Map of the Problematique


If I say Matt Bellamy has got the sexiest voice I wouldn't lie. He really turns me on! And especially in this song. The whole song is so sexy - the intro, the tempo, it's got so strong energy and feeling, Matt is playing with the microphone like with his lover - he actually does it in most of their song - but here and in Resistance it's most remarkable. I heard this song years ago but still listen to it often - at least once or twice a week - it just never bores me!

It's hard to tell whether a song is truly great or not... But Map of the Problematique stunned me the moment I heard the combination of piano drums and techno, it's lyrics are chilling and existentialistic, and as a while it is absolutely captivating. In my opinion the best Muse song and one of the greatest of this generation.

This song is an anthem. The song is about not having to worry about bitter emotions, sadness, lonliness. Everyone feels those things. Add the amazing instrumentation and power in Matt Bellamy's voice, this song is a theme song for everyone who has ever felt lost.

There are a number of MUSE songs that I really like, but at the top of the list is this hard driving, non-stop energy rush of a rocker! It just grabs you from the first chord, and takes you on a ride for the entire duration of the song! Brilliant!

I love a lot of songs of muse so I barely choose one of them, this. because this songs makes me feel very awkwardly emotional and depressed and also I want to sing along to the song every time I listen. it's very unique for me.

Awesome song... definitely underrated. Most people I know have never heard it before, I play it for them once, and they love it. Very dynamic song with great vocals and notes all around. My favorite song by muse.

So good, this is their best song ever made. The piano and drums accompany the cool guitar effects perfectly. And with deep and melodic lyrics, Map of the Problematique is Muse at their height.

This is the song that, after four years of Muse as my favorite band, I still love the most. Great lyrics and vocals, awesome bass line drum line (especially with the cymbals coming in in the second verse) and the layers of guitar and synthnes on top combine for the complex, beautiful, and addicting sound I still love.

How the heck is Starlight ahead of this!? This, New Born, Bliss AND Citizen Erased should all be ahead of Starlight.

This song can seem depressing at first, but after a few listens it's definitely a track that pulls at something inside you. Starlight is good but should not be above this. - IronSabbathPriest

I love this song, I can listen to it over and over again without getting sick of it. In my opinion this is definitely their best song! However, all of their songs are amazing!

So many different layers of sound! Why is this not the top song? The other safe great, but this one is completely amazing! It just sounds great and incredibly catchy!

Beautiful lyrics and unbelievably amazing instrumental, those sounds in the background are just gorgeous and orgasmic

It has a unique effortless flow of a real masterpiece which makes you think that there's nothing to add and nothing to take away from it. Perfect.

This is definitely a top 5 song... If you think starlight and supermassive black hole is better than this then you are not a true MUSE fan!

Such a powerful song! Just everything about this song just screams amazing! And boy, does it scream it loud! Everything including the smashing guitar, hint of piano, fluctuating vocals, and powerful bassline make this song my ultimate favorite! Rock on my fellow Musers!

in my opinion this is the most epic muse song ever... unbelievable melodies an awesome vocals by matthew bellamy

I love the dynamic in the air when this song sounded. This song represent about world's problem. After all, it's cool!

Michael Bellamy creates magic with his guitar and his tenor vocal. Absolutely awesome

I can't even begin to count how many times I've listened to different versions of this song its just addicting.

I can listen to this song over and over again without ever becoming sick of it. Only a few songs can do that.

My all-time favourite song. Perfect lyrics. Perfect music. Perfect voice (Matthew's). Perfect song.

This song is way better than time is running out. This song contains deep and meaningful melody

Absolutely love this track. amazing and meaningful lyrics. Beautiful sounding. can't stop listening ah!

Impossible not to nod your head to the beat