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Drowning Pool first crashed into the public consciousness in 2001 with their debut album 'Sinner,' a powerful collection of tracks characterized by intense guitar riffs, heavy drumming, and the iconic vocals of Dave Williams. The band’s single "Bodies" became an instant hit, recognized by fans and newcomers alike for its infectious energy and its unforgettable chorus. Despite facing multiple adversities, including the tragic passing of Williams in 2002, Drowning Pool continued to evolve their sound and build their legacy, releasing several more albums that were just as hard-hitting.

Their music, with its aggressive energy, raw emotion, and catchy hooks, continues to resonate with fans and newcomers alike. Each song tells a story, resonating with human emotion and experiences, often exploring themes of struggle, perseverance, and resilience. Drowning Pool’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy, intense instrumentation with expressive, impactful lyrics has given them a longevity that not all bands in this genre enjoy.
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1 Bodies

The best song by Drowning Pool. Ever. There is no comparison. It's like they took all of the good things from Sinner and crammed it into the best shot Drowning Pool was ever going to get, because after Stage dies it all goes downhill in my mind.

Such a badass song starts off whispering let the bodies hit the floor then he just goes crazy. Such an awesome song.

I love the beginning how it's all whisper and then out of nowhere BAM screams! Awesome!

2 Tear Away

Classic song. Atmospheric and very cool. Bodies and Tear Away are the top two Drowning Pool songs in my opinion. Rest in peace, Dave.

3 Sinner

Really epic song. It should be the second best, in my opinion.

4 Reminded
5 Turn So Cold

It would bring your terribly bad mood into hell. So expressive, especially its chorus. Love it so much! This is the first song I heard from As I Lay Dying. It should be number one!

Drowning Pool is AWESOME! I wonder why I've only heard about their songs now. Their songs really are expressive.

6 Rise Up
7 Told You So
8 Step Up

It's a motto to my way of life! Drowning Pool always used to be one of my favourite bands, and this song shows that even with a new vocalist, they could kill with Desensitized.

It's pretty good. I'm not crazy about the album art though. All their other albums have cover art you'd expect and want from a metal album.

Should be in the top ten. Ryan McCombs was a great follow-up from Dave Williams.

9 Mute

Probably my favourite song from Drowning Pool, great song to listen to.

10 All Over Me
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11 The Game

Wish they had released this on their own album!

12 Killin' Me

This one is easily a tie with Bodies. Just as heavy and an excellent B-side. Rest in peace, Dave.

13 Pity
14 Feel Like I Do

Easily their best song off their new album.

The most awesome song ever which actually makes you want to bang your head. DP rocks!

15 One Finger and a Fist
16 Sermon
17 37 Stitches

One of the few DP songs that really got my attention, to be honest. Great chorus, great riffs, and it brings some good imagery to mind. Something that I think songs like Bodies lack.

In my opinion, the best song by Drowning Pool. Very catchy and awesome chorus, the acoustic demo version is even better.

18 In Memory Of...
19 Enemy

This should be number one or at least number two. It's so amazing! Just can't get enough of it. Best I've ever heard.

20 Think

Opening track off Desensitized. Such a killer and awesome album right there.

21 The Man Without Fear
22 Break You
23 I Am
24 Soldiers
25 Love & War
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