This is such an awesome song. I don't even care id this was in Twilight or not! This was maybe the first Muse song I hear, and I was hooked to them. Thus showing the awesomeness of Muse! I'm not sure why this only got 3? %?! Come on guys, Time is Running out is definitely not as good as this!

A song that personally gives me an eargasm. Has a meaning in the lyrics, and it's on you how you understand them. Kind of a wake up call. Love is our resistance.

very complex, beautiful, and poetic. It was really hard to choose a song, I love every Muse song, but this is the one that made me fall in love with Muse, and it's my favorite one.

I love the keyboard; that alone really sets the tone so well. The first line that Matthew sings is also incredible.

Absolutely amazing song.

I loved this song from the first time I listened to it. I can't believe I heard Must until now. This is the song that introduced me to their amazing music. I love them!

It's the one-of-the-best type songs... But among MUSE tracks... It must be in top three... among with Time is Running Out & Supermassive Black Hole... DO IT VOTE!

Um... WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10?!?! Such a powerful, epic song - and really emotional - just all round fantastic to be honest...

This is the best of their song, very beautiful. Everything is great in this song: text, music, emotions...

this should be in top 5, it's better than knights of cydonia and supermassive black hole

LOVE THIS SONG! The lyrics remind me of Orwell's 1984; they make me want to cry!

I like every Muse's songs but this one is the best, for me. I've liked this song, before to become a Muser.

Top 5:
Stockholm Syndrome
Time is Running Out
Knights of Cydonia

This song is fantastic! The voice and the sound is amazing.

This song is a really nice song that helps to clear your thoughts and settle down

Deserved to by way up in the top 10! It has every element that makes it a kick-ass song!

How the hell this isn't in the top 5 and Time running out is? This song is brilliant!

Gotta go higher, best song from The Resistance album

Mate this should be number one without a doubt this is there best song

Why isn't this first? it has a beautiful melody

As Knights Of Cydonia it's my favourite song (sorry for my English)

Time is running out is the best but Resistance should be in top 3

How come it's not first on the list? It's absolutely amazing!

13th? Really, this needs to be in top 5