an amazing concoction. Lots of people haven't heard enough of the first two albums. Uprising is only 1 because it's really popular and OoS has been buried. STOP RIGHT NOW AND LISTEN TO IT! Even if you've already heard it, the album may seem hard and weird at first, but will grow, like it did for me, to be one of your favourite albums by them. Citizen is amazing and is currently my favourite song with complex mood changes, and it's complex on the guitar, trust me on that one. Vote Citizen Erased for #1! P.S.Citizen is also really fun to say.

My Top 30 by Muse: 1. Citizen Erased, 2. Map of the Problematique, 3. Fury, 4. Muscle Museum, 5. Eternally Missed, 6. Time Is Running Out, 7. Stockholm Syndrome, 8. Showbiz, 9. Hysteria, 10. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, 11. Sunburn, 12.New Born, 13. Butterflies and Hurricanes, 14. City of Delusion, 15. Animals, 16. Bliss, 17. Supremacy, 18. Ruled By Secrecy, 19. The Handler, 20. Unnatural Selection, 21. Micro Cuts, 22. Sing For Absolution, 23. Apocalypse Please, 24. Panic Station, 25.The Small Print, 26. Supermassive Black Hole, 27. Starlight, 28. Falling Away With You, 29. Darkshines, 30. Endlessly.

5 Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome Cover Art

The best way to describe this song is the meeting of chaos and beauty in a track charged with metal riffs but backed by synth arpeggios and a hauntingly pretty chorus, there is no Muse song that blows me away more than this one every time I listen to it.

I love the incredibly hard core drumming skills... probably one of their hardest head banging songs. Not to mention the amazing guitar, keyboard and lyrics that all contribute to why this song is one of their absolute best!

An emotionally charged song with an absolutely brilliant riff. The type of song that will end with you hitting the replay button. If you have not yet heard this you are missing out.

This song is amazing. The riff is so cool and sounds awesome. The verse is so emotional, and Dom on the drums sounds awesome here. The chorus is beautiful, and the outro is fantastic and powerful. Incredible song.

6 Time is Running Out Time is Running Out Cover Art

A band's best song should be the one that best showcases their abilities as songwriters, musicians, and performers. I believe of all of their best songs, Time Is Running Out rises above the rest. This song shows off their ability to write a catchy, groovy pop song in a perfect alt rock style. But it also presents Matt's signature vocal style and his alternation between singing and playing either piano or guitar. Plus there's the classic zipper bass riff, perfectly showing off Chris's sound and Muse's emphasis on the bass. And of course Dom's drumming is A+ as usual, always packing a near metallic energy and force with such a groovy feel. Sure other songs bring out other elements more prominently, but none combine so many of their strengths so beautifully and seemlessly as Time Is Running Out. At once their best, and my favorite.

Plain awesome. From the very beginning you cannot hate but love this song. Chorus is epic, vocals are extraordinary and the lyrics are very well-crafted. The suspense in this song leads to such a powerful chorus. I am a huge Muse fan and I have many favourites but this song is so clever and brilliant I had to choose it!

This and "Knights Of Cydonia" are perfect examples of songs that can make you fall in love with a band. "Time Is Running Out" is probably the first Muse song I've heard, and I was immediately hooked. I couldn't stop browsing through all their other songs after listening to this one. If you haven't given Muse a try yet, then this song is the perfect way to do so.

It's so hard to choose the ultimate Muse song. They're all really great, but this one is just too awesome and brilliant, pure music perfection! And live, well yeah you just have to experience it yourself. Time Is Running Out is the first song I always put on when I listen to music, you never get tired of it, but hey it's Muse so is that even possible?

7 Plug in Baby Plug in Baby Cover Art

Azing riff, peaking in the top 50 riff's in the world.
I like most songs by muse, but this one is amazing. You can sense the passion and talent of the band through it.
This song is beyond amazing. Just the beginning of the song drives ME wild. Without hearing the powerful lyrics and vocals. I think it has got to be one of the best song Muse has done.

