This is by far the best Muse song ever! It combines all the qualities of a lasting epic song. Melodic, haunting vocals along with awesome guitar and drums. It a song that you'll remember where you were the first time you listened. Close your eyes and lose yourself!

I came with 13 years on Muse! At first I only heard the songs from the album "Resistance". Gradually, I developed a fondness for Muse. Now I'm 2 years older and Muse is part of my everyday life. Without this kind of music I could no longer live! And what is with me "Starlight" moved so easily, because it is unlike any other song. Each song is unique from Muse. But Starlight is simply amazing!

This is just a great song in general. I love the message and it has a lot of meaning to me. I can never stop singing along to this song, as it has some of my favorite Muse vocals. This is one of Muse's best songs and you absolutely have to listen to it and can't refuse not to love. Definitely a big winner Muse!

Actually the most amazing song I have ever heard, excellent lyrics, very passionate. Very upbeat and lovely song. Definitely my favourite muse song. Matt is truly just amazing, and his voice is absolutely astonishing. Fantastic to listen to in any situation.

This isn't a song. This is a damn anthem. It's one of the best songs of the last ten years. And it's got the album name in it's lyrics and I love that. Absolutely mesmerizing and utterly beautiful music.

The piano is just beast. Not a lot of songs these days feature the piano and to have it be so prominent gives it a VERY distinct, amazing sound-- basically what Muse is known for. Definitely should be at least in the top 3.

this should be the best... at least ahead of knights of cydonia... the riff and the voice, the melody, everything is great... it all adds up to their great approach and creates a gem... my favourite from muse...

This is fantastic, amazing, and great song I ever heard, but why this song is far away from the first position?

This is literally my favorite song of all time. Everything about it is perfect, his voice, the instruments together. It has a spacey, atmospheric feel to it but the lyrics are really pretty and simple.

Matt's voice sounds so powerful in the chorus. The thumping bass is also a plus point. I particularly love the simple yet moving guitar riff in the third verse (you electrify my life).

Every time I listen to this song I think about "Music" in general. Chasing the starlight, in my opinion, is following Music in my life. And this is so beautiful...

My favorite Muse song. This song just got me hooked and was a cool intro to the band for me. After hearing a couple more songs I'm definitely a muse fan!

It just gives you the feeling you're flying in peace through the sky. I just don't understand why this song is not considered muse's masterpiece.

One of my all time favorites! I don't know what is about this song, but it gets me every time! Whether I listen to it live or recorded on the cd. It doesn't matter, it's a classic!

This should be ahead of Supermassive Black Hole, at least. My favorite song by them. It is just amazing, gets the crowd involved... it's fantastic. Starlight!

Absolutely amazing! Muse is the most awesome band in the universe! Their songs have deeper meanings than everyone else's and the quality is also a lot higher.

Such a beautiful song! My favourite song in the world! I absolutely LOVE the melodies, they are all beautiful! Should be atleast top 5.

Superb rhythm/beat, great vocals, and fantastic chorus, my favourite Muse song. Love how his voice escalates when hitting the high notes.

Excellent beat, excellent tune. Makes the feet go crazy. You just wanna tap along and bob the head! Magical, crazy, drug-alternative!

I have said this song reminds me of my girlfriend @Aleena_Maryrose because how it gives me the fuel never to give up on her, I love her with all my heart and I can't imagine life without her. If you believe I can win her and eventually become her husband, click thumbs up, or say "I Believe In The Knight Of Cydonia" thanks for your support!


Good beat, well put together song. It is awesome. Muse is awesome too. I really like the piano in the song. Epic, Something to dance to

Best song ever! Catchy melody and it has a lighter mood than their other songs. Emotional and fun to listen to with friends.

The lyrics are deep, the music is immaculate. While it is difficult to pick one best Muse song, this one has to be the best I think.

This song just nice and awesome... Its can make my head and my brain feel very relax... Every time I hear this song... I must sing it

I love this song! Makes me want to cry although I don't quite know why. Lyrics are perfect