Stockholm Syndrome


Amazing beginning riff, the song has a special energy that makes you stand up and dance, jump and feel every beat like it was in your body. amazing syndrome I guess, better to never be cured out of it

I love the incredibly hard core drumming skills... probably one of their hardest head banging songs. Not to mention the amazing guitar, keyboard and lyrics that all contribute to why this song is one of their absolute best!

One of Muse's heavier songs, with a haunting, surprising chorus. Stockholm Syndrome displays Muse's ability to guess the emotional stress one with a mental condition would go through.

WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE TOP 3? It is arguably one of the greatest songs Muse has put out! It is even better live! If you are a die-hard Muse fan like me, you wouldn't put Time is Running Out at #1.

My personal favorite which may have gotten me into Muse most. So much respect for this song, both in the studio and live! Of course it is hard to do a top 10 for Muse songs, but this should at least stay in the top 10 in my humble opinion :-)

Laugh out loud why is this 12th? Like, honestly, who votes on these lists? If actual muse fans did then this and citizen erased would be in the top 3. Anyway, it's my favourite song of all time. Even better live

This song is amazing. The riff is so cool and sounds awesome. The verse is so emotional, and Dom on the drums sounds awesome here. The chorus is beautiful, and the outro is fantastic and powerful. Incredible song. - noisyboy43

I just can't believe how awesome that last, very long guitar riff is. It is for me by far my favourite guitar riff ever. In combination with those Wembley visuals I can't of anything more magical than this.

Best guitar song of all time. I cannot believe this song is rated so lowly. I'll admit Origin Of Symmetry was the better album, but this song trumps them all.

I think it's the best. Some of the greatest guitar work done by Bellamy on this track. Drumming and bass are on point as well. Lyrics are fantastic too. This is muse at their peak!

This song is so good it's unbelievable. I would also vote for any other song by Muse because they are the best rock band still going strong and every song they have is good

Amazing riff, great suspense throughout the song and then an incredible ending with the half-time riff, this is amazing, it's my favorite

Beautiful song, amazing bass, graceful drumming, and chaotic (and absolutely awesome) guitar. Has the best guitar solo I've ever heard.

This song sends shivers down my spine so how is it not in the top five, let alone the top ten? It is awe-inspiring!

What how is 9th? Its an amazing song and that riff is better than every other riff Muse has wrote apart the Hysteria bass riff

How can you not love the guitar riff? It blows me away every time I hear it, and is amazing to play!

The chorus just completes me, I can feel the emotion they out into this and it's beautiful.

One of their most intense songs they ever made. Doesn't fail to satisfy me no matter how many times I listen to it. - cjWriter1997

I can't even express my feelings for this song. Absolutely amazing with such a beautiful riff and bass :')

great song. weird voice. cool effects! great song!

Stockholm syndrome the letter is great and the music is the best of all the time! Muse is the best!

I like it, but I had to look up the lyrics to know what they where, it's really hard to hear the words.

Like the last part of the song got me breaking my neck.

How is this song not number one? Best riff ever...

Just plain amazing... Not enough words to describe how epic it is...