The riff in this song is one of the best, most epic riffs of all time. The lyrics of the song are also stupendous. There is just so much emotion in this song, too, you can tell the anger and the pain that went into this song. (Which is actually funny, as Matt admitted to have been on shrooms while writing this song. )

Life long Muse fan. Seen them play all over the world. But when they played this song at Madison Square Garden I got goose bumps. The guitar riff with the distortion mixed with the haunting lyrics (which could be about technology or a relationship) is so epic!

I love the song, the video, the people in the video, the person who made the video but I will dislike it just for the sake of it. Please don't be offended. the song make ME wild. Without hearing the powerful lyrics and vocals. I think this song the best song of MUSe

8 New Born New Born Cover Art

This has been one of the few songs ever that has amazed when I first listened. I knew some modern Muse songs but I didn't know Origin of Symmetry, and when I discovered this song I had to relisten it 5 more times to process what I just heard.

I've been a Muse fan ever since I first heard them and although I love all of their songs, this one is by far their best creation. For those if you who don't know, this song started off as just a jam riff that they played during the showbiz tour that they would play from time to time. Towards the end if the tour when they were writing songs for origin of symmetry they decided to take this riff, which is the main riff if the song, and turn it into this heavy rock song. I think it's the best guitar riff of all time. New born is even better live especially the solo which is K.I.L.L.E. R I must say! MUSE ROCKS!

This song is amazing - first time I heard this song live it was one of the best musical experiences I ever heard.

I highly recommend that any new Muse fans who haven't gotten their hands on Origin of Symmetry take a listen - it's an absolutely phenomenal album released before they became superstars (after Absolution).

After literally just playing this song for the first time, I can say that it was the most orgasmic I have ever felt from listening to music. This group is brilliant, and this song provides a glimpse of divine energy. All who listen to it are privy to a secret, cosmic place. I can't believe what I just experienced.

9 Starlight Starlight Cover Art

I came with 13 years on Muse! At first I only heard the songs from the album "Resistance". Gradually, I developed a fondness for Muse. Now I'm 2 years older and Muse is part of my everyday life. Without this kind of music I could no longer live! And what is with me "Starlight" moved so easily, because it is unlike any other song. Each song is unique from Muse. But Starlight is simply amazing!

This is just a great song in general. I love the message and it has a lot of meaning to me. I can never stop singing along to this song, as it has some of my favorite Muse vocals. This is one of Muse's best songs and you absolutely have to listen to it and can't refuse not to love. Definitely a big winner Muse!

I have said this song reminds me of my girlfriend @Aleena_Maryrose because how it gives me the fuel never to give up on her, I love her with all my heart and I can't imagine life without her. If you believe I can win her and eventually become her husband, click thumbs up, or say "I Believe In The Knight Of Cydonia" thanks for your support!


This is by far the best Muse song ever! It combines all the qualities of a lasting epic song. Melodic, haunting vocals along with awesome guitar and drums. It a song that you'll remember where you were the first time you listened. Close your eyes and lose yourself!

10 Supermassive Black Hole Supermassive Black Hole Cover Art

God, that song is just so impressively dark, strange, seducive. Seriously, you feel each of your cells moving and vibrating listening to this. It makes you want to dance, to cry, to shout, to fly...

My favorite Muse track, with a drive that takes you riding a wave of euphoria. Thumping bass and strong vocals, just a wonderful track.

This is one of the most funky songs in existence and I personally can't help but feel like getting up and dancing every time this comes up on my iPod!

One of the craziest introductory riffs in rock history. Period.

The Contenders
11 Map of the Problematique Map of the Problematique Cover Art

If I say Matt Bellamy has got the sexiest voice I wouldn't lie. He really turns me on! And especially in this song. The whole song is so sexy - the intro, the tempo, it's got so strong energy and feeling, Matt is playing with the microphone like with his lover - he actually does it in most of their song - but here and in Resistance it's most remarkable. I heard this song years ago but still listen to it often - at least once or twice a week - it just never bores me!

