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1 Bodies

The best song by Drowning Pool. Ever. There is no comparison. It's like they took all of the good things from Sinner ad crammed it into the best shot Drowning Pool was ever going to get, because after Stage dies it all goes downhill in my mind.

Either it doesn't make sense for this song to be number 1, or all the other drowning pool songs are even worse than this one.

This song suck just a bunch of unnecessary screaming. I hate it so much I would want to stab my self in the ear!

Such a badass song starts of whispering let the bodies hit the floor then he just goes crazy, suc an awesome song.

2 Tear Away

Classic song. Atmospheric and very cool. Bodies and Tear Away are the to two Drowning Pool songs in my opinion. Rest in peace Dave.

One of the best songs ever actually.
Drowning Pool would be much more famous if Dave Willians, the lead singer of their first album 'sinner' hadnt died.
It was truely a tragedy.

One of the must listen track!
Peoples listen it
All the metal fans should listen it m/

R.I.p dave

I.. Don't care about anyone else's opinion but mine. This song was pretty damn awesome. R.I. P Dave, we will miss you

3 Sinner

Really epic song. It should be 2nd best in my opinion.

4 Step Up

It's a motto to my way of life! Drowning Pool always used to be one of my favourite bands and this song shows that even with a new Vocalist they could kill with Desensitized

Its pretty good, I'm not crazy about the album art though. All their other albums have cover you'd expect and want from a metal album

Should be in the top ten. Ryan McCombs was a great follow up from Dave Williams.

5 The Game

Wish they had released this on their own album!

Badass as hell

6 Reminded
7 Rise Up

How this song is not top?

Why it so low in the list?

8 All Over Me
9 Turn So Cold

It would bring your terribly bad mood into hell.. So expressive especially its chorus. Love it so much! This is my first song I heard from As I Lay Dying. It should be in number one!

Drowning Pool is AWESOME!
I wonder why I've only heard about their songs now... Their songs really are expressive.

The song is an epitome of musical brilliance...AWESOME vocals and the emotions pour out of the guitar work...GREAT song

This song throws me every time I listen to this one.
Chorus is awesome, epic vocals and great composition. MUST BE HIGHER ON LIST.
Vote for this one please.
This song should be far far higher on the list.

10 Told You So
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11 Mute

Amazing "duality" in this song.

Probably my favourite song from Drowning Pool, great song to listen to

12 Cast Me Aside

Alright I think it's a disgrace that I had to add this amazing song to this list! It's so incomplete! Where the hell are all the Drowning Pool heads?

Best song besides bodies

13 Bringing Me Down
14 Killin' Me

This one is easily a tie with Bodies. Just as heavy and an excellent B-side. RIP Dave

15 Hate

This songs is the essence of Heavy Metal music!

Their best song, of their best album.
Sinner is a great album, but some of the songs kinda sound the same, on the other hand their second album brings a great alt. metal atmosphere.

A very meaningful song.

16 Feel Like I Do

The Most Awesome song ever which actually makes you want to Bang Your Head. DP RocKs!

Easily their best song off their new album.

17 37 Stitches

One of the few DP songs that really got my attention to be honest. Great chorus, great riffs, and it brings some good imagery to the head. Something that I think songs like Bodies lack.

In my opinion best song by drowning pool. Very catchy and awesome chorus, acoustic demo version is even better

The best song ever.

18 Forget
19 Pity
20 One Finger and a Fist

I got a one, two punch
I'll fight my way out of any confrontation
One finger and a fist
One finger and a...FIST

21 Think

Opening track off Desensitized such a killer and awesome album right there

22 Nothingness
23 The Man Without Fear
24 In Memory Of...
25 Let the Sin Begin
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