Most Hard-Hitting Bands Ever

Are on the search for the most intense, hard hitting bands you think of? This list focuses on music with raw, intense emotion rather than the brutality or tempo of the music. This doesn't only apply to metal music, although the majority of the music is metal.
The Top Ten
1 King 810

This band is by far the most crazy and raw music I could find. It's full of anger and hatred for the world and how bad it is. This band will hit you like a train and will make you think, "Some people have it really bad".

Recommended songs: "Murder Murder Murder", "Brahma (2010)"

2 Slipknot Slipknot is an American metal band formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1996. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Alternative Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired... read more

Although some people would disagree, I think Slipknot is a pretty nuts band. Slipknot's 9 man group will put you in a mental hospital after listening to their music.

Recommended songs: "Scissors", "Iowa"

3 Yüth Forever

Formerly known as "Villains", this very little known band from Illinois can really pack a punch on your heart. With lyrical themes such as abandonment, death, heartbreak, and depression, they can easily take a toll on your emotions, while blowing you away with their heaviness.

Recommended song: "Like Father, Like Son", "The Song I Wrote For You"

4 Amative

Only releasing one album called "Flatlined", they have really made an impact on my musical taste. They are most known for their song "Insomnia's Edge" featuring Tyler Dennen of "Sworn In". They mix melodic metalcore with raw anger, creating a very real listening experience.

Reccomended songs: "Insomnia's Edge", "Selfish Desires"

5 Sworn In

Another metalcore band that really doesn't like to mellow down. Creating music about love, cheating, abusive relationships, and mental health awareness, they don't mess around.

Recommended songs: "Pocket Full of Posies", "Endless Gray"

6 Cane Hill

Here we have a Korn/Slipknot influenced band that loves nu metal. They will easily have you going "Holy crap" from the sheer heaviness they give out.

Recommended songs "French 75", "Screwtape (Original)"

7 Hungry Covers

Not necessarily a "band", but a one man vocal cover artist (With a side project called "Hungry Lights" that you should totally check out as well). He covers more obscure artists, such as Skindred and Atreyu. He covers almost every genre of music, and he can nail almost every one. Hungry Lights didn't make this list because it isn't very heavy or raw.

Recommended covers: "Live Happy, Live With Anorexia (Originally by Stage)", "The Epic Way of Dying (Originally by Stenosis)"

8 Picture Me Broken

Not a metal band, but just as emotional as most music. Now, I'm a sucker for female, emo-inspired musicians; This is one my favorite. Some songs had me in a trance, contemplating my existence. A lot would disagree, but for me it is that way.

Recommended songs: "Skin and Bones", "Torture"