It's hard to tell whether a song is truly great or not... But Map of the Problematique stunned me the moment I heard the combination of piano drums and techno, it's lyrics are chilling and existentialistic, and as a while it is absolutely captivating. In my opinion the best Muse song and one of the greatest of this generation.

Unbelievably beautiful; this song has so many freakin' layers that reward multiple listenings. Even if it does borrow a little bit from Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence", it's about the same way that Rush borrowed from Morse code for "YYZ" (which is to say, they took something good and made it amazing).

This is the song that, after four years of Muse as my favorite band, I still love the most. Great lyrics and vocals, awesome bass line drum line (especially with the cymbals coming in in the second verse) and the layers of guitar and synthnes on top combine for the complex, beautiful, and addicting sound I still love.

12 Showbiz Showbiz Cover Art

Easily the best muse song, if you haven't listened to it, go listen to it now! It has great vocals, matts great singing it live, great build up for the end, great high hitting notes. Muse show their raw talent in this song. Brilliant guitar playing and solos, deep lyrics, meaning to lyrics, really good percussion, Dom's drumming is extraordinary and Chris' bass a
Is amazing as always! I think this deserves to be number 1 as it pure Muse, from their first album and the title song. It deserves it so much. I'm disappointed this song doesn't get as much recognition it deserves. It's got a brilliant build up. Brilliant song. Definitely deserves to be in the at least top 5.

Showbiz is the far best Muse song ever with its really meaningful lyrics, the guitar and of course Matt Bellamy's amazing vocal. I can't get enough of this masterpiece.
This list is far too wrong, how come songs like madness or undisclosed desires are on top of this song? These songs are probably voted by new Muse fans.
In my opinion:
1. Showbiz 2. Bliss 3. Plug In Baby 4. New Born 5. Defector

Emotionally and lyrically superb. this song has just got everything and I love it as it reminds me of me... so much. I'm shocked how it is right down in 32nd though. I really thought it would be higher. I could listen to this song over and over and never get sick of it because its just got thr passion and emotional perfection to bring any musician, from pop to heavy metal, into such admiration of how good this song really is

Absolute masterpiece. The intense drum build up at the beginning, the haunting lyric and vocal job, the intense pace of the song when things get going, ended when things come full circle with an awesome drum outtro make this a top 5 song. It's voted #1 from me to get it's rating on this board higher.

13 Resistance Resistance Cover Art

This is such an awesome song. I don't even care id this was in Twilight or not! This was maybe the first Muse song I hear, and I was hooked to them. Thus showing the awesomeness of Muse! I'm not sure why this only got 3? %?! Come on guys, Time is Running out is definitely not as good as this!

I loved this song from the first time I listened to it. I can't believe I heard Must until now. This is the song that introduced me to their amazing music. I love them!

It's the one-of-the-best type songs... But among MUSE tracks... It must be in top three... among with Time is Running Out & Supermassive Black Hole... DO IT VOTE!

I love the keyboard; that alone really sets the tone so well. The first line that Matthew sings is also incredible.

Absolutely amazing song.

14 Butterflies and Hurricanes Butterflies and Hurricanes Cover Art

Picking Muse's best song is hard as they have so many great songs as can be seen from the split opinions of the voters.

This is my pick as I feel Muse have done everything right with this song. The title is awesome (referencing the butterfly effect: where a simple butterfly wing flap can cause a hurricane), lyrics are powerful and incite the listeners to take action ("You've got to be the best, you've got to change the world, take this chance to be heard, Your time is now") and the band's full abilities on all instruments and vocals are on full display. It has powerful riffs and amazing guitar & piano solos, as well as slow sections.

