Just incredible, from the first quiet notes to the boom with the guitar, just amazing, I was between this and starlight, but seeing this one so far back is just unbelievable

Definitely their best song. It's so unbelievably powerful live, with Matt's falsetto in the last verse. For reference, see their performance of Bliss from Live 8, at Versailles, in 2005

Absolution was an awesome album, but Origin of symmetry is a MASTERPIECE! Every single track is pure MAGIC. Cannot understand how Supermassive black hole is in the top 10 - too many twilight fans?!

KICK BUTT. Love the video, love Matt's voice, may not be extremely powerful or loud, but I love the little piano and guitar. Muse is the best band in WORLD, hands down. So this list is the best of the best!

Pure class (or bliss if you like)! Easily the best muse song, awesome vocals, awesome riff, awesome chorus and it's great live too

I've been listening to this song for 10 years - it never gets old!
This is pure, original Muse... A beautiful song.
by the way OOS will always be the best Muse album

Just plain awesome, especially once you've seen it live. The addition of both extra vocal and guitar fills makes it an absolute musical triumph.

Such an emotional song... For me it captures the feeling of falling in love perfectly. My favourite Muse songs by far!

Indeed their best song together with Newborn, both on the same album Origin of Symmetry

Simply the best muse song, perfect harmony between vocals and instruments. Just a perfect song. Origin of Symmetry was their best album!

Okay... I love the new muse. I'm brave enough to say it. I even like the 2nd law. But this being at 13 is a disgrace. It should at least be in the top 5. Matts voice is used perfectly in this song. 2nd best off OOS in my opinion, first being New born

This song is amazing. Definitely one of my favorites! I say one of my favorites because Origin Of Symmetry is a quality album!

This song sparkles! The lyrics are gorgeous and the music is dreamy. Bliss really is the perfect name for this song.

Just perfect. Matthew's also favourite song (maybe after Madness).. I hope I will enjoy it live in the future..

The most beautiful Muse's song. Without any hesitation.

Bliss is one of the best songs they have from the best album there is from them.

Amazing song. This is the song that got me to listen to muse in the first place. - antonp23

Why isn't this higher on the list? Bliss is a masterpiece! My favorite Muse song of all time!

I think Dead Inside is the best amongst all the tracks. 2nd favourite would be Madness.

Cannot believe this is so low, ORIGIN is by far the best album, brilliant song

Just a beautiful song to listen to, live and album version. Never gets old

Everything about you resonates happiness now I won't settle for less...

Classic Muse. I like all of their stuff but this is very underrated.

The studio version is already good enough, but the live versions (especially those where they end with this song) are so hair-raisingly epic that I cannot see how any other song of this wonderful band can compete.

Bliss. It's a really beautiful song. I love the piano intro (as much as the fade outro), and the bass riff is really catchy and fun to play. The joyful lyrics are perfectly coupled with music. In fact I find very clever the change of tonality from C minor to C major in the chorus. I perceive a fantastic and magic atmosphere every time I listen to it. Simply the best...