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41 Survival

31? You got to be kidding me! This song deserves to be in top 10. The guitar solos are plain awesome. One of the best of their new album.

Great song. Muse knocked it out of the park with this one. Perfect theme for the Olympics--extremely motivating. The truth is that there really is no best Muse song because there are so many excellent ones.

This is epic song!
Nice composition!
Olympic official song 2012!


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42 Hyper Music

Are you guys even listening to the songs, this song has layers and depth. It starts off with that RATM style mess funk, and then move smoothly into that one of a kinda Bass beat that gets you movin while Matt picks it up with some sweet funk style guitar. The song swings in with huge rock chords to follow a solid rock chorus. Truely underrated. This list is like this because emo people tend to browse the net more and rock people are out being rockstars.

In terms of song writing, it's not too fantastic, it's two random parts strung together, but it's incredibly powerful, and the bass line is probably the most uplifting energetic piece of art I've ever come across. It's a fantastic example of influences too, Hendrix Chord and Drumming, Ratm riff, primus falsetto (Wynona's Beaver) and the guitar dropping out in the second verse is so incredibly tasteful.

Loaded with dozens of feelings this song kills all of the other songs. Although all of the other muse-songs is awesome to!

Good but I think Hyper chondriac music is better

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43 I Belong to You / Mon Coeur S'ouvre a Ta Voix

Amazing track with a very unusual and mesmerizing tune!
love it.. So vote it..

There is a bass clarinet solo in this song and there is literally no bass clarinet solos in other songs. This song should be rated higher. (This is coming from a bass clarinet player by the way.) Love This Song!

This song is completely unique. Should be number 1 though I love all Muse songs. But you people need to recognise that this song has got a heart on its own!

Swoon #nuffsaid... But... I love time is running out as well, wee!

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44 Megalomania

My fave song of all time! The power, the passion and the AWESOME fact that it hasn't hit the mainstream. So in a way I'm pleased it's not at the top. It never will be!

Love this dark atmosphere around the song, as it is also the last song on Origin of Symmetry. I think it's one of the best songs, easily in top 5, although it's really underrated.

My favorite Muse song EVER. Highest note Matt Bellamy's ever hit is in the background.

Its beautiful.

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45 Sing for Absolution

Perfectly written. I understand and agree that all muse songs are amazing, but this is even one of Matt bellamy's favorites! Come on!

One of the most moving... Showing that Muse doesn't need a heavy riff to convey energy and emotion. Maybe it is easier to love that song when one is not already a Muse fan. Definitely a good entrance into their universe.

Love the piano and his soft voice in the beginning. Very calming.

I want them to play this song on my funeral.

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46 City of Delusion

Hands down their best song. Spanish influenced guitar and a bass line with an awesome groove. Not to mention the simply amazing trumpet solo at the end... City of Delusion deserves to be number 1!

Top ten definitely! With its use of Spanish motifs and breakdowns, this song will definitely make your top 20 on your iPod.

Come on guys
This should be at least top ten along with uprising, resistance, undisclosed desires, starlight, knights of cydonia and map of the problematique
Vote this!

What a song, can listen to it over and over, it's their best in my opinion

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47 Save Me

I mean, the lyrics are so moving, and a great, deep, poetic theme. The song is a good breather from the usual fast paced, apocalyptic muse song. It really just focuses in on a good concept.

Chris's voice is just unbelievable

This is a beautiful song! Just beautiful!

Chris has an amazing voice :3

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48 Fury

My favourite song by Muse and my favourite song ever. Matt himself said it was one of the best songs he ever wrote.

Lyrics, mood and attitude are what makes this song hang on your mind for days... The distorted guitar, floating chorus and overall eerieness makes this song amazing.

The chorus of Fury is pure euphoria. It's an almost sexual feeling, but better. The last chorus is just makes the euphoria stronger. Not just the best Muse song. It's THE best song, period. - Buckerss

The intro, the build-up, the chorus - everything is perfect here. And this song lyrics are unforgettable. One of the best songs by Muse. In the Top 3 - along with Citizen Erased and Map of the Problematique.