This has to be Muse's masterpiece in my opinion. Even Muse themselves agree, as they had this as the lead single on an album that have fan favorites like "Hysteria & "Time is running out"

B&H Was the first Muse song I ever heard, and I still listen to it. I'm listening to it as I type this! The piano, Guitar, and sync are all just AMAZING, and If I could list them, #3: Hysteria #2: Supermassive Black Hole and #1: Butterflies and Hurricanes.

The best muse's song in my opinion. I really hated this song at the first, I thought no easy listening part, ugly piano intro. But one day I got a heart break and I listened this song over and over, then I found the greatest thing in this song is its lyric. It bounced me up, raise me up, make me stand up again, and changed my personality as well. Thank Matt Bellamy for all the inspiration. You're not a hero for me only, but for everyone else!

This song should be at least on the top 5, I love the piano play and the voice of Matthew Bellamy create a perfect mix! Its very catchy and pure, one of the best muse songs ever! You should listen to it, I'm sure you gonna love it!

15 Undisclosed Desires Undisclosed Desires Cover Art

Everything about this song is amazing; the vocals are sound, the lyrics are cleverly written and the beat is immaculately composed. There isn't a single fault with this song. You really live for the chorus in this one, you anticipate it with a sense of excitement and then an exemplification of relief occurs when it begins. You don't get that often.

It really is impossible to pick a top ten MUSE list, because every time, you would look at it and realise you left out about 20 other songs that deserve number 1. They're all fantastic. Some stand out more than the others, but Undisclosed Desires is definitely part of the brilliant works of MUSE.

This song tends to speak to those of us who have been abused and are subsequently damaged. It's an eerily perfect piece of work that was once, for me, a bright spot in a dark tunnel. Quite easily my favorite song by Muse, if not by any artist.

Amazing drums, catchy chorus, easy listening and very addictive. But I understand why this isn't well loved. It sounds different compared to the other songs but I like this best somehow

16 Exo-Politics Exo-Politics Cover Art

A classsic riff, an amazing guitar solo, a drum beat that is both catchy and complex, and lyrics that manage to be both powerful and mysterious. The bass and guitar parts go so well together in this song. It also has a really cool spaghetti-western space rock vibe I felt throughout Muse's album Black Holes and Revelations. Exo-Politics captivates you from the start, and has an astoundingly emotional and ambiguous ending. This song is very underrated, extremely catchy, definitely worth a listen, and undeniably deserves a spot in the top ten! Go Muse! You guys rock the universe! And I do mean that literally

Why is this so low? An awesome song with strong, powerful lyrics. A great guitar riff, with nice vocals from Matt once again, and just all in all a really catchy song.

Cool song for the first time listening
Really should be the best..
Time Is Running out is good, and Starlight..
But This should really be higher

This song should definitely be in the top ten! Awesome lyrics and vocals as well as a great riff!

17 Bliss Bliss Cover Art

This list is a mess. I can guarantee that most of the votes here are from "new" Muse fans who have no idea that Origin Of Symmetry was BY FAR the best album. This, New Born and Citizen Erased should be MUCH higher! How are Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole etc better than this!? Listen to this and vote!

Bliss. It's a really beautiful song. I love the piano intro (as much as the fade outro), and the bass riff is really catchy and fun to play. The joyful lyrics are perfectly coupled with music. In fact I find very clever the change of tonality from C minor to C major in the chorus. I perceive a fantastic and magic atmosphere every time I listen to it. Simply the best...

1. Bliss 2. Stockholm Syndrome 3. Plug in Baby 4. Knights of Cydonia 5. Time Is Running Out 6. Map of the Problematique 7. Easily 8. Eternally Missed 9. Hysteria 10. New Born 11. Mk Ultra 12. Resistance 13. Hyper Music 14. Glorious 15. Sunburn 16. City of Delusion 17. Citizen Erased 18. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 19. Cave 20. Uno That is roughly my Top 20 (long time fan)

As much as I love Hysteria, Muscle Museum, Plug in Baby, Hyper Music and Knights of Cydonia, there is something about Bliss that gets me more than the others. There is so much emotion and the songs is in a way bittersweet yet happy. I love it and it's underrated and should be played live more.

