Top 10 Album Covers Created by Musicians

Some musicians are pretty good even at their hobby (drawing / painting).

Some of them created covers for other music artists/bands and not only for their own albums.
The Top Ten
1 Relics - Pink Floyd

Original cover design by Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd (some re-issues had different covers but what you see is the original by Nick Mason)

2 The Who by Numbers - The Who

Drawings by their bassist John Entwistle

3 Crossroads - Eric Clapton

Who painted this album cover? Ronnie Wood, the Rolling Stones guitarist.

4 Walls and Bridges - John Lennon
5 Cacophony - Rudimentary Peni

Artwork done by singer/guitarist Nick Blinko. Actually, he does all of their album covers. Cacophony is one of my favorites.

6 Urn - Ne Obliviscaris

A modern metal cover of 2017. It was created by Xenoyr, their lead singer and lyricist (his real name is Marc Campbell).
He used to do artwork for other bands under the name Svartwerk.

7 Live at Donnington - Iron Maiden

Hugh Gilmour, bassist for Pig Iron, created the cover to this re-issue version of 1998

8 Girl Singer - Rosemary Clooney

Created by jazz singer Tony Bennett (he releases his paintings under his given name, Anthony Benedetto - you can see his signature on the cover)

9 Probot - Dave Grohl

Created by Michael 'Away' Langevin, the drummer for metal band Voivod.

10 Portrait of an American Family - Marilyn Manson

Artwork by Marilyn Manson himself.

The best album artwork of all time!

The Contenders
11 Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance

Drawn by lead singer Gerard Way.

I was hoping to see this here.

12 Ram - Paul & Linda McCartney

Paul McCartney created the paintings around the photo. They are really simple but count.

13 Box O’ Snakes - Whitesnake

Cover by Hugh Gilmour, bassist for Pig Iron

14 Cirque Insomnia - Sheelanagig

It was drawn by the lead singer I believe

15 I Am Not a Human Being II - Lil Wayne

Designed by fellow rapper Kanye West.

16 Free as a Bird - The Beatles
17 Fused - Tony Iommi

Hugh Gilmour, bassist for Pig Iron

18 The Collection - Black Sabbath

Hugh Gilmour, Pig Iron bassist

19 Night Visions - Imagine Dragons
20 Smoke + Mirrors - Imagine Dragons
21 Evolve - Imagine Dragons
22 Renegades - Rage Against the Machine
23 Roger the Engineer - The Yardbirds

The artwork was drawn by rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja, who made it as a sketch of their recording engineer, Roger Cameron (hence the name).

24 Scum - Napalm Death

Created by Jeff Walker - bassist for death metal band Carcass.

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