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49 Sober

This song is amazing! It's 4 minutes of pure muse! Easily the one of the best songs in showbiz.

Definitely the best. If more people knew about this song it would be number one on this list.

77 position?
Are you kidding me? This is an awesome song, it describes what Showbiz is about, its lyrics, its rythmn and melody - cashfun31

50 Drones V 2 Comments
51 Blackout

It's so beautiful! The slowness makes it sound peaceful and somewhat dreamlike

Harmonic Sound and Beautiful lyrics... I'd like it to last longer

Great mix of classic and guitar! Why is this so low when it's so powerful?

Perfect music, seems like a disney's song for character as Cinderella or Snow White

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52 The Small Print

Awesome song. I can't get tired of it - user4422

Cool song, I hope more people check this one out it definitely is underrated its got a great feel throughout. - Awbschulz

Muse's most underrated song, should be top 10 for sure

Insane song with immense energy.

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53 Exogenisis: Symphony, Part 2 (Cross-pollination)

It's the best exogenesis! Listen listen listen!

My favourite portion of exogenesis you've got to listen to this masterpiece

A masterpiece! One of my favourites from the album and Believe me It's the best exogenesis! While I'm listening to this song It's like I'm running around my self slowly and I'm sinking, sinking in my own soul...
It's just a masterpiece, don't hear it! Listen to it

54 Hoodoo

Why does no one like this song?!? The words are so emotional, you can feel what Matthew is writing about, it's such a show stopper, with the explosive piano, and Chris playing guitar live! - tr_11

Just simply put, an over looked song with very powerful lyrics

A British Space-Rock band pulling off an acoustic cowboy riff? Definitely one of their most unique and awesome songs. I would put it in their top 10.

Love this song people dislike it because it's slow, I think it's beautiful

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55 Uno

Uno in my opinion should be way higher in the list. The message in the lyrics is so powerful and it's such a strong beat, plus I really like the music video...

I don't know why this song is rated so low and is unpopular with the fans. It just grabs you and doesn't let you go till the last chord.

Why is it so down the list? It is definitely a top 20 or 30

Why is this so low...
This is one of the best songs ever by muse
The music is transcendental and the lyrics are so true
The guitar is phenomenal

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56 Falling Away with You

Like all songs by Muse, this song is unique and will give you goose bumps (except for United States of Eurasia which sucked). But I like it the most because It is extremely powerful and I also love how it starts out with an acoustic guitar... then BAM! It becomes a total rock song like most of Muse's songs! - garebear131

This song is beautiful, the best song from Absolution in my opinion. I think Muse are just as good at the slow songs like Shine as Matts voice suits it perfectly. The lyrics are just perfect.

Falling Away With You ranks high in my all-time favourite songs. The lyrics and the melody are simply breath-taking.

It isn't their best song
but it's my favourite.

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57 Fillip

How could this be the last on the list people? This is such a masterpiece

Not among their very best songs but still pretty good. Top 30 for me. Very energetic song with sudden tempo and signature changes. And lyrics that can hit close home for many.

Git up there Fillip!

This song is probably my favourite thing in the universe. It’s relatable for probably everyone,

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58 Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3 (Redemption)
59 Falling Down

Underrated so it hurts! It shuld be nr 1, liste to it! It's the song with the greatest sound on all instruments. The slow touching drums, the wiping guitar that sings along with Matts vocals, and the unoticable piano that plays it owns melody far far back in the background! And Matts vocals... There isn't a single song that MUSE made in wich Matt sings like he does in Falling down! First of all the amaxing deep lyrics, but mostly how he breaks he's own voice, even if he has a very strong voice, he still sings with a weak voice, and it's his way of singin it that makes this song the best.

This song is underrated, matt vocal is very emotional, heart touching. every time I hear this song I just feel like there is some pain matt feels when he sing it.
Sorry for bad English, I'm Indonesian

60 Cave

a very unique song absoluetly my favorite

This song is beautifully unique, from the emotional screaming of the chorus to the incredible piano outro. Definitely the greatest Muse song.

Epic final... So emotional!

The outro gives me chills every time

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