18 The Handler The Handler Cover Art

As I agree with the die-hard muse fans that old muse>>>new muse, you can't deny this song's sheer brilliance. I saw someone compare this to Showbiz, and while I agree, I honestly feel that this is more comparable to something like Micro Cuts. Powerful sounds coming from Matt's vocals and guitar, powerful drum beat and bass riff, wonderful song.

My current favourite song of all time, overtaking Citizen Erased. I love how dark it is, I love the slow repetitive baseline, I love the lyrics, I love Matt's voice and how his screams came back. I love pretty much all of it. The instrumental could be shorter as it is a little repetitive and goes on for slightly too long, but I can look past that for how amazing the song is and how is makes me feel. Favourite part is where Matt screams "AGAIN" at the end. Second verse is amazing too for it's base and drum only.

This is a piece of a greater puzzle: the entire album Drones. One song after the other and a great true story is told and it should make us reflect about the world we are building... We should all rebel to what is happening and build a better world!

Love that unique guitar riff. Only one hand can play that riff that's awesome. Matt have used much more distortion and modern heavy effect in his amp to produce that type of heavy sound. And of course vocals are amazing too.

19 Reapers Reapers Cover Art

How in the world is this song this low? My god is this ever good! Absolutely love it and can't resist bopping my head along with it in whatever vehicle I'm driving, be it a bus or my car!

Practically everything I love about a Muse song congealed into one item. "Drones" is top heavy, but this is at the forefront of their library for me.

Why is this song so low on the list? It has amazing guitar work!, but there are maybe at least 10-15 better songs than this, but it shouldn't be 43, maybe 22 or 19

While my favorite Muse song is probably Knights, I'm voting this one because it is easily top 10 and currently it is really low.

20 Feeling Good Feeling Good Cover Art

Feeling good isn't just a cover, it's a BRILLIANT cover, the best cover done for this legendary song. The intro is soft and slow, typical Muse and then it gets proper rock-and-roll-y, and the first song I heard by Muse and ever since then I've been hooked...! It's amazing go listen to it now! Don't keep reading this go on YouTube NOW!

AmaZing song should be number one! They remade this classic perfectly and enhanced it to a new level. If you've never heard it go listen now it'll be worth your time.

you know a cover is good when it sounds completely different from the original (cy grant, not nina simone) but you still would rather listen to that on YouTube
other great covers of feeling good are by nina Simone, of course, Michael buble, frank Sinatra, frank Sinatra jr., George Michael, carly rose sonenclar, and ed sheeran

I can't believe its not in the list! Amazing song love the bass! Lyrics awesome everything dezinded excelent number 15? Top 3 easily love this song! My favorite!

21 The Globalist The Globalist Cover Art

This song is great! It's a really fabulous tune, but I think people are overlooking it because of the super high expectations set for it. I mean when Matt calls a song a ten minute prog rock nightmare and a sequel to citizen erased, you expect a ten minute prog rock nightmare that'll at least be as good as citizen erased. But that didn't happen. The first part of this song is awesome, the middle guitar riff is absolutely incredible, and then it all comes down at the end. In my opinion, if the boys had decided to kick out the last part and instead just have like a five minute head-banging, metal solo, this song would have been Muse at their very best, no doubts about it. But with the path they chose with this song, there's definitely gonna be some hate going out towards it, but that's ok. It's still an awesome song that deserves to at least be in the top 15. Vote for the globalist!

The globalist is one of the masterpieces that only muse can make and it sounds so beautiful yet unsettling at the same time. It sums up the story of drones and is very underrated. The heavy part in the middle is very awesome and the piano at the end makes a person happy just from the background singing and slow melody. For a somewhat heavier album, the songs reapers, the handler, and defector are great but the globalist really brings a good mixture of emotions into a single 10 minute song. IGN 10/10

Probably my favourite song off Drones despite everyones criticism (get nostalgia out of the way and you'll love the album).
This song, starting with a western acoustic riff similiar to "City of Delusion" with some mixed Pink Floyd-esque slide guitar, before building up to a heavy, distortion riff and a cool tremolo-picked solo after the countdown to the characters global destruction and then soothing down into a USOR/Exogenesis piano ballad and the last lyrics "I just wanted/I just needed to be loved" make me shiver, closing down the story and then segueing perfectly into the acapella 'Drones' song. Sure, the heavy riff could've been a little longer and maybe more of a climax in the countdown could've worked, but nonetheless my favourite song since "Animals". Good stuff!

I've been a muse fan since showbiz and it's absolutely amazing to see how the band has evolved over the years coming up with new themes and ideas and still smashing it with mega songs. The Globalist is a testament to that ever evolving sound they never fail at. Not many bands stay relevant for this long and not sell out to the whole mainstream thing. keep smashing it MUSE!

22 Assassin Assassin Cover Art

Learning this song on the drums is an absolute challenge. It's fast, it's technical and, at times, very complicated. I'll never forget the amazing, simplistic, yet unique guitar work, and the chorus is just absolute perfection. The way matt recorded his voice multiple times to create barber cortet feel, mixed to together with instrumentals, creates an absoulute masterpiece.

Absolutely fantastic. The music really gets into your head, something that you can come back to over and over again. The Grand Bosses Edit takes the already amazing song and turns it into something approaching musical perfection.

The vocals on this Sample are super similar to the vocals in the tune below #17 Butterfies and Hurricanes. I just listened to both samples several times and compared they sounds so similar - obviously the lyrics are different.

This song is really powerful and unique in a way. Much better than the likes of Starlight!

23 Micro Cuts Micro Cuts Cover Art

MATT'S FALSETTO AT ITS FINEST. HOLY CRAP. This song is so brutal and powerful. Matt's vocals are what sets this song off for me. VERY underrated song

I don't usually like songs which are sung on though high an octave, but this song is unbelievable. The chorus sends gives me goosebumps as Matt Bellamy reveals His true potential. For me it should at least be in the top 10

This is their best song. The originality, the intensity, the insanity of it all. Everything turned up to 11. This is space gothic opera rock. You could start a whole genre off of this song alone

I first heard this when they played it at wembley. I didn't think much of it until I downloaded it on itunes. And now its one of my favorite songs!

24 Unintended Unintended Cover Art

I love all Muse stuff so, I'm not into picking favourites, hell, I can be critical in a way only a Muse fan can, really nit picking at unimportant bits which totally don't matter but... anyway, 'Unintended' is one of the most under rated of all their songs. It's a little like Queen's 'Love of my Life'. Fans know it and generally love it but that is it. 'Unintended' has great everything but it is what it is, unassuming, not in your face and not a song to hold up as what pop fans know of Muse. Each fan, unless they are as gifted as Matt, will eventually find their own way to sing this in an acceptable way, it's amazingly difficult to sing!

To me, most every song in Showbiz is underrated (considering that Muse hadn't even begun to rise to fame at the time). But this song in particular is a brilliant, powerful acoustic song with that hint of sadness that Muse always brings to the table. Not to mention that Matt's vocals impress as always and play a major role in setting the tone for this song. Whether you're a

This song here deserves a real high position in the list... It's the first song I ever heard from them and I was just like - WOW! How can someone have such a great voice? Top class song!

Such a great song. In my opinion the best way to listen to this song is when you know the lyrics. The lyrics plus the vocals add a very haunting feel as the lyrics pack a big punch.

25 Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please Cover Art

One of the best rock piano intros ever.
There is not a bad song on Absolution, but Apocalypse Please is definitely one of the best.
Muse's piano based songs are awesome!

Definitely one of their best. Love the piano and synth. Plus a very emotional vocal performance from Bellamy.

Definitely one of their best. Piano, bass, and that weird noise at 1:45. Crazy good!

In my opinion the absolute best MUSE song ever.

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